Nokia Champions League T20, Group A: Chennai Super Kings v New South Wales at Chennai, Oct 4, 2011
New South Wales won by 46 runs
4 October 2011 - night match (20-over match)

Watson and Warner are out to open the innings. Some yellow CSK flags being waved in the stands. Kula will start with the new ball

Vibhor: "I just wonder how important those last two ball sixes by Albie Morkel in the last match could end up being.."

R Ashwin says that the Chennai wicket has been re-laid, but it has suited the opposition every time, and has not given bounce or turn to the home bowlers.

Chibi: "when a time comes when chennai need to do good in batting, morkel gets injured, one less batsman.. now it makes things even more complicated doesn't it..!!"

James: "Do I have this right? Mumbai are through. If CSK get their target in about 16.3 overs or less, they're through. If CSK win but slower, T&T are through, and if NSW win they're through? Pretty simple really (not)!"

Aravinda: "Are you saying that, as a T&T supporter, I have to hope that Chennai wins, but not by much? That's a lot of pressure!"

7.30 pm Simon Katich wins the toss and NSW will have a bat

Katich: "It is a big game, we want to put the runs on the board." NSW are unchanged

Dhoni: "That is something we know about as a strategy, we sould have batted first as well. As I said, if you look to bat first, we would not have changed our strategy too much. It is important to not let the opposition get off to a big start. They [CSK] were really cheering for T&T. It [T&T's win] makes the tournament more interesting, it is the last league game and everybody has a chance." Kulasekara is in for an injured Morkel.

7.20 pm Welcome to the final Group A game of the Champions League Twenty20. T&T have just eliminated Cobras in the penultimate match, and have done Chennai Super Kings a big favour by keeping them in contention for a semi-finals berth. Somehow, CSK manage to stay in the reckoning, and also somehow, they always seem to be playing last in the group stages. They now know exactly what they have to do. They have to win by at least 25 runs as our stats editor, S Rajesh, informs me, or between 16.3 and 16.5 overs, depending on the target. A win, by whatever margin, will do for NSW


Kulasekara to Warner, no run, quietly watches a length ball go past him outside off, steady, tight delivery first up


Kulasekara to Warner, 2 runs, straight but on the pads, tucked through square leg

Teja: "An Indian team in Australian colours and an Aussie team in Indian colours.. Don't bleed the wrong colour, choose your colour wisely!"


Kulasekara to Warner, no run, the off side cordon is packed, and this well-timed punch goes straight to the man at extra cover


Kulasekara to Warner, no run, another tight delivery from Kula, right on middle on a length, pushed towards mid off


Kulasekara to Warner, 1 run, sharp single, Kula bowls a very full delivery across the left-hander who digs it out towards mid on


Kulasekara to Watson, 1 run, WAtson gets going with a typical late steer to third man to a length ball outside off

End of over 1 (4 runs) New South Wales 4/0 (RR: 4.00)

    • SR Watson 1 (1b)
    • DA Warner 3 (5b)
    • KMDN Kulasekara 1-0-4-0

Rohit: "Atleast Hussey and Bollinger are in the right colors!"

Doug to run in against NSW. Brilliant


Bollinger to Watson, 1 wide, wide delivery slanted full outside off, too far from the batsman


Bollinger to Watson, no run, Watson gets the front foot forward to a length ball going across and thumps the drive, straight to mid off


Bollinger to Watson, FOUR, whoa, what was that, Watson looked like he was shaping for a pull, Doug banged it in short of a length, it got too big on Watson, who still managed to forehand it away, even as he went off balance on one leg, the ball raced through extra cover


Bollinger to Watson, no run


Bollinger to Watson, FOUR, there goes Watson again, too much width, too full outside off, he takes a step out and blasts it past cover

James: "Is Grant with us? I only ask cos Doug the Rug is playing!" I am sure he is lurking around, will wait for the right time, maybe when Doug strikes


Bollinger to Watson, FOUR, short ball from Doug, Watson goes for the pull right away, top edge flies over the keeper


Bollinger to Watson, no run, much better length, and the line is right on middle, defended firmly on the leg side

End of over 2 (13 runs) New South Wales 17/0 (RR: 8.50)

    • SR Watson 13 (7b 3x4)
    • DA Warner 3 (5b)
    • DE Bollinger 1-0-13-0
    • KMDN Kulasekara 1-0-4-0

Time for spin, here is Ashwin


Ashwin to Warner, no run, tossed up on off from round the stump, pushed off the front foot to mid off


Ashwin to Warner, 1 run, overdoes the angle with a full one on the pads, Warner tries to flick it away, but mistimes it in front of square leg

James: "Grant could be a while, then. Doug took a pasting there."


