Caribbean Premier League, St Lucia Zouks v Antigua Hawksbills at Gros Islet, Aug 6, 2013
Antigua Hawksbills won by 33 runs
6 August 2013 - night match (20-over match)

Sammy to Charles, no run, nearly a run-out on the first ball of the game, started with a shortish ball that is worked to the leg side, Sammy races across to field and fires in the throw to the non-striker's end


Sammy to Charles, no run, outside off and a swish and a miss


Sammy to Charles, 1 run, pitched up and just outside off, 124kph, eased down to third man for a single

Antigua Hawksbills 1/0   J Charles 1* (3b)

Morkel to Charles, no run, a mild lbw appeal as he pitches it short of a length and angles it into towards the pads, that was sliding down


Morkel to Charles, 1 run, defended towards midwicket for a quick single

Antigua Hawksbills 10/0   J Charles 2* (5b)

Sammy to Charles, 1 wide, that has gone down the leg side, well taken by the keeper


Sammy to Charles, 1 wide, again he slides it down the leg side, again the keeper has to move across quickly to collect


Sammy to Charles, no run, punches this one towards mid-off, no run


Sammy to Charles, no run, backs away from the stumps, skips down the track and looks to power the ball down the ground with a flat bat, can't time it


Sammy to Charles, 1 run, pitched up and on legstump, stays in the crease and tucks this in front of square leg for a single

Antigua Hawksbills 23/0   J Charles 3* (8b)

Morkel to Charles, no run, no footwork at all from Charles as he tries to swish that back of a length ball outside off through the covers, he's now 3 off 9


Morkel to Charles, 1 run, again moves well away from the stumps as he tries to muscle the ball down the ground, badly timed and the ball rolls towards mid-off

Antigua Hawksbills 24/0   J Charles 4* (10b)

Mathurin to Charles, 1 run, Mathurin begins with a delivery that is defended to the leg side, he already has a towel in hand, to scrub the ball off the moisture, hoping to get a better grip on the ball


Mathurin to Charles, 1 run, another slog from Charles, this was pitched up and Charles clubs it to long-on


Mathurin to Charles, 1 wide, a wide down the leg side


Mathurin to Charles, 1 run, pitched up and that is whipped towards deep midwicket

Antigua Hawksbills 37/1   J Charles 7* (13b)

Mathurin to Charles, no run, drops it short of a length, Charles could have hammered that one but he can only tap it back to the bowler


Mathurin to Charles, 1 wide, slides this down the leg side


Mathurin to Charles, FOUR, too short from Mathurin, he got away with it earlier in the over, not this time, Charles steers this behind backward point for four, his first boundary


Mathurin to Charles, 1 run, fires this in towards the pads, 100kph, defended to the leg side for a single

Antigua Hawksbills 46/1   J Charles 12* (16b 1x4)

Sebastien to Charles, 1 run, drops it short and that is pushed towards long-off for a single


Sebastien to Charles, FOUR, an ugly hoick, another short one from the spinner, Charles slugs that away over midwicket, too quick and too high for Sammy there to stop it


Sebastien to Charles, FOUR, it has been a real struggle fro Charles in the Powerplay, he's finding his touch touch, doesn't try to slog this one, a lofted drive over the bowler's head for four more


Sebastien to Charles, 2 runs, and two more to round off a profitable over, this time he hits it towards deep extra cover

Antigua Hawksbills 62/1   J Charles 23* (20b 3x4)

Best to Charles, 1 leg bye, full and down the leg side, might have been a wide if he let that go, off the boot towards fine leg, a massive appeal for lbw, ridiculous appeal that, hit the batsman well outside leg


Best to Charles, 1 run, this is 147kph, a length ball that is eased towards cover

Antigua Hawksbills 67/1   J Charles 24* (22b 3x4)

Shillingford to Charles, 2 runs, gets the front leg out of the way and slaps that towards deep point, should have been a single but there's an overthrow


Shillingford to Charles, 1 run, the reverse-sweep, not much power behind that shot, just looking to paddle it, it was a full ball around leg stump, nearly ends up spooning it to short third man, lands short


Shillingford to Charles, FOUR, a rubbish delivery that, a half-tracker and that could have been put away anywhere the batsman wanted, he chooses extra cover, and bye-bye to that one


Shillingford to Charles, no run, better length, pitched up and that is worked towards midwicket, the third umpire is called for as there's a direct hit and Ponting was straining to get in, think he made it by a couple of inches


Shillingford to Charles, FOUR, backs away from the stumps, Shillingford follows him, still not close enough to the body to stop Charles from guiding that behind backward point for four more

Antigua Hawksbills 83/1   J Charles 35* (27b 5x4)

Morkel to Charles, no run, short of length and well outside off, guided towards short third man, well stopped there


Morkel to Charles, 1 run, keeper has been standing up to Morkel, this was off the pads to point and they scramble through for one


Morkel to Charles, OUT, Morkel strikes with a straight delivery, pitched up and heading towards middle stumps, Charles looks to drive and misses, the ball crashes into middle, Charles rarely looked at his best today

J Charles b Morkel 36 (30b 5x4 0x6) SR: 120.00

Antigua Hawksbills 86/2   J Charles 36 (30b 5x4)





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Hours of play (local time) 20.00 start, First Session 20.00-21.20, Interval 21.20-21.40, Second Session 21.40-23.00

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