ICC World Cup 2011 December 24, 2010

Ian Billcliff omitted from Canada's probables

ESPNcricinfo staff

Batsman Ian Billcliff is the only notable omission from Canada's preliminary 30-man squad for the 2011 World Cup. Ashish Bagai has been named captain and the squad also includes veteran allrounder John Davison who has been actively involved with Cricket Australia as a spin bowling coach.

Chris James, the chairman of selectors, said it was a tough decision to omit Billcliff, who has played 19 ODIs for Canada averaging just under 28, including three games during the 2007 World Cup in West Indies. "It was an especially difficult decision for us when it came down to Billy (Billcliff). Internationally, he has been one of our top-rated performers. Unfortunately we were unable to line up our schedules with the preparation tours and we had to leave him out."

Canada have just completed a short tour of India where they played against several sides. They next head to the West Indies for the Caribbean T20 in January where they will also play a few 50-over matches against Antigua and Somerset.

"We are confident that we have found the right mix of youth and experience to represent Canada at the World Cup and build a solid foundation for the future of Canadian cricket," James said.

The final 15-man World Cup line-up will be named after their participation in the Caribbean T20 tournament.

Canada squad: Ashish Bagai (capt), Waleed Ahmad, Manny Aulakh, Akshay Bagai, Harvir Baidwan, Trevin Bastiampillai, Umar Bhatti, Grant Broadhurst, Rizwan Cheema, Khurram Chohan, John Davison, Parth Desai, Jeremy Gordon, Tyson Gordon, Ruvindu Gunasekera, Amabhir Hansra, Sandeep Jyoti, Nitish Kumar, Usman Limbada, Henry Osinde, Hiral Patel, Cecil Pervez, Balaji Rao, Manrick Singh, Junaid Siddiqui, Zeeshan Siddiqui, Zubin Surkari, Hamza Tariq, Karl Whatham, Zameer Zaheer

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  • ray on December 26, 2010, 7:54 GMT

    (continued...) I think Canada should definitely invest in new talent like Cecil Pervez, Jeremy Gordon, Junaid Siddiqui, Hamza Tariq, Usman Limbada; they are young guys and have a lot of potential to play cricket on higher level. CCA needs to send players like those to academies to enhance their talent and get the best results out of them. They are definitely the future. It is not about world cup only but to develop players and make a bigger pool of qualified players to choose from later on as well.

  • ray on December 26, 2010, 7:51 GMT

    1)Rizwan Cheema, 2)Hiral Patel/ Nitish Kumar, 3)Ruvindu Gunasekera/ Nitish Kumar 4)Ashish Bagai (capt), 5)John Davison, 6)Zubin Surkari/ Trevin Bastiampillai, 7)Tyson Gordon/ Junaid Siddiqui, 8)Khurram Chohan, 9)Harvir Baidwan/ Cecil Pervez/ Umar Bhatti, 10)Henry Osinde/ Jeremy Gordon, 11)Parth Desai/ Balaji Rao

    Besides the real squad, I added cecil, junaid, and Jeremy because I saw Junaid and cecil at the beyond T20 tournament, Junaid is a strong middle order batsman and leg spinner (very Afridi style!), Cecil is a good medium pacer and Jeremy Gordon is the fastest bowler in Canada at the moment.

  • sam on December 26, 2010, 6:44 GMT

    I believe we have a good blend of talents for the upcoming world cup. I personally like the 30 man squad accept some of the players. I'm glad to see some new names here and they should have been included in the Canadian squad earlier. They are the future Canadian heroes and I have been constantly following their stats and league games. If I were the selector I would definitely keep the following players in the WC Squad: Batting Specialists: Bowling Specialists: - Ashish Bagai - Umar Bhatti - Rizwan Cheema - Khuttam Chohan - Junaid Siddiqui - Henry Osinde - Hiral Patel - Rizwan Cheema - John Davison - Junaid Siddiqui - Zubin Surkari - John Davison - Hamza Tariq - Cecil Pervez - Usman Limbada/Nitish Kumar

  • oli on December 25, 2010, 22:00 GMT

    I can see that Canada can come up with a strong 15 man team if they change their old ways of selecting. In older teams, I can see some really good players that can carry on a team to success but some didn't come to par. There is a need a unique team at this point. In my opinion a solid blend would be with the following 15. 1)Bagai 2) Baidwan 3) Cheema 4) Davison 5) Osinde 6) Patel 9)Limbada 10) J.Siddiqui 11)Pervez 12)Jyoti 13) T.Gordon 14)Tariq 15)Sukhari

  • Levi on December 25, 2010, 12:35 GMT

    Really suprised/dissapointed Billcliff hasnt even made the 30 man probables i see it as a real shame but there are obvious unforseen reasons and i have to accept that and wish Canada a good tournament (without getting in the way of Zimbabwe). Great to see Davison in there aswell as skipper Bagai and batsmen Surkari. would have to like to see Samad, Sandher and what about Dhaniram!!! but i believe there is enough their for a solid 15. Bagai (c/w), Davison, Surkari, Baidwan, Cheema, Chohan, Rao, Limbada, Osinde, Patel, Bhatti, Jyoti, Kumar, Gunasekera and a Gordon. thats my best from what there is to work with. cheers

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