Ashwin to Watson, no run, short, but not much width, not much turn too, WAtson stays back and pushes it back to Ashwin


Ashwin to Watson, 1 run, very full one now, he gets to the pitch and drives with the turn to long on


Ashwin to Warner, FOUR, whoa, how do you set a field for that, Warner sets himself up for the switch hit even before the ball had been bowled, got underneath it and smashed it over cover, or in front of square leg, choose your point of view


Ashwin to Warner, no run, appeal for lbw, but that was headed down leg with the angle from round the stumps

End of over 3 (6 runs) New South Wales 23/0 (RR: 7.66)

    • DA Warner 8 (9b 1x4)
    • SR Watson 14 (9b 3x4)
    • R Ashwin 1-0-6-0
    • DE Bollinger 1-0-13-0

Kulasekara to Watson, no run, fuller one from Kula outside off, WAtson cannot get power behind the attempted drive and hits it back towards the bowler


Kulasekara to Watson, no run, again cannot get a lot of bat on the drive, off the bottom part towards mid on


Kulasekara to Watson, 1 run, slower one from back of the hand at 107 kph, and on target too, Watson adjusts and finally manages to get the single past the non-striker


Kulasekara to Warner, FOUR, bosh! that has gone rocketing past Watson, who got himself out of the way just to be safe, full from Kula, Warner just blasted it down the ground


Kulasekara to Warner, 1 run, shapes up for the pull, but this shortish one did not get up much at all, just hurried on to Warner, who got an inside edge on the leg side


Kulasekara to Watson, 1 run, direct hit would have tested WAtson as he pushed too firmly to mid off and set off for the single

End of over 4 (7 runs) New South Wales 30/0 (RR: 7.50)

    • SR Watson 16 (13b 3x4)
    • DA Warner 13 (11b 2x4)
    • KMDN Kulasekara 2-0-11-0
    • R Ashwin 1-0-6-0

Ashwin to Watson, 1 run, two decisions to make in one delivery, Ashwin appeals half-heartedly for lbw as WAtson misses an attempted work on the leg side, they try to sneak a run and Ashwin whips off the bails as the throw comes in, but Watson's dive saved him


Ashwin to Warner, 1 run, goes for the big shot down the ground, there is a long in place, on the bounce to him


Ashwin to Watson, 1 run, tucked in front of square leg for a single


Ashwin to Warner, no run, backs away and cuts from middle and leg, cannot get it past Raina in the covers


Ashwin to Warner, FOUR, he gets hold of it this time, shortish from Ashwin, and Warner bends the knee, and uses the angle to swing it over short fine leg


Ashwin to Warner, FOUR, he has changed his stance again, and second time he has got away with the shot, this one was hit flatter, but off the middle of the bat through what was originally intended to be cover

End of over 5 (11 runs) New South Wales 41/0 (RR: 8.20)

    • DA Warner 22 (15b 4x4)
    • SR Watson 18 (15b 3x4)
    • R Ashwin 2-0-17-0
    • KMDN Kulasekara 2-0-11-0

Kulasekara to Watson, 1 run, slower one, kind of a legbreak, pushed away for a single


Kulasekara to Warner, no run, Warner mistimes an attempted pull off Kula again, as another shortish one does not get up much


Kulasekara to Warner, 1 run, goes full at 133 kph on the stumps, WArner almost falls over but manages to squirt the ball over Kula


Kulasekara to Watson, 1 run, Watson takes on mid off with the tight single again, he drove hard towards that man off a low full toss, but scampered home in time


Kulasekara to Warner, FOUR, this is a fine start for NSW, Warner gets to 3000 T20 runs by smashing a full toss between the bowler and mid on


