Champions League Twenty20, 1st Semi-Final: Delhi Daredevils v Lions at Durban, Oct 25, 2012
Champions League Twenty20 - 1st semi final
Lions won by 22 runs
Played at Kingsmead, Durban
25 October 2012 - day/night match (20-over match)

Anyway. Here is Irfan Pathan, amid winds as high as 50kmph, bowling to Gulam Bodi. Boy won't he love it if the wind is blowing from off to leg?

5.25pm "I think if you look at the stats you'll find that Taylor and Warner's T20 stats are near identical. I think many people underestimate Taylor's talent for this form of the game. It makes sense to choose between MJ and DW since in this format they are openers. Taylor is a middle order player with a good enough record to justify instant selection." Fair counterpoint, Olly

5.15pm Wriiiiter. Fiiiighter... Cameraman... Everymaaan. Not a good day for satire in India. One of the last clean old-fashioned satirists, Jaspal Bhatti, is dead. Sing the Flop Show theme song is the least we can do.

Back to Daredevils' move. I am just surprised they are doing it straight in a big match. I know they tried playing Warner ahead of Jayawardene in the previous match, but it was washed out. I expected them to go back to Jayawardene. I liked the mix of touch and power they had. Perhaps they are expecting a shortened game where Warner can have a bigger impact?

And I also wonder why it didn't come down to a choice between Jayawardene and Taylor. Anyway, I always thought three brutal hitters and one touch batsman was the right mix

5.10pm "Daredevils are at it again.. making decisions out of blues in semis.. tell you what, the road myt end for them once again coz of bizarre selections.. how in world a player who hasnt played a single match is picked in semis without any injury to da other player?" Aryan, reminds me of Sri Lanka in big matches.

Ravi Shastri makes a good point. This could perhaps be down to Sohail Tanvir, who, he says, has troubled Jayawardene often enough this year

5pm Ross Taylor has won the toss, and Delhi Daredevils will field. Big news is that Taylor is out for the toss. Mahela Jayawardene has offered to sit out to let David Warner. And that offer has been accepted by Delhi Daredevils management. That's a big move. Warner has not played a single game in this tournament so far

Big words from Alviro Petersen too. He says they have been operating at 80%, and if they push it up to 90%, they can dominate every team. And they have made no changes to their XI

4.45pm It's semi-final time in South Africa. Weather has dominated pre-match talk so far. We can report it is not raining in Durban right now. A windy evening has been forecast, and if we are lucky the rain will stay away. Welcome to Cricinfo's coverage of the big match. The toss is in 15 minutes


Pathan to Bodi, no run, the first ball moves from leg to off. Short of a length, just outside off, and swings away. Beaten


Pathan to Bodi, 1 run, punched away on the up, past the diving man at point, gets a single

Alviro Petersen hasn't had a great tournament. Now is not a bad time to come good


Pathan to Petersen, no run, short of a length, defended outside off


Pathan to Petersen, FOUR, walks across the stumps and down the wicket, takes a length ball from well outside off, and whips it wide of square leg. That's imposing one's will


Pathan to Petersen, no run, short of a length, just outside off, left alone


Pathan to Petersen, FOUR, nicely played. Risky shot but played well. Short of a length, just outside off, arches back to guide this wide of the slip

End of over 1 (9 runs) Lions 9/0 (RR: 9.00)

    • AN Petersen 8 (4b 2x4)
    • GH Bodi 1 (2b)
    • IK Pathan 1-0-9-0

Here's the big man Morne Morkel. Now the wind is blowing from Bodi's off to leg


Morkel to Bodi, no run, and Bodi tries to slog the first ball over midwicket. That's his getaway shot, but Morkel's length is not nearly full enough


Morkel to Bodi, no run, short of a length again, extra bounce again, and Bodi is not comfrotable


Morkel to Bodi, no run, tucks him up again. Bodi is struggling to get bat on ball here. That, though, is never an indicator of how he will do with the next ball


