Sydney Sixers v Mumbai Indians, CLT20, Durban

Sydney Sixers win four out of four

The Report by George Binoy

October 22, 2012

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Sydney Sixers 136 for 7 (Smith 41, Munaf 2-17) beat Mumbai Indians 124 for 8 (Cummins 2-16) by 12 runs
Scorecard and ball-by-ball details

Michael Lumb prepares to play a cut, Mumbai Indians v Sydney Sixers, Champions League T20, Durban, October 22, 2012
Michael Lumb's 28 wasn't fluent but it gave Sydney Sixers a satisfactory start © Getty Images

Sydney Sixers, with Shane Watson, were the most impressive side of the Champions League Twenty20, winning three out of three matches. Today they were without Watson for the first time, and though they weren't as powerful with the bat, their bowling and fielding skills were sharp enough to win their fourth consecutive game comprehensively, and send the defending champions Mumbai Indians home without a victory.

Sydney's batsmen weren't able to impose themselves on a pitch with bounce that was steep and spongy. Only three of the top seven batsmen made it out of single digits for Sydney: Michael Lumb's 28 was full of mis-timed pulls but gave the innings a satisfactory start, Nic Maddinson's 27 was at breakneck speed and attempted to blaze his team out of trouble, and Steve Smith's run-a-ball 41 was a repair job that did not grow into more.

A target of 137 might have been easier to achieve against most other teams but Sydney's pace attack and their exceptional fielding never let Mumbai stage a breakaway. The margin of victory was only 12 in the end, but the game was lost long before that. Mumbai scored 20 futile runs off the final over.

Mumbai opened with Dwayne Smith and Sachin Tendulkar and they struggled to get going against Josh Hazlewood, Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummins. The ball seamed and bounced under lights and Mumbai cobbled together 30 for 0 after six overs. Just when they had begun to gain momentum, with Smith and Tendulkar clearing the boundary, Moises Henriques removed both within four balls in the ninth over, leaving Mumbai 53 for 2.

Rohit Sharma began to repair the chase but he was run out by a direct hit from Cummins. Rohit vented anger at being sent back by Dinesh Karthik, who had dropped the ball at his feet and taken a few steps down the pitch. Karthik was also run out later, as he was forced to run around a back-pedaling Henriques and was caught short by McCullum's direct hit. Thereafter, Mumbai simply went through the motions.

Sydney's innings had a start that was worse than Mumbai's after Brad Haddin chose to bat. They had been 33 for 0 but slumped to 40 for 3.

Maddinson began an audacious counterattack by upper cutting his first ball, off Lasith Malinga no less, over the keeper for six. He swept the left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha twice to the leg-side boundary and then smashed the ball into the second tier beyond long-on. While Smith was steadying the innings, Maddinson went about giving it momentum, until he was caught short by a direct hit from Malinga at point. Henriques was done in by a Harbhajan Singh arm-ball, and Sydney had lost two wickets for one run.

Their hopes for a Smith-propelled finish ended in the 18th over, when Malinga beat a cheeky paddle and hit the stumps. McCullum, playing for Watson, was the fourth person to make a double-digit score and he led them to 136. It was below-par for this surface, but enough for Sydney's crack bowling attack.

Innings Dot balls 4s 6s PP Overs 16-20 NB/Wides
Sydney 42 10 2 40-3 38-1 0/3
Mumbai 70 13 4 30-0 35-4 0/4

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Posted by Harmony111 on (October 25, 2012, 23:45 GMT)

@Smith Robertson: Wow, great logic there. SRT has 18 100s vs weaker sides out of 100 and so you want to discount the entire set? Even if we discard these 18 ones SRT still has 82 100s against the stronger sides. Now pls tell me what is the no of 100s scored by the 2nd person in this list under the same set of constraints? I am sure you can see the chasm there. Besides, what do you have to say for the 380 Hayden scored vs Zim and the 185* Watson scored vs BD? Should that be discarded as well? I think some SA batsmen scored 275 vs BD in a test, should that not be counted? Should we not count the 188 Kirsten scored in 1996 vs UAE? How about not counting the 181 Viv scored vs Sri Lanka in 1987? And why stop here, do you think all the 5 wick and 10 wick hauls bowlers have taken vs weaker sides be discarded as well? Even among stronger teams don't you think runs scored vs weaker bowlers should not be counted? You agree Mr.?

Posted by   on (October 25, 2012, 20:49 GMT)

Such 100 100 don't count because 18 of them were against teams like Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya etc so some of you guys criticising these weaker opposition and still feel its okay for Sachin to achieve a 100 against those team double standards catch 22. Sachin is way too overrated :D

Posted by Harmony111 on (October 25, 2012, 19:21 GMT)

@Meety: I thought this article was closed for comments, checked it again and saw they are still accepting comments, anyways..... I frankly don't recall anyone mentioning the maiden over, yours was the first comment I 'v read that raises that point. Like I said earlier, it wasn't the best 100 SRT scored but to attribute the lack of flow to him being selfish is a bit evil. SRT has also been out a few times in the 90s trying to play a big shot - what do these ppl say for that haan? Moreover, sometimes a player recognizes that he is struggling (for whatever reason) but decides to survive somehow cos if he decides to play big shots he may get out and hurt his team even more. SRT had a similar day in the WC SF when he scored 85 in the midst of a terrible flow where he was lucky a no. of times but he chose to survive. Most of us have no idea what Intl Cricket really is like and we just expect Gayle to hit 6s with a swing of bat and Warne to spin ball like a top but do we know what it takes?

