January 31, 2000

Sir Conrad Hunte Scholarship Fund Tribute

Mr. Frank Goodridge, President of the Canadian Alleyne School Organization & Friends, organized a moving tribute to Sir Conrad Hunte at the marvelous St. Anne's Anglican Church in Toronto. At the end of the service, Vic Walker further provided a 20-minute film tribute of Sir Conrad.

Details of a proposed scholarship fund have now been provided.

A scholarship fund has been established to provide for post secondary studies for students who cannot further their education because of a lack of funds.

The scholarship will be based on excellence in sports or in humanitarian efforts, as exemplified by Sir Conrad himself. It is believed that will both honour an exceptional human being, and provide opportunity for poor students.

The fund will be set up in Barbados. Donations to the Sir Conrad Hunte Scholarship Fund can be forwarded directly to the Alleyne School or to the following alumni groups:


The Canadian Alleyne School Alumni Organization & Friends 100 Sahara Trail, Brampton, Ontario Canada L6R 1P4 c/o President Frank Goodridge (905) 790 1200 email: fgoodridge@sympatico.ca


Alleyne School Alumni Association 42 The Redwood, Off Cranford Lane, Cranford, Middlesex, TW5 9PN e-mailleggiesmudge@compuserve.com


Alleyne Alumni Association P.O. Box 60 Welches Road Post Office, St Michael, Barbados. Attn: Kathy Harper Hall

Alleyne School Alumni Association, P.O. Box 40187 Brooklyn, N.Y., 11240-1187 U.S.A.

Further information can be obtained from the above or please contact Barbados consular offices or missions overseas for additional assistance or guidance.