Kulasekara to Warner, 2 runs, oh well, is this going to be NSW's day, Warner goes for a pull, without much intent or power, and ends up top edging it, but it falls safely in front of square leg

End of over 6 (9 runs) New South Wales 50/0 (RR: 8.33)

    • DA Warner 29 (19b 5x4)
    • SR Watson 20 (17b 3x4)
    • KMDN Kulasekara 3-0-20-0
    • R Ashwin 2-0-17-0

Ashwin to Watson, 1 run, flighted low full toss, he lunges forward and bunts it down to long on


Ashwin to Warner, 2 runs, tucks away another full delivery through midwicket and they take the second easily


Ashwin to Warner, 1 run, flighted very slowly just outside off, Warner gets forward and pushes softly in front of cover


Ashwin to Watson, OUT, Watson has gone on his first attempt at that monster slog sweep, he tried to fetch it from well outside off stump, that is being too adventurous on this pitch, Dhoni settled under the top edge, and took it calmly

SR Watson c †Dhoni b Ashwin 21 (19b 3x4 0x6) SR: 110.52

Steven Smith is in at No 3, hmm


Ashwin to Warner, 1 run, tosses it up full on middle and leg from wide of the crease, driven to long on


Ashwin to SPD Smith, no run, he advances down the track first ball and almost gets Warner in trouble, who was backing up, and Ashwin seemed to have got a touch on the ball before Smith's push hit the non-striker's stumps, umpire Billy thinks Warner is safe

End of over 7 (5 runs) New South Wales 55/1 (RR: 7.85)

    • SPD Smith 0 (1b)
    • DA Warner 33 (22b 5x4)
    • R Ashwin 3-0-22-1
    • KMDN Kulasekara 3-0-20-0

Dwayne Bravo comes on now


Bravo to Warner, no run, leans forward looking for the lovely drive through extra cover, not much off this pitch, and the ball rolls to the fielder


Bravo to Warner, 1 leg bye, hit on the pads with the angle as he misses the flick


Bravo to SPD Smith, no run, fine delivery, right in the blockhole, Smith respectfully digs it out


Bravo to SPD Smith, 2 runs, whips a full delivery from middle wide of long on for a couple


Bravo to SPD Smith, 1 run, slower one now from Bravo, nudges towards square leg

Siva: "Steven Smith at 3? This really boost my hopes of CSK chasing the total under 16.3 overs"


Bravo to Warner, 1 run, tight delivery around off to end the over, pushed down to long off

End of over 8 (5 runs) New South Wales 60/1 (RR: 7.50)

    • DA Warner 34 (25b 5x4)
    • SPD Smith 3 (4b)
    • DJ Bravo 1-0-4-0
    • R Ashwin 3-0-22-1

Raina is on now


Raina to Warner, 1 run, flat from round the stumps, pushed through extra cover


Raina to SPD Smith, 1 run, turning on leg stump from a length, tucked in front of square leg


Raina to Warner, 2 runs, fired in fullish on the pads with the angle, worked away past midwicket


Raina to Warner, 1 run, pulls, but he hasn't found a lot of timing on that shot today, another one staying a touch low, there is a man in the deep too


Raina to SPD Smith, 2 runs, two more, worked in front of square leg


Raina to SPD Smith, 1 run, leans out towards the pitch of a fuller one and drives solidly with the turn to long on

End of over 9 (8 runs) New South Wales 68/1 (RR: 7.55)

    • SPD Smith 7 (7b)
    • DA Warner 38 (28b 5x4)
    • SK Raina 1-0-8-0
    • DJ Bravo 1-0-4-0

Bravo to SPD Smith, no run, bowls it full and down the leg side, Smith is disappointed at not getting the wide call, it seemed to have touched some pad before going to Dhoni


Bravo to SPD Smith, 2 runs, slower one, but well outside off, he plays the shot late, places it past point and wide of sweeper cover, another couple


Bravo to SPD Smith, no run, this time he guides one from outside off straight to point


Bravo to SPD Smith, no run, Bravo bowls it slow at 111 kph, Smith can only push it back to him


Bravo to SPD Smith, 1 run, fullish one, he squeezes a push past Bravo to long off for a single


