Caribbean Premier League 2013 August 26, 2013

Russell's sixes, Shakib's 6 for 6

Renaldo Matadeen
ESPNcricinfo presents the top five moments from the inaugural Caribbean Premier League

Devon Thomas' catch of Dwayne Smith
Removing Smith off fellow Bajan Kemar Roach never looked as good as this. Thomas, known for his antics as a wicketkeeper usually for Leeward Islands, proved that plucking a ball out of the air in spectacular fashion was something not exclusive to baseball or the American National Football League. The fact that he took it leaping with his right hand stretched over his head made it much more dynamic. The nonchalant manner in which he performed this acrobatic feat left the crowd in disbelief.

Krishmar Santokie dismantling Chris Gayle's stumps
A perfectly pitched delivery. More than Gayle playing all over it, it was the ball beating the batsman comprehensively. Gayle was somewhat struggling to build his team's foundation in the CPL and Jamaica Tallawah's momentum was nowhere near the upswing as Guyana Amazon Warriors'. The Jamaican seamer Santokie was the focal point of Guyana's early-stage campaign and this wicket exemplified that. Gayle's look back at the stumps on his way out was priceless and Santokie knew this would be a scalp to remember.

Ricky Ponting's verbal tussle with Tino Best
Best's exuberance and passion often gets the best of him, as the English would attest, and who better to prod at his strings than Ponting. Ponting's often been chastised by West Indian fans, not because of his skill as a player or captain, but by his on-field "extra-curriculars". As he and Best taunted each other, it was clear that one was playing mind games to get the other to react. Darren Sammy had to restrain Best but the Caribbean region surely enjoyed this exchange. Ponting's wry smile said it all.

Andre Russell's 29* off 6
Seeing the second semi-final ending with three consecutive sixes was worth the price of admission. Russell was the leading six-hitter in the tournament with 16 and he pulled out shots from his arsenal at every juncture. These series of moments combined to form one of the most jovial sparks of the CPL and with each blow, Barbados captain Kieron Pollard's head dropped lower and lower. How the tables were turned with Russell administering Pollard a bit of his own medicine. Russell was one of the most consistently entertaining factors of the tournament.

Shakib Al Hasan's sixth wicket
Shakib became the darling of the CPL with unbelievable figures of 6 for 6 against Trinidad & Tobago Red Steel. As he took his sixth wicket, the approval of the home crowd at Bridgetown roared through the night. Any one of these "superb six" could be counted as his most cherished. But it was his celebration on the final one that resonated the most. The CPL held a new appreciation for the Bangladeshi as he consigned Dwayne Bravo's men to defeat. As Bravo slumped, resigned to his crushing loss, the high-fives and smiles of the Barbados players relegated T&T fans into acknowledging how much the CPL would gain from these international stars.

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  • Dummy4 on August 28, 2013, 22:29 GMT

    Fidel Edward's spell for Trinidad against Barbados was the best spell of fast bowling in CPL version 1.

  • rudy on August 27, 2013, 11:17 GMT

    drtrinileggie I know you must love your Trini team however please let us rise over the island thinking and think of the West Indies as a whole. Jamaica also had players spread over other teams

  • naeem on August 27, 2013, 6:42 GMT

    Without any doubt CPL was much better than IPL.

  • Dummy4 on August 27, 2013, 2:38 GMT

    It was the Fantastic tournament,,,,,,, But West Indian players need to show same skills in International matches also,,,,,

  • Dummy4 on August 27, 2013, 1:16 GMT

    funny as hell to see an Englishman calling CPL boring, guess you were sleepy mate

  • Dummy4 on August 27, 2013, 0:27 GMT

    Liked CPL way better than IPL

  • Riad on August 26, 2013, 23:13 GMT

    this tournament was a weak one !!! The only way T&T could be overthrown was to divide Trinidad up.

  • Jay on August 26, 2013, 15:19 GMT

    The CPL has done what it was intended to do: to ensure it pulled the interest of the West Indian people towards it. In that it has succeeded. But I fail to see it as a relevant international league like the IPL or BBL. The quality of cricket was decent overall but there are so many problems still. Not many people around the world will be interested in it due the time of the year it is played and also given the fact there weren't too many international stars present. But like I said, as long as the Caribbean people are happy, that would suffice and rightly so.

  • Dummy4 on August 26, 2013, 14:32 GMT

    Pollard throwing the ball at Walton surely could one of his better moments.Lost all respect.

  • Dummy4 on August 26, 2013, 13:35 GMT

    What about Misbah's match winning knock????