Posted by vxttemp on (October 25, 2012, 0:22 GMT)

I don't see any answer to this question from Indians - Has India's National team reached Semi's in the last ICC T20? Was Sachin playing in that or Has he robbed some youngster's place? Trying Raina's, Rohit's forever in tests and ODIs, you guys r talking about India's bench strength and bashing Sachin not letting youngsters. What a serious Joke? Luckily wickets are flat arround the world with the exception of one or 2, otherwise I would be wondering about other regular players in the Indian side. Are you guys happy with Raina and Rohit's reference or do you need a list of players selected for India( Can start with Kirthi Azad, malhotra, VB chandrashekar, arun lal, debang gandhi, vikram rathore, Amre, Ajay Sharma etc etc)

Posted by Meety on (October 25, 2012, 0:09 GMT)

@ Harmony111 on (October 24 2012, 09:27 AM GMT) - at the time, heaps of people were talking about the maiden over. I fully respect Sachin's achievements. 100 International tons is a great record, I will try to rememeber the preceeding 99, rather than the 100th though - IT was not good.

Posted by JG2704 on (October 24, 2012, 20:38 GMT)

@Harmony111 - You're absolutely right. I think I must have misjudged you thinking you were a tad paranoid and oversensitive to criticisms. Now I realise that your comments are the blueprint for impartiality,grace,understanding and humilty and that I'm obviously somehow mistaking you for another person who has been trying to belittle teams without the wealth of IPL's franchises and booing about how unlucky the IPL teams have been in this years tournament. You have my sincerest apologies.

Posted by vxttemp on (October 24, 2012, 18:50 GMT)

I don't see any answer to this question from Indians - Has India's National team reached Semi's in the last ICC T20? Was Sachin playing in that or Has he robbed some youngster's place? Trying Raina's, Rohit's forever in tests and ODIs, you guys r talking about India's bench strength and bashing Sachin not letting youngsters. What a serious Joke? Luckily wickets are flat arround the world with the exception of one or 2, otherwise I would be wondering about other regular players in the Indian side. Are you guys happy with Raina and Rohit's reference or do you need a list of players selected for India( Can start with Kirthi Azad, malhotra, VB chandrashekar, arun lal, debang gandhi, vikram rathore, Amre, Ajay Sharma etc etc)

Posted by Harmony111 on (October 24, 2012, 18:24 GMT)

Oops, the link I referred to in a comment I made some time back is actually. The link I mentioned there was wrong.

Posted by Harmony111 on (October 24, 2012, 18:21 GMT)

@JG2704: … This comment's context is a diff article which was closed, Ref: … You refuse to accept your mistake even after I've pointed it out to you. Not so humble after all ha! Anyways, let me explain this. Read my original comment again. What's my 3rd sentence there? Is it something like "CSK lost 2 in 2 ..."? Had I been talking about the LATEST situation at that time (when MI had lost 2) then I would have said "CSK lost 2 of 3" isn't it? At any point of time I can talk about any point of the past and not necessarily of the immediately preceding point - I did just that. Here's some crude mathematics for you. At time T9, I was talking about the status of the tournament not at time T7 but at time T5. You can think what you want for what Yorks did in SA but what MI did last time after missing 7 players must definitely rank higher than that, agree?

Posted by Harmony111 on (October 24, 2012, 14:58 GMT)

@JG2704: I don't give credit? Pls check my comment on ... ... to find the truth. As an additional point, you think you guys will make fun of IPL teams or Team India or BCCI on just about everything and then expect the Indian fans to be altruistic? You guys have made so much fun of IPL/India/BCCI that even Jesus would have said enough. Sample this, when I told you about MI's title win of the prev CLT20 in spite of missing 7 players did you say ANYTHING good there? You ignored that point. Did YOU say anything praising KKR when they obliterated Titans? What was the attitude of the bashers when India won the WC? That India were lucky and won it at home. What was your attitude when India were #1 in Tests? What did you guys say when SRT got his 100th 100? You folks even refused to admit such a record. And now you asking me to give CREDIT?

Posted by Harmony111 on (October 24, 2012, 9:27 GMT)

@Meety: No No No. No one has ever talked about that maiden over. The best of players play out maiden, sometimes in the 18th or 19th over of a T20 match. Besides, it's not as if Sachin placed a forward defensive stroke on all 6 balls in that over. He was looking for runs all the time but couldn't find the fielder. It happens to all of us. Lapse in concentration perhaps. And even with that maiden over his SR was still nearly alike to Virat's. Answer that point pls. There were some other issues too. Kohli got out in the powerplay at the wrongest of times and then Raina and SRT got out off successive balls later. That hurt India more than that maiden over. No SRT fan says that he was fluent that day. But look at the occasion. He got 100 100s. No one else can know what it feels like. Would you not feel tight in an Oscar ceremony when you are in the race and overwhelmed after actually winning it? Be honest. And here was SRT, doing what no one else had done before. Pls respect that.