Bravo to Warner, 2 runs, dropped Warner lives on again, he went to carve a widish one over cover, but sliced it high over third man, it was in the air for a long time, but Jakati misjudged the point where it would come on, found himself some feet away from the ball, tried to put in the dive to catch it but could not

End of over 10 (5 runs) New South Wales 73/1 (RR: 7.30)

    • DA Warner 40 (29b 5x4)
    • SPD Smith 10 (12b)
    • DJ Bravo 2-0-9-0
    • SK Raina 1-0-8-0

Raina to SPD Smith, FOUR, Raina goes on the pads, flat and turning in, helped on its away fine and wide of long leg


Raina to SPD Smith, 1 run, gets bat in front of pad to tuck it with the turn behind square leg

Aaron: "I have to say, I have been really impressed with Steve Smith this tournament. The way he has played these matches at Chennai have been really mature."


Raina to Warner, FOUR, Warner might consider batting right-handed against spin, he has connected with his third attempt at a switch hit as well, all of them have gone for boundaries, this one has disappeared past point


Raina to Warner, 1 run, pushed towards sweeper cover off the front foot


Raina to SPD Smith, 1 run, worked behind square leg for a single


Raina to Warner, 1 run, now he even manages to will an attempted pull through midwicket, still not timing it well enough, not that short this delivery

End of over 11 (12 runs) New South Wales 85/1 (RR: 7.72)

    • DA Warner 46 (32b 6x4)
    • SPD Smith 16 (15b 1x4)
    • SK Raina 2-0-20-0
    • DJ Bravo 2-0-9-0

James: "Are NSW closet T&T fans? If not, why is Steve Smith batting (I use "batting" loosely)?" He is not doing that bad a job.

Jakati comes on now


Jakati to Warner, FOUR, this is not good for CSK, Warner has started to connect with the pull as well, short from Jakati, he winds up and cracks it well over midwicket, 50 up for him


Jakati to Warner, 1 run, pushed down towards long off for a single


Jakati to SPD Smith, 1 run, Warner cannot do anything wrong, Smith scoops a fullish one back at him, he elegantly gets out of the way, bat on one side of the ball, torso on the other


Jakati to Warner, no run, better line, on the stumps, pushed on the off side


Jakati to Warner, no run, cannot get the push past extra cover


Jakati to Warner, no run, this one has been ripped flat and fast across him, it was wide too, but he mistimes it to extra cover again

End of over 12 (6 runs) New South Wales 91/1 (RR: 7.58)

    • DA Warner 51 (37b 7x4)
    • SPD Smith 17 (16b 1x4)
    • SB Jakati 1-0-6-0
    • SK Raina 2-0-20-0

Sagar: "Guess Smith's sent in there to hold one end up, rotate strike and let others hit around him.. not a bad plan."

Doug is back, Grant hasn't made an appearance yet


Bollinger to SPD Smith, 2 runs, on the pads, worked with the angle from round the stumps behind square leg


Bollinger to SPD Smith, 1 run, that is a lot of effort for the single to third man, Smith backs away quite a bit, trying to go against the angle, but ends up steering it straight to third man


Bollinger to Warner, SIX, Warner hits his first six now, he gets nicely under a full delivery from Doug, and lofts it with a lovely straight bat high over the bowler


Bollinger to Warner, no run, the slow bouncer, Warner cannot decide, the pull is on, now it is off, in the end he just lets the ball go outside off


Bollinger to Warner, FOUR, Warner middles another pull, ominous, short from Doug and he gets hold of the pull past midwicket


Bollinger to Warner, 2 runs, now a misfield, at extra cover, full toss driven past him wide of long off

End of over 13 (15 runs) New South Wales 106/1 (RR: 8.15)

    • DA Warner 63 (41b 8x4 1x6)
    • SPD Smith 20 (18b 1x4)
    • DE Bollinger 2-0-28-0
    • SB Jakati 1-0-6-0

Jakati to SPD Smith, 1 run, stays beside the line and drives to sweeper cover in the end


Jakati to Warner, SIX, smash! Warner is hammering CSK, Jakati drops it short, Wawrner has an age to crank up for the pull and murders it in front of square leg