Morkel to Bodi, 1 run, into the ribs again, this time Bodi glances it behind square where Agarkar's misfield lets Bodi get away from Morkel


Morkel to Petersen, no run, short of a length, just outside off, Peterson leaves this on the bounce


Morkel to Petersen, 1 run, another kicker from Morkel. He is on song. Petersen has to drop the bottom hand off the bat to keep this down. Gets a single

End of over 2 (2 runs) Lions 11/0 (RR: 5.50)

    • AN Petersen 9 (6b 2x4)
    • GH Bodi 2 (6b)
    • M Morkel 1-0-2-0
    • IK Pathan 1-0-9-0

"If form instead of 'names' were used to make selection KP should have sat out. Mahela had a good World T20 and his leadership is invaluable." Freddy, KP had the best WorldT20 of all. Money for nothing and Gangnam dance for free


Pathan to Petersen, no run, swinging in from just outside off, defended off the front foot


Pathan to Petersen, 1 run, short of a length, middle and leg, helped away for a single


Pathan to Bodi, no run, short of a length, outside off, punched to cover-point


Pathan to Bodi, 1 run, swinging away from short of a length, and squares him up. Takes the shoulder of the bat through to the vacant gully region


Pathan to Petersen, no run, full, just outside off, driven straight to cover


Pathan to Petersen, no run, swinging in from just short of a length. Defended in front of leg. Again a testing over from Delhi

End of over 3 (2 runs) Lions 13/0 (RR: 4.33)

    • AN Petersen 10 (10b 2x4)
    • GH Bodi 3 (8b)
    • IK Pathan 2-0-11-0
    • M Morkel 1-0-2-0

Morkel to Bodi, 1 run, Bodi struggling some more against Morne. Short of a length, rising towards the chest, Bodi is on front foot, and somehow manages to avoid being hit. Takes a single to leg


Morkel to Petersen, 1 run, wide length ball, tries to drive, hits it off the inside half towards Taylor at straight extra cover. It takes a slight misifeld for Petersen to steal a single


Morkel to Bodi, FOUR, first time Morkel has bowled in Bodi's zone, and he has flicked this off the back foot, wide of deep square leg. Don't think Bodi lets what has happened previously affect his mindset


Morkel to Bodi, 1 run, another flick, but gets just the single to deep square leg this time


Morkel to Petersen, 1 run, full, just outside off, driven to mid-off for one

"Referencing Dire Straits so early on into the "big game"??" Andrew, I am not suggesting anything


Morkel to Bodi, no run, short of a length, tucks him up again, Bodi drops it into the leg side, and comes back into his crease after a yes and a no

End of over 4 (8 runs) Lions 21/0 (RR: 5.25)

    • GH Bodi 9 (12b 1x4)
    • AN Petersen 12 (12b 2x4)
    • M Morkel 2-0-10-0
    • IK Pathan 2-0-11-0

"I just dont understand why there is a limit on 'overseas' players in this competition - the competition is separate from the domestic leagues and teams should be able to field their best sides. Its almost as silly as having 4 IPL teams automatically qualify!" Justin, I think that will tip the balance in the favour of the rich teams. As it is, non-IPL teams are struggling to retain their players


Pathan to Petersen, FOUR, boy, what innovation. That's Dilshan's scoop and a half. Full, outside off, Petersen is down on a knee, his head is falling away, but he scoops it over the keeper's head successfully


Pathan to Petersen, SIX, fullish outside off, Petersen walks down the wicket to take it on a half-volley, and then lofts it over mid-off for a flat six


Pathan to Petersen, no run, just short of driving length now, and he has to defend


Pathan to Petersen, 1 run, slower ball, picks it, walks down the wicket, and slogs it to deep midwicket

"I just saw Marlon Samuels here in St Maarten, he's on a cruise visiting for the day. I updated him on the score." Rick, does he care?