Posted by JG2704 on (October 24, 2012, 9:08 GMT)

@Harmony111 Ctd - Also I've noticed that you have not once given any of the other teams credit when it has beaten an IPL side. Even on this thread , all you seem to have in you is to pick up on others opinions - whether they are harsh or not - and ram your own stuff back at them. It would have been nice if you actually said well played Sydney at some point. Even when you have been self critical it was on Johnson when MI lost their 1st match and when I pointed out Sachin's worse performance you said that his role was to anchor the inns or something like that - which he failed in too. At least Mitch did a job with the ball that game. Your comms re Yorkshire were really poor and unjustified and when I say (and most well balanced neutrals would echo this) Yorks did well to get through the qualifying stages and beating T+T with what they had you say "I'm blowing my own trumpet".Well they scored as many points as MI and were heavily beaten in 1 match and closer in the other 2 - just like MI

Posted by Meety on (October 24, 2012, 0:02 GMT)

@anshu.s on (October 23 2012, 08:48 AM GMT) - unlike what zenboomerang said, Townsville pitches are not as fast or bouncy as the Gabba & WACA. I want to clarify that in no way was I dismissing what India achieved. I did watch highlights of the match & India's seamers were very good. Chand's innings was great - although Oz would of rued dropping him (twice I think), but I think India dropped catches too! @zenboomerang - I said Nth QLD not Darwin, last I heard Darwin was in the NT. You obviously missed your geography lessons at school. LOL!Cairns & Townsville are slower & spongier than the usual test strips! Since YOU mentioned Darwin - the strips that have been used in Tests there have been slow, the only difference with say an Indian pitch - is that there is usally grass on it. I consider you to now be informed!

Posted by Meety on (October 23, 2012, 23:29 GMT)

@Harmony111 on (October 23 2012, 18:53 PM GMT) - the thing that annoys people (& rightly) is that on the verge of his 100th international ton, he played out a MAIDEN over in the 34th or 35th over. That was clearly MUDDLED thinking & contrary to team tactics. I won't bag him, but people do have a point! The over in question was against Mortaza - hardly the world's most dangerous seamer!

Posted by Harmony111 on (October 23, 2012, 18:53 GMT)

@Akshita29 and OTHER SACHIN BASHERS: The biggest weapon you ppl have is SRT's assumed slow century vs BD in Asia Cup. The linkage drawn is that India lost that match cos SRT batted slowly to get his 100 and in turn India were unable to score some extra runs and this allowed BD to chase down 280. 39 year old SRT's strike rate in that match was 77 and 23 year old Virat's strike rate was 80 and we all hail Virat as the next big thing. If the next big thing found it difficult to score runs quickly may be the pitch was not as good to bad - is that likely or not? Why lame SRT for the loss? Just cos he got the highest score in that match? In 2011 WC, SRT scored fast 100s vs SA and Eng. India scored 296 vs SA and 328 vs Eng and won none. Can you tell me what happened to India in these matches AFTER SRT got out? Did they not collapse? Was this not exactly similar to 1990s esp 1996 WC SF? Was it SRT or India's bowling that failed in these 3 matches? I hope someone here can answer me......I wait.

Posted by itsthewayuplay on (October 23, 2012, 17:29 GMT)

Contd I was once a die-hard Sachin fan but that was based on his brilliant batting but since that's gone I'm more objective about him. And yes I agree that he is currently one of the most overrated players based on recent performances but if you're failed to be impressed by his batting when he was at his peak then you probably don't understand the art of batting.

Posted by itsthewayuplay on (October 23, 2012, 17:03 GMT)

@Peter_Jones2012 Sachin is unrecognisable now from the player that made his name. His career can split into 3 phases. The first phase was from when he debuted at 16 and he was a fearless batsmen with breathaking strokeplay. This lasted until he had about a 2 year period full of injuries when he came back as an accumulator of runs and this continued until his third and current phase. The main difference is that gradually entered the last and current phase over the last 3-4 years perhaps longer where he has not played any matchwinning innings in tests and a handful of meaningful odi knocks. As for his record against Donald you obviously missed his 200+ stand with Azharuddin in 1996 which has to be seen to be believed. McGrath, Sachin at his peak was the only batsman to make him look like a club bowler. I have great memories watching Sachin at his peak and to see him now is very sad. Visit youtube to get an idea of what Sachin was once capable of and then you might understand.

Posted by Naresh28 on (October 23, 2012, 15:26 GMT)

Sachin, Laxman, Ganguly, Dravid and Kumble are old now but we need to respect them for what they achieved at their peak. Only Sachin remains and Shewag will soon follow. India needs to induct youngsters to take us forward - we have plenty of batsman. What I cannot understand is how quickly fans look at present batting stats of Sachin and bash him.

Posted by   on (October 23, 2012, 15:24 GMT)

mumbai indians will never win as long as Rohit sharma bats at No.3. Send rayudu at that position to change the fate of the mumbai indians,.drop rohit sharma from the team give a chance to surya kumar yadav.

Posted by   on (October 23, 2012, 15:09 GMT)

SS thump MI : Interesting headlines and choice of words

Posted by Princepurple1979 on (October 23, 2012, 14:08 GMT)

Till now people said (and rightly so) that Sachin is selfisha nd played only for himself. But now he has succesfully changed that opinion. Sachin is playing only for the opposition teams now. When he bats he does it so slowly that his team fails to score much (Asia cup, all IPL & CL matches of recent times). And then on the field, he ensures to give opposition at least 10-15 extra runs.

Now all captains have openly started blaming him. Remember Dhoni saying if he plays sachin (and other two), it will give away too many runs on the field, and yesterday, Bhajji said the blame for the loss has to fall on opener's.

