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Bangladesh's 100th Test

Omar's stickability, Enamul's guile

Mar 13, 2017: From Javed Omar to Enamul Haque jnr, players skilled in the longer format have for long been treated condescendingly by a country that has grown up on a diet of one-day cricket. But the value they brought to Bangladesh's Test team is undeniable

Mohammad Isam

Athar Ali Khan

'Bangladesh need another five years to prove themselves'

Jun 1, 2005: For Bangladesh's former opening-batsman-turned-pundit, Athar Ali Khan, things can only get better.

Andrew Miller

Tikolo's Blaze Helped to Tumble Biman at The Ground

Apr 28, 2001: Mohammedan won a match that was presumed after their batting session when the side piled up a total which was near to three hundred and fifty and the hero in unquestionably Steve Tikolo

Shahryar Khan
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