Pathan to Bodi, 1 run, short of a length, getting big, drops at his feet and runs. Both make it to their creases easily


Pathan to Petersen, 1 run, walking down and across again, takes a full ball, and places it wide of mid-on for one

End of over 5 (13 runs) Lions 34/0 (RR: 6.80)

    • AN Petersen 24 (17b 3x4 1x6)
    • GH Bodi 10 (13b 1x4)
    • IK Pathan 3-0-24-0
    • M Morkel 2-0-10-0

Umesh Yadav to bowl now


Yadav to Petersen, no run, short, wide, Petersen misses out on the cut


Yadav to Petersen, OUT, backs away from the stumps well before Yadav has bowled. Gets a full ball in his striking zone, but somehow manages only a thick edge through to the keeper. Yadav gets a birthday gift

AN Petersen c †Ojha b Yadav 24 (24m 19b 3x4 1x6) SR: 126.31

Quinton de Kock is the new batsman


Yadav to de Kock, no run, quick ball, short of a length, just outside off, seams away to beat him


Yadav to de Kock, no run, short of a length, just outside off, defended off the back foot


Yadav to de Kock, no run, short of a length, just outside off, rising towards the chest, defended


Yadav to de Kock, no run, what a start on birthday. Pace and bounce from Yadav to beat his cut and end with a wicket-maiden

End of over 6 (wicket maiden) Lions 34/1 (RR: 5.66)

    • Q de Kock 0 (4b)
    • GH Bodi 10 (13b 1x4)
    • UT Yadav 1-1-0-1
    • IK Pathan 3-0-24-0

"I believe that this was spotted outside certain CLT venues." Supreme, Myron

Meanwhile, here's Ajit Agarkar


Agarkar to Bodi, no run, short of a length, outside off, angling away, defended


Agarkar to Bodi, no run, tries to punch this shortish delivery, mis-hits it to cover


Agarkar to Bodi, 2 runs, walks down the wicket to try to slog it to midwicket, and ends up slicing it over point. Sehwag is lazy backing up behind the bowler, but Bodi is dozy and doesn't take the overthrow


Agarkar to Bodi, 1 run, runs this down to third man for one


Agarkar to de Kock, no run, skiddy shortish delivery that de Kock tries to cut and is beaten comprehensively


Agarkar to de Kock, 2 runs, finally de Kock gets off the mark, slicing this length ball over extra cover

End of over 7 (5 runs) Lions 39/1 (RR: 5.57)

    • Q de Kock 2 (6b)
    • GH Bodi 13 (17b 1x4)
    • AB Agarkar 1-0-5-0
    • UT Yadav 1-1-0-1

A slip in for Yadav


Yadav to Bodi, 1 run, length ball, outside off, pushed to mid-on for one

MJ says he needed to play horses for courses. "Davey has been batting well, we needed a bit of a punch up the order. And he can do well against their left-arm bowlers."


Yadav to de Kock, no run, short of a length, outside off, defended


Yadav to de Kock, no run, backs away, Yadav digs it in short, no room available, defended. Surprised by the extra bounce


Yadav to de Kock, no run, short of a length, tucking him up again, defended again


Yadav to de Kock, FOUR, Chand has nit picked this at all. Good job this is not the over he was doing his interview with the commentators (he is the man wearing that mic). Crunchy pull from de Kock, straight down Chand's throat at deep midwicket, and it just bursts through his hands, whose fingers are pointing up


Yadav to de Kock, FOUR, that's salt into Yadav's wound. Length ball, outside off, and he has slapped it over mid-on for four

End of over 8 (9 runs) Lions 48/1 (RR: 6.00)

    • Q de Kock 10 (11b 2x4)
    • GH Bodi 14 (18b 1x4)
    • UT Yadav 2-1-9-1
    • AB Agarkar 1-0-5-0

KP against left-hand batsmen now. More importantly, KP to Bodi. You know the history I trust