Wonder what part of all this is still "enjoyable" for Sachin that he refuses to quit..

Posted by sachinisawesome on (October 23, 2012, 11:41 GMT)

Bangladesh was in Asia Cup. We scored 280 odd on that day and our bowlers should have performed better as well. He was playing that tournament. And against NZ he only played Test Matches. I am not defending Sachin but he doesn't need to be disrespected this way. Kallis is not doing anything as well. And I don't even see the passion in him to carry on. But nobody is talking about him. He is failing in both the departments bowling and batting. And when he earned money it was not only becoz of fans. He was the best batsman. He gave so much joy to us. everyone wanted to be sachin of their street team. Please respect big players. People have already forgotten Rahul jus becoz pujara scored 100 @ no. 3. He will be missed when India goes outside the subcontinent. Peace

Posted by Akshita29 on (October 23, 2012, 10:36 GMT)

@Sachinisawesome you said he doesnot play against weaker opponents. He played again bangladesh to get his 100 th hundread and cost the match against bangladesh. India lost the match because of his slow batting to get his record. And nobody cared that India lost because Sachin got the record and that proves how much he is adulated by us fans. He played against Nz too which was an ideal opportunity to give an young player like deserving Rahane chance to prove himself. I believe the series against England would be his last .

Posted by zenboomerang on (October 23, 2012, 10:30 GMT)

@anshu.s... Fully agree on your comms on meety non knowledge on Townsville, the pitch is little different from Darwin & is nothing like SC pitches... The Indian U19 won fair & square in Oz (this from an Aussie) & I was very impressed with your young guys coming through... Both teams have some very exciting prospects & I hope they make it to higher honors...

Posted by   on (October 23, 2012, 10:26 GMT)

@sachinsawesome : not playing against weak country, plz remind me against which country Sachin got his 100th ton???its not that far I think and with the rarity such events have becoe now a days we should cherish them...there is no point in playing a T20 tmt with an avg of 11 and SR of 71..n ppl who are commenting on Sachin's retirement they are the ppl who made him a star in the 1st place, they are the ppl on whose belief he has earned millions in endorsements and playing this cash rich tournaments...I am not saying anyhting against him but remember how Kapil's overstay tarnished his image need to go when ppl are still asking Why and I blv the best stage wud have been WC11

Posted by baranasai on (October 23, 2012, 10:00 GMT)

When the younger players like Rohit Raina Vijay Jadeja Pathan etc played badly we criticised the selectors for not bringing in the uncapped players who needed a chance to proove themselves.Look at aussies they have almost all new players like new set of Bolwlers after warne Macgrath lee era and their greaest army of batsmen Like Adam Gilly Mathhew H etc. Our own players like Dravid and lakshman went on their terms without being told -it was a very good gesture. However in Tendulkars case i still feel he has some more series to play before he hangs up the boots>He himself has hinted thathe will make a decison soon.But the string of poor low scores and getting out to unknown bowlers make one rise the brow a bit. I still hope Sachin will play one very fine series and go out on his own terms than dropped unceremoniously. He will take the hint from Our other greatest- Rahul-he could have stayed a few more series but decided to go in a very sporty way.

Posted by jb633 on (October 23, 2012, 9:59 GMT)

Do any Inidan fans not see the inherent flaws with all the IPL nonsense. From an outside perspective I am convinced that it is doing the Indian national game great harm. Now look at the Indian side of 200-2010 and compare it to recent times/players. The side of that decade could compete on all surfaces, including seamer friendly. The batsmen Sachin/Dravid/VVS were technicians not sloggers, and this enabled them to tackle the moving ball and the shorter ball. Now I only see Kholi as a true class act. We now see the likes of Ghambir, Raina, Rohit who seem not to care that they can't play the moving or short ball, but are happy to build a reputation and a living around the fact that they can plunder hapless Indian domestic bowlers on flat decks with quick outfields. Surely with a population of over a billion people and with cricket the national game, the BCCI should not allow these attitudes to develop but they should make sure the talent is not wasted but harnessed.

Posted by imrankhan76uk on (October 23, 2012, 9:57 GMT)

@Hasnat-18 ... I wish he plays for another 50 years..... surely more personal records will follow... 300 dot balls in a one day international ..... 120 dot balls in T20...and the best one..... always clean bowled in last 10 20 may be 50 years.... o i wish he plays for his country again and again and again

Posted by imrankhan76uk on (October 23, 2012, 9:52 GMT)

@golgoal .... so you are saying he can't hold his balls anymore...... hahahhaha

Posted by   on (October 23, 2012, 9:50 GMT)

Its not because of Sachin. or any other players.. its the big difference between Indian Sides in the CLT20 and the other countries domestic sides like Aus, SA, they play as one team and better bowling and batting... the indian IPL sides team prove they should also play qualification to CLT20 . 4 sides of IPL in the CL its just nonsense.. and see they are all out from CLT20 they play one hell of poor game...

Posted by sachinisawesome on (October 23, 2012, 9:28 GMT)


Posted by   on (October 23, 2012, 8:59 GMT)

Sachin, Afridi, Misbah, Kallis, Jayasuriya are of those kinds who think they can live forever and play forever and Teams suffer bcoz of this selfish attitude and remember it's a team game and its the combination of players which matter, it doesn't matter how good different individuals are... Take Syd Six for example they are just a good combination and a good unit with no Stars and yet they are producing consistent results.

