Champions League Twenty20, Group A: Auckland v Perth Scorchers at Centurion, Oct 23, 2012
Perth Scorchers won by 16 runs
Played at SuperSport Park, Centurion (neutral venue)
23 October 2012 (20-over match)

Bates to Gibbs, FOUR, swiped away, from a length just outside off. Clears midwicket

Perth Scorchers 7/0   HH Gibbs 6* (5b 1x4)   MD Bates 0.3-0-6-0

Bates to North, FOUR, punched away into the on side. Not too short, but North has short-armed it through square leg for four

Perth Scorchers 12/1   MJ North 6* (10b 1x4)   MD Bates 1.1-0-10-1

Bates to North, FOUR, walks down the wicket, gets right to its pitch, and drives this past extra cover. Doesn't even run for this. Doesn't need to

Perth Scorchers 16/1   MJ North 10* (11b 2x4)   MD Bates 1.2-0-14-1

Bates to North, FOUR, down the wicket, takes it on the full, and drives it wide of mid-off

Perth Scorchers 20/1   MJ North 14* (14b 3x4)   MD Bates 1.5-0-18-1

Azhar Mahmood to Katich, FOUR, short and wide and at generous pace, Katich cuts the pants off this ball

Perth Scorchers 29/1   SM Katich 6* (8b 1x4)   Azhar Mahmood 0.4-0-5-0

Martin to North, FOUR, that's flat and wide outside leg, and he sweeps it wide of short fine leg. Much-needed boundary

Perth Scorchers 47/1   MJ North 30* (32b 4x4)   BP Martin 1.5-0-12-0

Hira to Katich, FOUR, starts on leg stump again, and he has cleverly lapped this fine of short fine

Perth Scorchers 60/1   SM Katich 16* (17b 2x4)   RM Hira 1.4-0-18-0

Hira to Collingwood, FOUR, nicely slog-swept away with a six-inch back lift. Along the ground, between deep square leg and deep midwicket

Perth Scorchers 74/3   PD Collingwood 7* (6b 1x4)   RM Hira 3-0-27-1

Martin to Collingwood, FOUR, nicely driven. Along the ground, to the left of extra cover, and to the right of sweeper-cover. Lovely placement

Perth Scorchers 79/3   PD Collingwood 11* (7b 2x4)   BP Martin 3.2-0-22-0

Azhar Mahmood to Collingwood, FOUR, short of a length, outside off, Collie pushes at it, gets a fine edge wide of keeper

Perth Scorchers 86/3   PD Collingwood 17* (10b 3x4)   Azhar Mahmood 1.1-0-10-0

Mills to Collingwood, FOUR, nicely played. Plants the big front foot down, moves well across, and all along he wants to beat short fine leg. He does so by guiding this shortish length fine of that man

Perth Scorchers 95/3   PD Collingwood 23* (14b 4x4)   KD Mills 3.3-0-11-0

de Grandhomme to Beaton, FOUR, Guptill, the fielder of some blinders, keeps up with his image of missing the simpler ones. Runs to his right at long-on, but over-runs it, and concedes three extra runs

Perth Scorchers 111/3   TM Beaton 19* (14b 1x4 1x6)   C de Grandhomme 0.5-0-12-0

Bates to Collingwood, FOUR, full toss, and Collingwood smashes it over midwicket. With a six-inch back lift again

Perth Scorchers 123/4   PD Collingwood 32* (21b 5x4)   MD Bates 2.3-0-23-2

Bates to Hogg, FOUR, what a shot from Hogg to finish the innings. That was full and following him even as he backed away, but he has managed to squeeze this from well outside leg, and between point and cover-point

Perth Scorchers 140/7   GB Hogg 4* (1b 1x4)   MD Bates 4-0-34-4





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