World T20 2016 March 27, 2016

Belief is the biggest gain - Mashrafe


Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Mortaza has said the major gain from the 2016 World T20 was the belief within the team that they can win in this format. The Bangladesh squad arrived in Dhaka on Sunday following their 75-run defeat to New Zealand in Kolkata the previous evening, their last game of the tournament.

Having made it to the Super 10s stage, Bangladesh did not win any of their Group 2 games. It was a disappointing result after having reached the final of the preceding Asia Cup with wins over Sri Lanka and Pakistan for the first time in Twenty20 cricket.

"I don't think anyone would be interested to take positives but there were some in this tournament," Mashrafe said. "I think we were able to create a base for the T20 team. It was important for the players to develop a mindset for this format. It will be hard to beat us in this format from now on. I think it is crucial to have the belief whether you can win or not. Previously in T20s, we didn't believe we could beat any team."

Bangladesh's results were not different from the 2014 World T20, where they also made it through the first round but then lost all their games in the main draw. The difference lay in the margins - this time Bangladesh ran Australia close, and then lost a chase to India by one run after losing three wickets off the last three balls of the match.

Their campaign was also hit by the bowling bans slapped on fast bowler Taskin Ahmed and spinner Arafat Sunny.

Mashrafe revealed the team management had asked the BCB to see if Taskin could bowl if he didn't bowl bouncers during the World T20.

"If I speak specifically, then I can say that we accepted Sunny's report. He has also accepted that he has to correct his action," Mashrafe said. "Taskin's was quite shocking. Everyone has said it, not just us. A lot of experts have agreed that there's nothing wrong with Taskin's bowling action. But there's always a doubt since he has been pulled up.

"Different questions come to mind when you see that his normal deliveries were fine but had problems with three bouncers. We even told the BCB that perhaps we can have him if he doesn't bowl the bouncer. But at the end of the day that didn't happen."

The issue of Nasir Hossain's continued exclusion from the final XI despite being in the original squad became contentious towards the end of Bangladesh's tournament. Shuvagata Hom was preferred after he replaced Taskin ahead of the Australia game, but it was hard to understand why Nasir was chosen in the first place when the management ultimately went for the replacement player.

"These decisions are not taken by one person. We do it together," Mashrafe said. "The combination prevented us from playing Nasir but he could have played. But the collective decision went against him. I backed Nasir in the 2015 World Cup. He is a useful cricketer. I want him to improve in his game and serve Bangladesh for a long time."

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent. @isam84

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  • Ishmam on March 31, 2016, 10:36 GMT

    There we go again .Blaming Mashrafee again..:( This so sad by our fellow BD fans.Fact is that most of our countrymen don't understand what cricket is. Mashrafee has the finest cricketing brain in the team.This team with more or less similar sets of players looked hopeless in 2014.This man single-handedly changed the fortunes of this team.He is a fine captain and still the most cunning bowler of the team.Yes he has one or more bad days but everyone has that.He is a charismatic leader and a fine cricketer.And for other fans like Anil who are saying that what have we done in the 15 years I would humbly like to make them remember that when Bangladesh played their inaugural test against India in 2000 India was the 8th ranked team in the world just ahead of Zim and hadn't won a series in Zim till then.So please stop boasting about yourselves and try to win some test matches by preparing some good test wickets rather than some dust bowls. Ohhh wait I forgot India has no match winning seamer

  • rony on March 30, 2016, 9:00 GMT

    If India or Pakistan or any team for-that-matter loose matches,fans and critics criticize the team and players.And it has seen to be working in favor of the team as players feel that its upon them to improve their performance. Whereas in case of BD,on loosing a match(which it does most of the time),fans instead of criticizing the players start finding excuses.They will blame pitch ,weather,umpiring,ICC,BCCI and any random thing for the loss.That way the poor performing players and administrators never come under the scanner and they happily escape.Even players theorize conspiracies against them like during Taskin's ban Mortaza started crying saying it was purposefully done against them.I have never seen players or fans accepting defeat gracefully.This is the reason why BD has not improved a bit after getting test status for decades.Fans should come out of illusion and accept the reality.Start criticizing your team and see the improvement.Only strict parenting raises a good child.