Posted by anshu.s on (October 23, 2012, 8:48 GMT)

@Meety , Mate i don't know weather you watched the u-19 WC or not but just ask anyone who did they will tell you that Townswille pitch was bounciest and paciest wicket seen in Auatralia in last few years on par with Gabba or Waca and for a 50 over contest for u-19 guys it was too much and good luck to sixers team and Aussie team v/s SA because they will be needing a lot of it !! just kidding lol

Posted by jmoses on (October 23, 2012, 8:40 GMT)

@ Peter_Jones2012 You probably are new to cricket or may be you don't like Indian batsmen. Go ask those bowlers who is Sachin and how he played against them, they will enlighten you. You feel he never played well against Aussies and if you check his record against them you may eat your own words. He is the second highest run scorer in tests against this opposition who handled all the attacks. Where were you when he scored a test century at Perth at the young age of 18? Yes, he is definitely not at his best right now but that doesn't make him an average player.

Posted by   on (October 23, 2012, 7:55 GMT)

This was bound to happen when you send the 4th placed team in a league to the 'Champions' League. Hope they keep this in mind and let teams qualify only on the basis of their current performance.

Posted by fjurang on (October 23, 2012, 7:49 GMT)

Very interesting to note that Starc, Hazlewood, Cummins the three fast bowlers in Sydney Sixers team was not even born when Sachin Tendulkar playes first International match in 1989. Its was fun watching these young fast bowlers bowling bouncers to grandpa in cricket.

Posted by bravetigersmustwin on (October 23, 2012, 7:42 GMT)

let sachin play IPL and other club teams .... this is because its pure business.... nobody will be following MI in CLT if sachin is not playing ..... Sachin is in the team for his popularity and his fame.... He s not upto the mark as he once used to be ....Everybody has to accept that he is aging and definitely he cant play like before. Look how he is getting bowled nowadays .....

Posted by sundeep.11 on (October 23, 2012, 7:22 GMT)

Once the batsmen play 2 r 3 dot balls their r trying to hit the ball over the boundary line eg. is rohit sharma nd yusuf phatan they need to rotate the strike nd captilise on loose deliveries. Kohli batting is the eg. for these guys. He rotates the strike very frequently nd play less dot balls..

Posted by   on (October 23, 2012, 7:17 GMT)

Sachin always a big reason in every MI loss.. so.. sachin should be retied if MI want to win matches.. simple

Posted by kitten on (October 23, 2012, 6:41 GMT)

Bhajji was being polite when he said the team was not getting the starts they needed. He even said, 137 was attainable in 18 overs leave alone 20. What he was trying to say, that Sachin and the other top three were not up to scratch. People are scared to attack Sachin and say that he should not be playing a young man's game, period. 20/20 requires young legs, and it is about time MI and team India realise it and act accordingly. Even Sehwag and Gambir are past it at least as far as this format goes, and the sooner the selectors realise it the better. 'Sachin, bow out gracefully from the 20/20 and ODI formats, and save a lot of embarrassment in the future. You are still a good test player at least for the next series against England, and then you can bid adios to cricket, and let a youngster take your place'.

Posted by Min2_cric on (October 23, 2012, 6:34 GMT)

some of the indian players who are really becoming a load on cricket are-sachin,bhajji,rohit...and MI has all of obviously anyone would predict MI to lose badly...

Posted by Baber_Baloch on (October 23, 2012, 6:26 GMT)

sachain is sachin he should continue his cricket ..............................

Posted by masoodali150 on (October 23, 2012, 6:26 GMT)

No words other than Sidney Sixers will win this CLT20.

Posted by masoodali150 on (October 23, 2012, 6:25 GMT)

Good Bye Sachin, no words than this for your kind returned at home. I do hope that you have completely satisfied yourself now that you do not have more cricket as cricketer. I will appreciate if you announce your retirement after reaching in India in coming soon series. Other wise people will spread their hands towards God. OHH GOD PLEASE, GIVE HIM SENSE THAT PEOPLE DO NOT WANT HIM. Best of Luck Sachin, A great player do not take time for good decisions.

Posted by   on (October 23, 2012, 6:24 GMT)

sydneyssssssssss sixerssssssssss just smach mumbai indians awayyyyyyy

Posted by Tabrez_22 on (October 23, 2012, 6:10 GMT)

I am a die hard Mumbai Indians fan and have been hugely disappointed. Not winning a tournament is a different and being former champions and not winning even a single game with this kind of side is making me sad.

Posted by fjurang on (October 23, 2012, 4:46 GMT)

I repeat Uncle Sachin Tendulkar have become liability to any team. He is creating too much pressure to the rest of the batsman to follow with his scratchy display. Dear cricinfo readers please find the last ten matches of Sachin Tendulkar. Majority of them being clean bowled.

Posted by deadite11 on (October 23, 2012, 4:44 GMT)

MI doesnt deserved to play this CL. because it was already failed in eliminator from IPL itself. Poorest team of this tournament followed by KKR.

Posted by   on (October 23, 2012, 4:41 GMT)

I think Sachin is slowly coming back to form. Its good to see him charge out and hitting six. I think he will back to normal when English are in town. But over all poor performance from MI, not winning any game is really a poor show. Especially coming here as current champions.

