Nokia Champions League T20, Group A: Mumbai Indians v Cape Cobras at Bengaluru, Sep 30, 2011
30 September 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Steyn to Kanwar, no run, ooh, movement again, lands in that channel outside off and moved away, Kanwar fished for it first up and was beaten


Steyn to Kanwar, 1 run, opened the face at the last moment or so it seemed, more like an outside edge, short of a good length and nipped away and took the batsman by surprise with some bounce, just the single to third man

Mumbai Indians 3/0   S Kanwar 1* (2b)

Langeveldt to Kanwar, no run, goes for the pull, banged in short on the off, was a bouncer and the young man went for it, missed


Langeveldt to Kanwar, no run, holds it back but not as much as the first one, gets on the back foot and defends it to cover


Langeveldt to Kanwar, SIX, picks it up beautifully, a touch too straight it seemed from Langeveldt, landed on middle and Kanwar swung it cleanly over the deep square leg boundary, that should give him some confidence

Mumbai Indians 11/0   S Kanwar 7* (5b 1x6)

Langeveldt to Kanwar, no run, short of a good length on the off, rocks on the back foot and taps it into the off side


Langeveldt to Kanwar, no run, nicely timed, but to extra cover, short of a good length, punched off the back foot but finds the fielder


Langeveldt to Kanwar, FOUR, pulled hard, dropped it short outside off and he dragged it past midwicket all along the ground to the boundary


Langeveldt to Kanwar, 1 run, shortish on middle, whips it uppishly through the vacant midwicket region for a single


Langeveldt to Kanwar, SIX, he likes that shot, doesn't he? Another straightish delivery on middle and leg, around a good length and he picks it up, whacking it over square leg and into the stands

Mumbai Indians 33/0   S Kanwar 18* (10b 1x4 2x6)

Duminy to Kanwar, 1 wide, slips it well down the leg side, called a wide


Duminy to Kanwar, no run, flighted this time, full on the off, driven back to the bowler


Duminy to Kanwar, SIX, that's disappeared as well, he strikes it cleanly does Kanwar, charges down the track as Duminy bowls round the wicket, gets to the pitch and dispatches him high and long over deep midwicket


Duminy to Kanwar, no run, quicker and fuller on the off stump, pushed it back to the bowler


Duminy to Kanwar, 1 wide, slides it down the leg side again, called a wide


Duminy to Kanwar, FOUR, saw him come down and pitched it wide, misfield by Langeveldt at mid-off as it's driven just wide of him, messes up a dive to the left, overran it, and it's four more to Mumbai


Duminy to Kanwar, FOUR, didn't get hold of it as well as he would have liked, landed just on the off and he went for the slog-sweep, got a bit of a top-edge but it landed safely in the deep and fetched him a one bounce four, excellent start this for Mumbai

Mumbai Indians 50/0   S Kanwar 32* (15b 3x4 3x6)

Philander to Kanwar, SIX, Kanwar's cashing in on this opportunity, slower one bowled full on the off, was in the slot for the man and he smashed him over the bowler's head, crashes into the advertising hoardings


Philander to Kanwar, no run, goes for the pull, a quicker delivery and dropped it short on middle, missed it, came onto him a little too quickly


Philander to Kanwar, 1 wide, a slower bouncer but it's called a wide because it's the second one in the over, Kanwar didn't pick that but his team gets a run


Philander to Kanwar, 1 run, whipped it off the back foot behind square, dropped it short on middle

Mumbai Indians 59/0   S Kanwar 39* (18b 3x4 4x6)

Peterson to Kanwar, SIX, lovely timing and Anu Malik in the stands can't control himself, tossed up on the off and he lofts him beautifully over extra cover, came off the meat and cleared the ropes comfortably


Peterson to Kanwar, no run, pushed back towards the bowler


Peterson to Kanwar, OUT, Kanwar departs after an entertaining cameo, tossed up again and he is tempted to clear extra cover, charges out and lofts him well but there is cover in the deep, Owais Shah runs to his left from wide long-off and takes a good running catch just inside the ropes

S Kanwar c Shah b Peterson 45 (30m 21b 3x4 5x6) SR: 214.28

Mumbai Indians 65/1   S Kanwar 45 (21b 3x4 5x6)





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