Pietersen to Bodi, no run, full, outside off, defended


Pietersen to Bodi, no run, tries to sweep a full ball, he gets a bottom edge


Pietersen to Bodi, FOUR, lovely chip. Makes room, takes a length ball, and goes over extra cover, and past Agarkar's dive from long-off


Pietersen to Bodi, FOUR, this is good too. Punched on the up, bisecting the two men in the deep on the off side


Pietersen to Bodi, 1 run, one hand comes off as he sweeps, gets a single to short fine


Pietersen to de Kock, 1 run, length ball outside off, bunted into the on side for one

End of over 9 (10 runs) Lions 58/1 (RR: 6.44)

    • Q de Kock 11 (12b 2x4)
    • GH Bodi 23 (23b 3x4)
    • KP Pietersen 1-0-10-0
    • UT Yadav 2-1-9-1

"No gangnam style? That explains why Chris Gayle hasn't been playing in this tournament!" Troo dat, Jeffrey. Change of ends for Agarkar


Agarkar to de Kock, OUT, and Agarkar gets a second bite at the cherry. De Kock tries to pull again, but perhaps this is not short enough, or it just doesn't quite come on. His top edge swirls towards deep midwicket, and Chand accepts this more difficult chance well

Q de Kock c Chand b Agarkar 11 (17m 13b 2x4 0x6) SR: 84.61

Here's Pretorius


Agarkar to Pretorius, 1 run, short of a length, gets a little big, punched away to cover


Agarkar to Bodi, no run, short of a length, outside off, defended off the front foot


Agarkar to Bodi, 1 run, short of a length, goes deep into the crease to work this away for a single


Agarkar to Pretorius, no run, length ball, middle and leg, defended back to Ajit


Agarkar to Pretorius, 2 runs, lucky not to get out. Looks for an aerial off drive, bottom hand comes off, and he ends up slicing this length ball just over cover

End of over 10 (4 runs) Lions 62/2 (RR: 6.20)

    • D Pretorius 3 (3b)
    • GH Bodi 24 (25b 3x4)
    • AB Agarkar 2-0-9-1
    • KP Pietersen 1-0-10-0

Pawan Negi to bowl now. Round the wicket


Negi to Bodi, 1 run, swept away right away. Gets just the single


Negi to Pretorius, no run, turn here. Hangs this up in the air, and the ball turns away after pitching in front of leg. The thick edge doesn't go to hand


Negi to Pretorius, no run, length ball, defended from the crease


Negi to Pretorius, OUT, fired in, Pretorius looks to pull, but it turns away, surprising Pretorius. The pace, bounce and turn are too much for him, and the ball lobs off the shoulder of the bat to cover

D Pretorius c Taylor b Negi 3 (5m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

It was surprising not to see McKenzie not come out at 4. However, he is here finally


Negi to McKenzie, no run, length ball, on off, defended with an open face


Negi to McKenzie, no run, shimmies down the wicket, doesn't feel like playing an aggressive shot, defends

End of over 11 (1 run) Lions 63/3 (RR: 5.72)

    • ND McKenzie 0 (2b)
    • GH Bodi 25 (26b 3x4)
    • P Negi 1-0-1-1
    • AB Agarkar 2-0-9-1

Agarkar to Bodi, 1 run, slower ball, no room, dabbed away square for one


Agarkar to McKenzie, 2 runs, length ball, wide outside off, walks across to drive it wide of sweeper-cover for two


Agarkar to McKenzie, no run, short of a length, outside off, holds its line, beats him. A polite enquiry from Agarkar, but there is no bat involved


Agarkar to McKenzie, 3 runs, ordinary stuff from Pathan at mid-on. Flicked from well outside off, but Pathan dives all over it at mid-on, allowing two extra runs


Agarkar to Bodi, 1 run, slower ball to Bodi again, flicked away fine for a single