Posted by anver777 on (October 23, 2012, 3:59 GMT)

Another clean bowled dismissal for Sachin.... its high time now, he should retire & give young blood a go, at least in T20's & ODI's..... a negative approach by openers who scored only 30 in power play 6ovrs cost them the only win in CLT20 2012 !!!! Its likely MI owners do few changes next time around !!!!

Posted by AllInFairNess on (October 23, 2012, 3:58 GMT)

MI's are doomed for ever unless they have good leader to guide them

Posted by ultimatewarrior on (October 23, 2012, 3:37 GMT)

I don't know what potential Sachin had seen in Rohit Sharma that nobody in this world yet to see, since Sachin always says Rohit will be leading Indian batsman (whenever asked who else after him?)...Rohit is a very ordinary batsman of when compare to Virat and he is restricting place of Manoj Tiwari in Indian Side and Ambati Raydu in MI.....Rahane/Manoj Tiwari /Pujara should be given preference in ODI over Sharma/Raina........If MI wants to gain upper hand again, it should remodel its batsman strategy....

Posted by   on (October 23, 2012, 3:28 GMT)

I think all these T20 tournaments are killing the game of cricket. These mushroom leagues will certainly have an impact on cricket as a whole in the longer run. Cricket is not all about hammering every ball that comes your way. But unfortunately this is the trend T20 teaches you which is absurd. I believe ICC should intervene and regulate the amount of cricket being played for betterment of the game in the longer run.

Posted by   on (October 23, 2012, 3:04 GMT)

I think Tendulkar times over sanyas for Tendulkar and give chances to youngster like Unmukt Chand, Das because His age is very high and her footwork has always slows.

Posted by BobCo on (October 23, 2012, 2:44 GMT)

Sorry @Hasnat-18, but nobody's record can imply dignity. But a player's record can show things about "greatest" (or perhaps better is "most effective") batsman. There is an excellent (dare I say it!) Wikipedia (boo!!! :-) ) page on batting averages which shows how Bradman is a massive statistical anomaly (the batting averages in tests does fit a classical bell curve distribution, if you ignore Bradman). This sort of statistical anomaly happens in only 1 other sport (Heather MacKay, the NZ squash player, is the other one). SRT is the best batsman of his era, yes, but he isn't a statistical anomaly. Bradman is so far outside the norm its not even funny. Lets all just hope that SRT manages something significant to sign off with if he chooses to keep going. cheers all.

Posted by   on (October 23, 2012, 2:41 GMT)

Sachin has no cricket left in him. Yet we owe it to him that he should be given a decent farewell and that would be to allow him to play England at home. If he failed to perform in that series, I am sure he will quit himself. If does not quit despite failure, he should be asked to go in the interest of Indian cricket.

Posted by solankibhavesh on (October 23, 2012, 2:09 GMT)

Hard luck for MI in CLT20 they can manage only 2 point in touranament due to rain and hard luck for Sachin Tendulkar he did'n get his momemtum but I am sure he will back with tremendus form in cricket everybody know he is great player of world cricket. About retirement its still far away from sachin

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (October 23, 2012, 1:42 GMT)

The first CLT20 was won by the then NSW Blues. That was a terrific team with Katich as their captain. These Sixers are not bad either. However the finals will be a different game. I won't be surprised if they fail then. Cause lately, Aussie sides have adapted to becoming bridesmaids.

Posted by ifrakurshid on (October 23, 2012, 1:10 GMT)


Posted by FRRR on (October 23, 2012, 0:47 GMT)

Tendulkar should retire now ,,, He is a mis-hitter and looks old on the ground.

Posted by Dhutugemunu on (October 23, 2012, 0:09 GMT)

Sachin Tendulkar may be the greatest batsmen ever produced. But he has to go when he is not good enough. If he still hangs on to Indian team or Mumbai Indians like this without significant performance, he is going to have a hard time with devotee Indian Fans. When you are good they will praise you. When you are bad it's the other way.

Posted by D-Ascendant on (October 22, 2012, 23:56 GMT)

Poor Tendulkar... still can't get his strike rate up to a run a ball!

Posted by   on (October 22, 2012, 23:48 GMT)

I wonder if anyone really cares about leagues such as IPL, BBL, BPL etc. I enjoy watching T20 but mostly when it's international matches. It has more meaning and the standard of Cricket is better. Anyway, everyone has their own preference but I love test cricket and odi. I watched today's match, mainly due to Sachin as he is one of my favourite player along with gayle, afridi and ajmal. good luck to india in the upcoming series against england. go for a series whitewash.

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (October 22, 2012, 23:48 GMT)

@vxttemp: Not just Indians buddy... EVERY batsmen used to fear those bowlers on your list. English, Aussie and Pakistani batsmen used to almost run away in fear of the WI quicks. So it's not only Indians.. please try to be a lot 'balanced' in your comments next time. Adios.

Posted by RandyOZ on (October 22, 2012, 23:42 GMT)

Easily the best T20 side in the world

Posted by Kirk_Levin on (October 22, 2012, 23:41 GMT)

Can't understand why Indians go mad over Sachin, who has never really performed when needed the most. I watched some of his innings but found him to be rigid, especially when he is playing aboard against fast bowlers. He never did well against likes of Donald, Glen, Ambrose and co. Even when he came to Australia, he was inconsistent and mostly played one-sided. Even club batsman's from Australia are better than Sachin. Most overrated player in World Cricket.

