April 12, 2001

Before leaving Dhaka Trevor Chappell was quite optimistic about Bangladesh

Before leaving Dhaka Trevor Chappell was quite optimistic about Bangladesh's performance in Zimbabwe. It is one month from now, the twenty-two member team went to BKSP for camping under the guidance of Trevor Chappell. The environment of BKSP was serene and quiet as it is in the outskirts of the city of Dhaka. Trevor, who is famous for being a fielding coach, put much emphasis on this department. He thought it would be easier to develop a side's fielding than to develop skills in technical sides in such a short period of time. As for Bangladesh team, they were never been in such stress in stretching. Fitness was a major problem for Bangladesh side and it was dogging on since the very beginning. The Australian coach's chart of stretching was so hard and cumbersome that no one could escape any sort of injury if he had. A reputed opener and an ace player of the side Shahriar Hossain was dropped off the squad because of having such dormant injury that surrendered to the coach's tough workouts. There are other reasons too. Shahriar Hossain's performance was not that much satisfactory in the domestic league and he could not prove himself in the net.

The cut off of Bikash Ranjan Das also surprised everyone for two reasons; firstly he is one of the most promising bowlers and a going-to-be-future star, secondly he did not bowl bad in the sole test BD played against India. However, Trevor found him inadequate in the net struggling for line and length.

A question that did not fail to arise in public mindthe inclusion of Md.Ashraful and Md. Sharif. Both are relatively much younger than their compatriots. The spectators were delighted to watch them exhibiting dazzling feat in the domestic grounds. Trevor termed both of them as prodigies of Bangladeshi cricket. Ashraful boreout as a batting alrounder who has all kinds of shots in his bank, especially his sidestrokes are stupendous.

A very promising player of the side Rajin Saleh Alam was declined for his bad-patch and poor show in the net which up-set his fans throughout. Rajin's handling of the new ball appeared to be vulnerable yet, the former Australian player and the present coach of the CBCA team Wayne Philips reckoned he would supercede everyone if he just got the knack to improve his technique a bit.