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Jurgensen resigns as Bangladesh coach


Shane Jurgensen, the Bangladesh coach, has resigned from his position less than a month after the World T20, where his team won just two out of seven matches. BCB officials, however, have not ruled out convincing him to stay till his two-year contract ends on February 2015.

BCB's cricket operations committee chairman Akram Khan, effectively Jurgensen's boss, has already called it an "emotional decision" and that there will be a meeting with the coach when he arrives in the country later this week.

"Just before I entered the board's emergency meeting today, I got a letter from our head coach telling us that he has resigned," Akram said. "One of the reasons he has given is that he saw in the media that some directors have spoken against him. There was no official communication with him in this regard. I didn't expect such a letter.

"The head coach has told us that he wants to stay till the India series (in June). It seems to me that it was an emotional decision. He will come to Bangladesh, and we must discuss before we can think of taking any decisions."

There had been talk within the BCB to replace the coaches after Bangladesh's woeful home season. The team managed just one win in the Sri Lanka series, lost all four Asia Cup games and in the World T20, they could only manage wins against Afghanistan and Nepal but lost to Hong Kong.

The first such statement came from the BCB president Nazmul Hassan during the World T20, but he stopped short of suggesting that the coaching staff would be replaced, merely saying that there will be a lot of changes. In subsequent press briefings, Hassan said there was a plan to hire specialist coaches for short-term duty.

Some board directors, citing anonymity, told ESPNcricinfo recently that they are actively searching for a coach with a batting background but haven't found one. Jurgensen, a former fast bowler who represented three domestic teams in Australia, expressed his disappointment at the matter, saying he was reconsidering his position.

Akram has criticised the discussion on appointing a new coach, which he believes has affected the players and coaching staff. "I don't think people should talk in this manner. The board president will take the decision. There was no official discussion, so it doesn't help Bangladesh cricket when this sort of talk happens.

"It has happened before, which I feel has always affected the players and coaching staff. After such bad performances recently, discussions were bound to happen at all levels. But we didn't make anything official," he said.

Jurgensen bagged the two-year deal in February last year keeping in mind the 2015 World Cup. During his time as full-time head coach, Bangladesh won a Test match after four years, against Zimbabwe, and drew Tests against Sri Lanka (in Galle) and against New Zealand at home. They also drew an ODI series in Sri Lanka and blanked New Zealand 3-0.

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent. @isam84

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  • Manesh on May 1, 2014, 12:09 GMT

    Actually BD do not want a coach. They are able to teach even the coach!

  • Shah on April 30, 2014, 11:00 GMT

    @EnglishCricket: you found a way to waste your time here right LOL! where have YOU been actually, are you still playing with your childhood memories LOL!!! you are comparing associate IRE & AFG with superior BD LOL! & they are more balanced overall than these two LOL!! BD's fast bowling only still you can say is weak enough than some other test sides... why BD can't lose to AFG & HK miraculously & bring upset??? LOL!! why Eng lost NL & why current strong WI lost to IRE??? is it because they are below standard to IRE & NL! what is your point actually LOL!!! that's reality man so don't compare BD with your below standards LOL!! BD have beaten all the test sides already more than once even though some test sides hardly faced BD! tell your great IRE & AFG to beat them all when they face then will see after playing how many matches they win one LOL!!!

  • Vikram on April 30, 2014, 10:04 GMT

    Hi, What is the itinerary for India's tour to Banglasdesh?

  • Joe on April 30, 2014, 8:47 GMT

    @Ammo666 - lol Where have you been man? look where Bangladesh are in the rankings. You guys are even below Ireland in one of them lol how can you lose to teams like Afghanistan and Hong Kong at home? what's Bangladesh record against Pakistan like? please look at the reality of Bangladesh Cricket. Bangladesh do not even have bowlers to take anywhere close to 20 test wickets to win a test match. Even in ODIs despite playing over 200 ODIs only manage to beat the top 8 about 22 times lol

  • Shah on April 29, 2014, 17:15 GMT

    Now Jurgensen resigns it doesn't look good for many to see...but i don't think he was actually a bad coach because he did something, he was not as good as Dave Whatmore but still he was not bad because may be BD lost recently few very close matches but it was not from him actually i can say..anyway i hope even a better coach this time which suits all in improving more and more & that also must be with a much much better domestic structure if BD eager's to win consistently with top most test teams.

    @EnglishCricket: BD is a very ordinary team????? If you are not joking then IRE & AFG they are below standard to BD that is the actual reality!you can never say this confidently that if IRE & AFG were BD's place they would have been more than 5 times better to BD writing all these you are just wasting your time so better use it well mate & be fair:) only won 4 test match..playing test since 14 years..this & that! these all are now your childhood think of current betterment ok!

  • Allen on April 29, 2014, 10:04 GMT

    They lost all their matches against Sri Lanka, they only manage to draw one test match.

  • Dummy4 on April 29, 2014, 9:43 GMT

    Getting the best coaches might not be the only solution for Bangladesh Cricket. As far as my experience is concern about Bangladesh Cricket we got develop a standard school cricket (not the one is going on), hunting and coaching in District level with proper cricket facility and in the cricket board the operations should be run by skilled professionals instead to term based director (many of them don't have any cricket knowledge).

  • Joe on April 29, 2014, 9:03 GMT

    Bangladesh are a very ordinary team and their Cricket structure as a whole is very unprofessional. Only 4 test wins (all against depleted sides) in 80+ test matches says an awful lot on the state of the team sadly. I'm sure if teams like Ireland and Afghanistan has had as much time as Bangladesh they would've been more than 5 times as good compared to Bangladesh. Despite 14 years of full status, Bangladesh are yet to produce a batsman that can regularly score 100s and average over 40 and a fast bowler that has a bowling average below 30 speaks for itself obviously subject to at least 40 innings or more. Why can't Bangladesh fans see your team reality? sorry good luck :)"

  • akash on April 29, 2014, 8:17 GMT

    Dravid should be the first option as head coach for BD, next option should be Ganguly. We really need orthodox batting technique learning from the best orthodox batsman. Our players faces a big language barrier with overseas coaches.Moreover subcontinent coaches would be able to understand the mind of our players better than anybody. We should go for one bowling coach and fielding coach for the team. Option of BCCB president to bring specilized famous players for short period to show the method could be oky as well. Above all we need one analyst, who will study the video footage of opponent players and find out the strength and weaknesses.all the best BD cricket!!!

  • Nothing on April 29, 2014, 5:20 GMT

    @Arunramachandran Krishnan you are wrong man . Sriram didn't compare BD bowlers with others. qazi255 is the man who compare BD bowlers with others . Hire ROY DIAS from sri lanka . He would be good coaches for you . He is good with techniques . If Bangaladesh Cricket brings good first class cricket in domestically . you can find good players very soon . BD players are really good . But their attitude are not for the international levels . change their attitudes and bring them to IC. good luck for BD cricket

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