Posted by Meety on (October 22, 2012, 23:36 GMT)

@ Nampally on (October 22 2012, 20:36 PM GMT) - LOL! The Sixers just beat MI without Watto & they are weak? A bit like your comments! LOL! @anshu.s on (October 22 2012, 22:50 PM GMT) - re U19s W/Cup, just bear in mind that Nth QLD pitches are more subcontinental than say the Gabba. They are NOT representative of the main Ozzy Test pitches. Your champion U19s side did very well, but I expected them & England to have been the strongest sides as they had far & away the most experience of any squads.

Posted by anshu.s on (October 22, 2012, 22:50 GMT)

Easy mate easy @Smithie it is one thing using feet to spin in Durban but another thing to use it in subcontinental condition he could be runout like Aussie team in t-20 WC in SL where Ajmal and co had you guys in spin,same goes for your pace attack which was taken to cleaners by WI in t-20 WC semifinals !! Jadeja probably overpaid but still better than 20 times more overpaid English footballers like Downing,Carrol,Henderson in overhyped EPL !!.Glimpse in future : India u-19 team beating Aussies in u-19 WC in there backyard,having said that Maddinson is a fine young batter and so is Kurtis Patterson.Go India !!

Posted by TRAM on (October 22, 2012, 21:45 GMT)

Its funny people keep saying Sachin should retire in grace, as though any grace is left. All I see is a old man not sighting the ball due to simple lack of reflexes. We (cricinfo fans) have played cricket too, we can figue the difference between technical flaws or reflex issue or uneven bounce, extraordinary ball etc.,etc. And the whole world is seeing it. Should I say, India's rival countries are happy that he is continueing? Now, I have more respect for Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev who dragged too long in the Indian team after they faded.

Posted by   on (October 22, 2012, 21:30 GMT)

These Aussies man, even during their so called slump, they continue to play good Cricket and produce excellent Cricketers. One of the main reasons why they are so consistent is because, they stick to the basics and concentrate on test cricket. It's test cricket, which builds character and helps you grow as a players. I hope, India especially the younger ones, gets to play more test matches...especially aboard. Anyway, kudos to Sydney Sixers. Hope Mumbai gets a new captain next year. later

Posted by Hasnat-18 on (October 22, 2012, 21:08 GMT)

Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest batsman the World ever produced. Sachin is still playing, that shows his love for the game. He is a true sportsman and his record shows his dignity. We should not ridicule his play if we have respect for the Little Genius. Rather we should respect his decesions to play.He is cricket icon and he knows when he will get retire. He is loyal to Cricket and his country.Tribute to this great man......!!!!

Posted by   on (October 22, 2012, 20:46 GMT)

It just proves the point that Sachin only plays for himself and stats. He has a low match winning ratio whenever he scored a century - compare that with Inzimam and you will see that Pakistan won most of the matches when he scored a century. No doubt that Sachin was (but not any more) a brilliant batsman but he played for himself most of the time. Unfortunately, no one dares to ask him to sit down. Even the commentators do not dare to say a word against him because that goes against the popular public opinion. What kind of non-sense is this that only Sachin can make a decision about his retirement. Look at Ponting - CA made that tough decision in the best interest of the team.

Posted by golgoal on (October 22, 2012, 20:39 GMT)

@WickyRoy.paklover Pakistanis players like Misbah, Younis, Jamshed, Akmals etc are queueing up to be Sachin's ball boys. Maybe explain your logic to them.

Posted by pat_one_back on (October 22, 2012, 20:37 GMT)

Clever cricket from the 6's with a 28 dot ball differential, huge credit to the quicks. Runners up @WC, unbeaten at club championship level, you know we're alright at this T20 when we make the effort to take it seriously!

Posted by Nampally on (October 22, 2012, 20:36 GMT)

Mumbai started well thru' Sachin & Smith. But Pollard failed. 2 run outs of key batsmen, Karthick & Sharma, really did them in. I thought with MI's batting, the target of 137 was achievable. A team that lost so many games just Forgot how to Win!. Without Watson, this Aussie team is weak. Had they played without Watson against Lions, they would have lost. Hopefully DD make the Semi's by winning tomorrow's match Vs. Titans. I expected only one team IPL had the XI to reach the last 4. What a shame that teams like MI are similar to New York Yankees in Baseball. They spend a fortune to pay for players who cannot produce. MI get real & get some guys who can Win - especially the pace bowlers.

Posted by vxttemp on (October 22, 2012, 20:32 GMT)

@Sachin bashers+ indians: I'm following cricket from 85's. I do remember how the so called great indian batsmen fear Imran, Akram, Jaffer(pakistani fast bowler), Waqar, Marshall and co. Forget those great bowlers Bishop, Patrick Patterson used to scare Indians. Even mike whitney, simon o'donol and merv hughes(forget McDermot) in 91-92. Please don't open that. Before the conditions were not so batsmen friendly, it was just a matter of taking Sachin's wikcet to pack Indians. Don't get carrried with the flat wicket we get arround the world these days.