  • Charles on March 29, 2016, 21:26 GMT

    Come on guys let's give it a break. Even our team went through a torrid time before we started to win. At that time a draw felt like a win. I feel the BD supporters need a pat for believing in their players. There is always a tomorrow. Your team has played really well in the last year or so and defeated quite a few world cup teams, so what if it is at home. How many teams win outside regularly, other then the Aussie's or SA. Moreover, you have a gem in Heath Streak, who has always been a gutsy competitor, in your corner. Mustafizur, is one of the best finds and has proved so far he is among the best. You have a lot of young talents. I do not know why Nasir did not play, to me he should have played all games. I for one am impressed and hope your team becomes a force. At the same time, I laud the efforts of the Afghans. They have belief in them. They gave each and every team a run for their money. It's nice to see cricket grow on. Best Wishes.

  • VIJAY on March 29, 2016, 18:36 GMT is not football and football is not is a match of 90 min, whereas cricket(T20 match) extends till 3.30 hours...ICC also arranging premier tournaments every year...ONLY top ranking teams will get automatic qualification for these premier events...It will be much thrilling to see tough competition among these teams...ICC has the reason to make the tournament competitive...BD lost the match due to lack of temperament & self belief...hopefully we will see Afghanistan,Ireland making direct entry in next few years...

  • jatindra on March 29, 2016, 17:33 GMT

    @bangla_team cricket is not football and vice versa ,what do you want a roman tournament for 2 months ? there's a reason why Bangladesh lost ,lack of the temperament and professionalism in finishing the job resulting in a lesser skilled team. opponents luck is a alibi to camouflage pathetic temperament and poor presence of mind and focus,which are the most important aspect of sport .Afghans went through the grind and justified the selection process which Bangladesh miserably failed at . I hope you get the drift or victim of the habit of premature celebration just like the Bangla team

  • pranto on March 29, 2016, 16:51 GMT

    @VKUMAR_086-I think you missed my points.I said why there is this strange tag of top 8 in cricket.especially in T20s.As we have seen Afghanistan who's not a top 8 team beaten world no 2 West Indies.India also were unbelievably lucky to escape a defeat against BD.So why there is particular word in cricket such as top 8? Football is the best sport.Germens are the current world champion but even they have to qualify for the next world cup.I hope you get what I meant after this one at least.

  • gary on March 29, 2016, 16:20 GMT

    @BANGLA_TEAM: What you just did is 'hue and cry' !! btw i dont need to give any justification for why qualifying is required.. 0 wins is proof enough !

  • VIJAY on March 29, 2016, 15:29 GMT

    @BANGLA_TEAM,,,Other teams do not have to play in qualifiers because they won BIGGER tournaments multiple me any BIG tournament won by BD?? apart from reaching final of Asia cup what are the achievements??? Kenya played semi final in 2003 WC...ICC has reason...nevertheless BD is improving, with few more years, surely can compete with BIG teams...cricinfo plz publish

  • Hetal on March 29, 2016, 14:50 GMT

    I'd request all non-BD fans to give them(BD fans) a break. They've gone thru a heart-breaking series, after being so well-prepared to progress ahead than what they eventually were able to. Me (and lot of other Indian fans) think they're a lot better team than what the rankings show. There is a lot of improvement and it's visible in their performance. Kudos to their fans for showing support for their team, even though they lost all games. Also, we need to understand that a conspiracy theory is always found receptive as it is a very simple solution to a complicated issue. I'm sure BD cricket authorities are feeling happy that people are floating these theories, rather than asking them why corrective actions werent taken at the domestic level. They are the reason these 2 players (Taskin and Sunny) had to suffer and BD team's preparation did have a hiccup. I hope this team does overcome this difficult time and come back and play to their potential.

  • pranto on March 29, 2016, 14:43 GMT

    @BANGLADIATOR-I don't think there were any hue and cry from any BD fans about us to having qualify for the main round.But why not every team has to qualify? Why there's a stupid things like top 8 in cricket?Can you show any sport which has this strange tag of top 8? Even in football defending champions has to qualify for the main world cup.We have no problems to qualify for the main round but why not same for other teams?

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