Jakati to Warner, FOUR, another shortish ball, this is poor bowling, Warner has unsettled them alright, now Doug misfields at wide long on as WArner does not time the pull well enough, but it trickles through a sliding Doug in the boundary


Jakati to Warner, 1 run, only a single this time, respite of the tenuous kind


Jakati to SPD Smith, 1 run, Smith continues to display sense, a nudge on the leg side brings Warner on strike


Jakati to Warner, 2 runs, Warner makes room and slices, does not time it well, but still gets it through point

End of over 14 (15 runs) New South Wales 121/1 (RR: 8.64)

    • DA Warner 76 (45b 9x4 2x6)
    • SPD Smith 22 (20b 1x4)
    • SB Jakati 2-0-21-0
    • DE Bollinger 2-0-28-0

Raina to SPD Smith, 1 run, tickled to short fine off the pads


Raina to Warner, no run, apocalypse is here, Warner has finally missed on his fourth attempted switch hit, maybe because this one was well outside off, he had decided to go for the shot early enough, and missed


Raina to Warner, FOUR, but he has found the boundary this time, Raina provides him the angle and Warner uses it to swing wide of long leg


Raina to Warner, 1 leg bye, tries to do so again, but takes it on the pads


Raina to SPD Smith, 1 run, Smith hustles about in the crease, and guides a widish one past point


Raina to Warner, SIX, ho ho, Raina taking some punishment here, Warner stands a mile outside leg, Raina fires it in on a length to cramp him up with the angle, but Warner tees off over midwicket, with the shot that Raina fancies so much

End of over 15 (13 runs) New South Wales 134/1 (RR: 8.93)

    • DA Warner 86 (49b 10x4 3x6)
    • SPD Smith 24 (22b 1x4)
    • SK Raina 3-0-32-0
    • SB Jakati 2-0-21-0

Pradeep: "Is this the same Chennai pitch where everyone was finding difficult to score??"


Ashwin to SPD Smith, 1 run, down the track, then stops, waits and pushes a length ball towards long on


Ashwin to Warner, 1 run, it was so short that Warner had time to contemplate midwicket or extra cover, he went extra cover with the slap, but could not beat the diving fielder


Ashwin to SPD Smith, no run, steered in the air towards short third man


Ashwin to SPD Smith, 1 run, inside edge, that has been rare today, as Smith tries to swing over midwicket


Ashwin to Warner, SIX, another short ball, Dhoni must be fuming inside, he never shows it, Warner rocks back, changes the stance and launches it high over extra cover/midwicket


Ashwin to Warner, 1 run, hit past square leg for a single, they thought about a second, but they needn't bother about such trifles now

End of over 16 (10 runs) New South Wales 144/1 (RR: 9.00)

    • DA Warner 94 (52b 10x4 4x6)
    • SPD Smith 26 (25b 1x4)
    • R Ashwin 4-0-32-1
    • SK Raina 3-0-32-0

Rusty: "Sensational from Warner but how smart from Smith too! Perfect T20 partnership."


Bravo to Warner, 2 runs, clobber! Warner makes room, reaches out to a widish full toss, and hits it hard past extra cover


Bravo to Warner, 1 wide, everything is going wrong for CSK at the moment, Bravo tries a widish and full one but it moves in the air and ends up as a big wide


Bravo to Warner, 1 run, gets the full delivery on target, Warner squeezes it towards extra cover who has a go at the stumps, given CSK's fortune today, he misses, predictably


Bravo to SPD Smith, FOUR, that is very well done from Smith, he has shuffled, got the front foot well across and outside off, and swung a full one with the angle from leg stump past short fine leg


Bravo to SPD Smith, 1 run, short third man saves a certain boundary, Smith timed the cut well from close to off, but Jakati got to it with a dive to his right

Warner, on 97, phew


Bravo to Warner, 1 run, 100 of the stand is up, with a firm push through cover


Bravo to SPD Smith, no run, that sums up the day for CSK, Smith was confounded by a full one in the blockhole, and squeezed it out, looked towards Warner and took off, Bravo had an age to run him out as he charged at the ball, but in haste he went for the free kick, and could not score, he manages a smile, Smith was stranded mid pitch

End of over 17 (10 runs) New South Wales 154/1 (RR: 9.05)