Posted by   on (October 22, 2012, 20:30 GMT)

Time to front up. Tendulkar's gone

Posted by KUL on (October 22, 2012, 20:11 GMT)

I won't blame Harbhajan for MI demise at this year's CLT20.He last won it for MI and it was because he had freedom as Captain to take his decision that's very important.This year we had Sachin playing all matches and most important is he was doing net practice for Test Cricket with England.He handed over all matches to opponent by scoring slow in IPL as well as CLT20.At least Bhajji dared to mentioned this in presentation today.Sachin is considered as God of Cricket what a shame that he actually palys for himself.You can not play forever it's team game everyone should contribute but forget that he is helping opponent to dominate first 6 overs not acceptable in T20 format.Please Mukesh Ambani is making MI team suffer by allowing Tendulkar to play at this Age.Sachin please resign what else you need in ur Career.No one will match your personal records for next 10 yrs so be happy and resign at least from T20.It's not ur cup of tea at this Age.Please for sake of Mumbai Team.True Mumbaikar

Posted by vxttemp on (October 22, 2012, 20:09 GMT)

@Sachin bashers! Has CSK and KKR reached semis in CL? Has India's National team reached Semi's in the last ICC T20. I truly believe Sachin was not in any of those teams.

Posted by SunnyD on (October 22, 2012, 20:08 GMT)

If you notice, in the begining of the opposition's innings, austrailian fielders in general keep hitting the stumps even if the batsman is in the crease or act as if they will will hit on the body of the batsman if he comes in the way. This plays on the minds of the batsman if he comes with a defensive mindset.

Posted by vxttemp on (October 22, 2012, 20:07 GMT)

BTW, I don't care what Sachin scores from now on. I'll watch him even when his age is 90. By the way, guys are talking about like Dhoni, Pathan, Sehwag, Raina, Rohit, Dinesh, Rayudu are doing so great and Sachin is restricting them not to play for T20s. Do I have to remind that India didn't reach even semis in the last T20? Was Sachin stopping them to reach Semis?

Posted by Akshita29 on (October 22, 2012, 19:31 GMT)

@QaziHassan I also predicted He would play a great innings . So i got it right partially . He played a great innings to help the Sixers win lolllll . And if the Sixers had not brought on the Spinner whom Sachin hit for a six and rather continued with the fast bowlers His score would have been like 14 from 20 .

Posted by Smithie on (October 22, 2012, 19:20 GMT)

Glimpse into the future from young Aussie guns. Maddinson using feet to spin ( like Clarke ) brilliant all round fielding standards and pace that intimidates Indian batsmen . Most encouraging. Fingers crossed that there is further improvement for the Semis and Finals and you can earn some IPL standard prize money - about the same as Srini paid for that "Giant of a an impactful Cricketer"- Jadeja! Go Aussie !

Posted by   on (October 22, 2012, 19:12 GMT)

good 4 nothin.................................................................................

Posted by Chris_P on (October 22, 2012, 19:02 GMT)

@Cpt Meanster. By your logic, were the Mumbai Indians also lacking world class players in your opinion? Also 3 from 3.

Posted by sehwag219 on (October 22, 2012, 18:58 GMT)

20 in first 6 overs.. pooor from MI .. , TIME FOR TENDULKAR TO RETHINK AND BE A BURDEN FOR TEAMS..!

Posted by WickyRoy.paklover on (October 22, 2012, 18:52 GMT)

Sachin startd playing when my grandfathr was there n sachin would keep on playing when my grand children would b there.i guess he z going to hav anothr record his belt which would be"the batsmen who was cluelesly bowled most times than all othr batsmen

Posted by KUL on (October 22, 2012, 18:45 GMT)

Sachin,Smith and Rohit should all resign from T20 game.Sachin Please retire from T20 this is disgusting performance and noone would respect you if you still play at this age and most important is you are making Mumbai team to Loose matches.Worst Cricketer for Mumbai just plays for Money have some pride for the City you belong to Leave the Game and make way for youngsters in at least T20.

Posted by ks1959 on (October 22, 2012, 18:45 GMT)

Sachin should bid goodbye to T20 cricket forever (IPL included) while some grace is still left! There is only one word to describe Harbhajan's performance! PATHETIC! PATHETIC Captain, PATHETIC bowler,PATHETIC fielder and PATHETIC team man!

Posted by   on (October 22, 2012, 18:42 GMT)

@Akshita29. Tendulker scored in 23 balls what Bhajji scored in 9. But hey, he scored twice what you expected, and with double the speed you expected.

Posted by BRUTALANALYST on (October 22, 2012, 18:12 GMT)

Rohit Sharma again today played out an entire maiden as soon as he came in !from his 19 balls 14 were dot balls with 2 4's and one 6 his inability to rotate the strike again has been highlighted, he fails 9 times out of 10 only ever really comes of in the Ipl v weak bowling on flat decked short outfields he should be replaced by Raydu or have Karthik and Pollalrd move up a place Pollard again today has come in with M.I needing 11 + an over

Posted by Akshita29 on (October 22, 2012, 17:46 GMT)

oops looks like I have got my prediction wrong . Sachin just have hit a straight six and his strike rate goes over 100 .

Posted by baranasai on (October 22, 2012, 17:08 GMT)

Sixers are restricted to 136 which itself is a big thing as they scored very well against all their oppoenents. I feel there is no chnace for MI as they still might loose.there is no good poerful hitting batsman like sixers MI have or may be they dont play like one. About Sachin Akshita is damn right scoring 6 off 23 balls and still be in the team for ever

Posted by Akshita29 on (October 22, 2012, 15:28 GMT)

Sachin would play a great innings today . Something like 0 from 5 or 10 from 20 ............

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