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Beverly Robinson      

Full name John Beverly Robinson

Born February 21, 1820, York, Upper Canada (now Toronto, Ontario)

Died September 16, 1896, Toronto, Ontario (aged 76 years 208 days)

Major teams Canada, Toronto CC

Education Upper Canada College


The son of wealthy parents, Beverley Robinson was keener on sport than academics and he excelled at cricket and boxing (he was reputedly the best fighter in Toronto). He served in the British army and then took up law, being called to the bar in 1844, but he subsequently fell out with his father and, after various failed enterprises, moved into politics, becoming mayor and then being elected to parliament. As a cricketer he was reputed to have had the longest throw on the side, but he played in only the first Canada v USA international in 1844, although he did umpire the fixture in 1856.
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