March 17, 2013

Couch Talk: Russel Arnold

Subash Jayaraman


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Posted by ARad on (March 18, 2013, 23:51 GMT)

Arnold (with Abeysinghe?) has become SL's best commentator but, unfortunately, that is not too difficult given the quality of the rest of the commentators. ;) I disagree with him about two things: A. I am not expecting commentators to speak Queen's English but a PROFESSIONAL commentator making a basic language mistake is a huge turn off for the listeners. B. I am sad to say that anyone with a reasonable amount of analytical skills will shred to pieces Arnold's attempted defense of SLC regarding their handling of player contracts. I don't have enough space for my rant about it here. :) (I am not sure if the inability of SL commentators to criticize authority is an artifact of a close-knit player community, conservative cultural expectations, a fear of political/economic repercussions or the need to defend 'my country'.) As a commentator, Arnold can break new grounds if he can challenge himself (including in matters such as criticizing the board.) Best Wishes!

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Subash Jayaraman
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