NOVEMBER 22, 2006

I broke Marcus Trescothick

Cricinfo: It was Thursday morning when I decided to travel to Canberra for Friday's Prime Minister's XI match against the English Cricket team
SEPTEMBER 22, 2006

Wanted: batting strike rates on players' stats

Cricinfo: Did you know that besides being an all time great batsman the Indian cricket coach is quite Viv Richards-like in qualifying as one of the top all rounders to have played in ODI's?
AUGUST 31, 2006

It's not what you say...

Cricinfo: The life of the modern elite cricketer is different from most of our own
AUGUST 31, 2006

Swinging in confusion

Cricinfo: Here’s a much-awaited treatise on that great mystery of cricket – swing
AUGUST 07, 2006

A nice celebration for a 1st anniversary

Cricinfo: What is the best way to celebrate an anniversary
JULY 24, 2006

Nehra and Mongia - A case of incongruous pragmatism?

Cricinfo: It seems it has been a long time since I posted on Different Strokes and on cricket, a subject that was the reason I started blogging in the first place
JULY 13, 2006

As the Crowe flies in the wrong direction...

Cricinfo: Mr
JULY 09, 2006

Cricket World Cup ‘07: An early set of predictions

Cricinfo: Just as Lahar did before the Indo-WI Test series, it is my turn now to put my head on the chopping block
JULY 05, 2006

The Lankan Leap

Cricinfo: I have never been to beautiful Sri Lanka
JULY 04, 2006

The 6-6-6 men for Australian batsmen

Cricinfo: Cricket funda: Hadlee's comet comes once in 29 years
JUNE 23, 2006

Indian Catching-7: Wicket Keeping

Cricinfo: Wicket keeping must be the big daddy of all Indian catching worries
JUNE 22, 2006

Indian Catching-6: The Skipper's Catch-22

Cricinfo: Dearth of dependable catchers engenders a dilemma for the Indian Test skipper with more rookie bowlers bowling for India now than ever before
JUNE 21, 2006

Round 2

Cricinfo: Unlike when the presale began, today when the MCG Ashes tickets sale got underway, I was in pole position
JUNE 21, 2006

Indian Catching-5: Remembering Akash Chopra

Cricinfo: The omission of opening batsman Akash Chopra from the Indian scheme of things is a cause for lament
JUNE 20, 2006

Indian Catching-4: The Australian Connection

Cricinfo: Coming to that 1990's Australian side, they had some truly great catching fieldsmen supporting Taylor - Junior, Warne and Punter immediately come to mind
JUNE 19, 2006

Indian Catching-3: The present

Cricinfo: Right now India have two brilliant infielders from the one-day side Yuvraj Singh and Mohammad Kaif playing in Tests
JUNE 18, 2006

Indian Catching-2:The recent past

Cricinfo: Let's not go into the divine era featuring Solkar-Yajurvendra-Brijesh-Kirmani-Kapil-Sunny and just take a passing look at the Indian Test side of late 1990's
JUNE 17, 2006

Indian Catching-1: Intro

Cricinfo: The deteriorating Indian standards of catching in Test matches have prompted a number of written and verbal screams from the cricket fraternity.
JUNE 15, 2006

When elegance went on a holiday

Cricinfo: The other day I sent this interesting excerpt from a cricinfo throwback to a friend:
JUNE 06, 2006

Taking the Sting with the Ring

Cricinfo: You strut into a home Test series as skipper of the overwhelming favourites to win the series.