Nokia Champions League T20, Group B: Royal Challengers Bangalore v Somerset at Bengaluru, Oct 3, 2011
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 51 runs
3 October 2011 - night match (20-over match)

van der Merwe to Dilshan, OUT, bowled 'em, round his legs, Dilshan had moved across his stumps, trying to get as close to the line as possible in order to play the slog sweep, but VDM outthought him with one fired in full around leg stump, Dilshan missed again, this time for the last time in this game, he's lost his off stump

TM Dilshan b van der Merwe 23 (16b 4x4 1x6) SR: 143.75

Royal Challengers Bangalore 38/1   CH Gayle 13* (11b 2x4)   RE van der Merwe 0.3-0-0-1

Kirby to Kohli, OUT, he's bowled Virat! it was bowled in the blockhole on leg, Virat closed the face early to tuck it in front of square leg, it crashed in to the stumps off the boot, Kirby lets loose a war-cry, Somerset engulf him

V Kohli b Kirby 33 (22b 4x4 1x6) SR: 150.00

Royal Challengers Bangalore 108/2   CH Gayle 48* (29b 3x4 4x6)   SP Kirby 2.1-0-14-1

Kirby to Tiwary, OUT, Somerset have caught something finally, Tiwary goes after a full delivery, it is also a slower one, and his attempted slog-swing goes high in the air but Suppiah at deep midwicket manages to get under it, he even holds on to it, the crowd descends in to silence

SS Tiwary c Suppiah b Kirby 18 (15b 1x4 1x6) SR: 120.00

Royal Challengers Bangalore 157/3   CH Gayle 76* (40b 4x4 7x6)   SP Kirby 3.3-0-18-2

Thomas to Agarwal, OUT, he goes for the shot again, but ends up slicing it straight to sweeper cover

MA Agarwal c Suppiah b Thomas 19 (8b 1x4 2x6) SR: 237.50

Royal Challengers Bangalore 188/4   CH Gayle 86* (45b 4x4 8x6)   AC Thomas 2.4-0-20-1

Thomas to Gayle, OUT, now just where was Suppiah earlier? he has held another high catch, Gayle has to go finally, it was short of a length and Gayle tried to swing it over midwicket, got it high in the air and Suppiah was waiting, again, but Gayle has done enough damage you would reckon

CH Gayle c Suppiah b Thomas 86 (46b 4x4 8x6) SR: 186.95

Royal Challengers Bangalore 188/5   DL Vettori 0* (0b)   AC Thomas 2.5-0-20-2

van der Merwe to Bhatkal, 1 run, OUT, Vettori has been run out, it was a fullish one hit hard through cover, Vettori charged back for the second, Mayank did not move at all, throw was to the correct end, gone

DL Vettori run out 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Royal Challengers Bangalore 191/6   RR Bhatkal 2* (2b)   RE van der Merwe 3.3-0-34-1





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