    • SPD Smith 31 (28b 2x4)
    • DA Warner 98 (55b 10x4 4x6)
    • DJ Bravo 3-0-19-0
    • R Ashwin 4-0-32-1

Kulasekara to Warner, no run, drives one going across him, straight to extra cover


Kulasekara to Warner, 1 run, driven down towards long off for a single, moves to 99


Kulasekara to SPD Smith, OUT, Saha has taken a fine catch in the end, he had initially run in too much to take this slice from Smith, overran the ball but timed his leap well to take a tumbling catch, one thing that has gone CSK's way today

SPD Smith c Saha b Kulasekara 31 (29b 2x4 0x6) SR: 106.89


Kulasekara to Warner, 1 run, Warner gets to his hundered with a scampered single towards extra cover, direct hit and he could have been gone, but this has been a superb innings, he punches the air as his team-mates stand up to applaud


Kulasekara to Henriques, 1 run, CSK cannot find the stumps, another throw misses the mark


Kulasekara to Warner, no run, full and widish outside off, Warner cannot get to it

End of over 18 (3 runs) New South Wales 157/2 (RR: 8.72)

    • DA Warner 100 (59b 10x4 4x6)
    • MC Henriques 1 (1b)
    • KMDN Kulasekara 4-0-23-1
    • DJ Bravo 3-0-19-0

Bravo to Henriques, SIX, they just keep coming, now Henriques gets going, just gets front foot out, there is lots of width from Bravo on a length and he hammers it over wide long off


Bravo to Henriques, 1 run, low full toss belted down to long off


Bravo to Warner, SIX, Warner is not letting up after his 100, he stays in the crease, gets front leg away, and scythes a length ball high over long off


Bravo to Warner, SIX, another one, it is all a blur now for CSK, Warner has taken a step down the track, reached out and still managed to somehow slice it over long off


Bravo to Warner, FOUR, he has brought out the switch hit against a seamer, I refuse to believe this, Warner reverses the stand and swings a length ball over what should rightly be called midwicket now, Raina blinks expressionless


Bravo to Warner, 1 run, drills it straight down the track, bowler gets something on it, they will get the single

End of over 19 (24 runs) New South Wales 181/2 (RR: 9.52)

    • DA Warner 117 (63b 11x4 6x6)
    • MC Henriques 8 (3b 1x6)
    • DJ Bravo 4-0-43-0
    • KMDN Kulasekara 4-0-23-1

Bollinger to Warner, 2 runs, low full toss scythed swung hard through midwicket


Bollinger to Warner, (no ball) 2 runs, that is a very high full toss, Warner has gone back and managed to swing it over midwicket, fine catch near the rope from Vijay, it is a no ball though


Bollinger to Warner, SIX, this is immense, this has gone past the stage of a contest now, Warner has time to line up the pull off a short ball, and place it perfectly past the man at deep midwicket, it even carries for six!


Bollinger to Warner, 1 run, squeezed down to long off, they will get just the single now


Bollinger to Henriques, 1 run, thick edge as he tries to scythe a fullish one through extra cover, ball rolls away towards third man


Bollinger to Warner, SIX, 140 kph full toss from Doug, Warner has catapulted that into orbit somewhere over the roof over long on


Bollinger to Warner, 1 run, almost hit on the body as he backs away to a shortish one, Warner manages to hit it away in front of square leg and gets to the other end

Shank has written off CSK: "201 in 17 overs? 12 off every over? CSK seems to have one leg out of the tournament already."

Many CSK players rush to shake hands with a tired Warner as he walks off. There was no place to hide for CSK with Warner batting left-handed and right-handed. It is not usual for Doug Bollinger to go for 48, in three overs. Warner connected almost all of his switch-hits, He even did it against the medium-pace of Dwayne Bravo. Special, special knock from Warner, pity that not many were at the Chidambaram Stadium to witness it.

CSK need to win in 17 overs to qualify for the semi-finals, S Rajesh, our stats editor, informs us.

End of over 20 (20 runs) New South Wales 201/2

    • DA Warner 135 (69b 11x4 8x6)
    • MC Henriques 9 (4b 1x6)
    • DE Bollinger 3-0-48-0
    • DJ Bravo 4-0-43-0





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