Nokia Champions League T20, Group B: Kolkata Knight Riders v South Australia at Hyderabad (Deccan), Sep 27, 2011
South Australia won by 19 runs
27 September 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Balaji to Harris, OUT, Balaji seens the back of Harris, it was short of a good length outside off and Harris was looking for a cross-batted heave again over midwicket, miscued it, got it a little high on the bat and it went to mid-off instead, Abdulla ran to his left and took it easily

DJ Harris c Iqbal Abdulla b Balaji 26 (25m 19b 2x4 2x6) SR: 136.84

South Australia 45/1   M Klinger 17* (14b 2x4)   L Balaji 0.3-0-5-1

Shakib Al Hasan to Ferguson, OUT, run-out, was the arm ball, picked it late and managed to punch it towards extra cover, Klinger called for a single but it was an extremely risky one, it's an accurate throw from extra cover, Bisla collects and breaks the stumps but the ball pops out of his hand while doing so, Klinger is well short, Bisla had the ball in his gloves at the time the bails were dislodged so it's clean

M Klinger run out 20 (32m 18b 2x4 0x6) SR: 111.11

South Australia 51/2   CJ Ferguson 3* (3b)   Shakib Al Hasan 0.4-0-3-0

Pathan to Borgas, OUT, Balaji takes it this time, seemed to connect well but actually didn't, bowled flat on middle and leg and he swept it with the turn straight to a perfectly-stationed Balaji at deep square leg, the Redbacks slowing down here

CJ Borgas c Balaji b Pathan 14 (16m 13b 2x4 0x6) SR: 107.69

South Australia 77/3   CJ Ferguson 14* (16b)   YK Pathan 2-0-15-1

Balaji to Christian, OUT, straight to mid-off, slower one from Balaji, bowled short on the off, Christian walked down and tried to slap him over the in-field but couldn't time it well, Tiwary took it easily

DT Christian c Tiwary b Balaji 42 (31m 27b 4x4 2x6) SR: 155.55

South Australia 161/4   CJ Ferguson 51* (33b 4x4 2x6)   L Balaji 2.2-0-15-2

Lee to Cooper, OUT, Binga takes it, bangs it short on middle, Cooper was eyeing the deep square leg boundary, went for the pull, got a top edge and Lee called for it and took it well in the end

TLW Cooper c & b Lee 1 (5m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

South Australia 174/5   CJ Ferguson 57* (37b 5x4 2x6)   B Lee 3.2-0-29-1





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