Agarkar to McKenzie, 2 runs, short of a length, into the pads, worked away to leg. Ojha is not clean with his collection of Negi's throw, and that allows them the second. Agarkar is not pleased, and he lets it be known with an audible grunt

End of over 12 (9 runs) Lions 72/3 (RR: 6.00)

    • ND McKenzie 7 (6b)
    • GH Bodi 27 (28b 3x4)
    • AB Agarkar 3-0-18-1
    • P Negi 1-0-1-1

Bodi to face left-arm spin. Fasten your seat belts


Negi to Bodi, SIX, oh boy, we have taken off. Bodi jumps out of the crease, and even though he is not close to the pitch of the ball he slogs it over midwicket


Negi to Bodi, no run, pushed through, Bodi opens the face, but can't beat point


Negi to Bodi, 1 run, fired in again, Bodi still tries the big sweep, gets a bottom edge for one


Negi to McKenzie, 2 runs, moves across to work a full ball wide of deep midwicket for a couple. Good running even though Bodi is not the swiftest


Negi to McKenzie, no run, tossed up nicely, McKenzie is a little surprised by its fullness, and pushes it back to Negi


Negi to McKenzie, 1 run, across the stumps again, but bunts this full ball to cover for one

End of over 13 (10 runs) Lions 82/3 (RR: 6.30)

    • ND McKenzie 10 (9b)
    • GH Bodi 34 (31b 3x4 1x6)
    • P Negi 2-0-11-1
    • AB Agarkar 3-0-18-1

"Oh yes, he did care and he said "meh wan Sewag team to win"" Rick reports from his meeting with Samuels

Irfan Pathan is back


Pathan to McKenzie, 1 run, slower off cutter, dropped into the leg side for one


Pathan to Bodi, no run, Bodi tries another almighty slog, but is beaten by the slower ball outside off


Pathan to Bodi, no run, full ball, that was the ball to hit, but Bodi has premeditatedly backed away, and ends up mis-hitting it back to Pathan


Pathan to Bodi, no run, slower ball again, and Bodi is beaten on the slog again. Too much premeditation


Pathan to Bodi, no run, Bodi premeditates again. Walks down the wicket and yorks himself up. Another dot


Pathan to Bodi, 2 runs, full and straight, he finally makes connection, driving it wide of long-on for two

End of over 14 (3 runs) Lions 85/3 (RR: 6.07)

    • GH Bodi 36 (36b 3x4 1x6)
    • ND McKenzie 11 (10b)
    • IK Pathan 4-0-27-0
    • P Negi 2-0-11-1

Negi to McKenzie, FOUR, short and wide, turning away, and McKenzie has cut this between point and short third man


Negi to McKenzie, 1 run, full and straight, bunted behind the wicket to short fine leg

Bodi against left-arm spin again


Negi to Bodi, 3 runs, Bodi tries the big sweep, but this is fired in, and flies off the glove, fine of short fine leg


Negi to McKenzie, 1 run, shimmies down the wicket to chip this full ball away into the leg side for a single


Negi to Bodi, 1 run, down the wicket, gets too close to the ball, manages only a single to long-on


Negi to McKenzie, no run, tries the paddle, but this is darted in and beats him. He is hit outside the line of off, though

End of over 15 (10 runs) Lions 95/3 (RR: 6.33)

    • ND McKenzie 17 (14b 1x4)
    • GH Bodi 40 (38b 3x4 1x6)
    • P Negi 3-0-21-1
    • IK Pathan 4-0-27-0

Okay, Taylor is through four overs of spin. He need not bowl them anymore


Agarkar to Bodi, no run, slower ball, and Bodi is not picking them, and looks ungainly with the slog again


Agarkar to Bodi, 1 run, full, middle and leg, flicked away for a single


Agarkar to McKenzie, FOUR, short-arm flick. Length ball, McKenzie walks down the wicket to play the little pick-up over square leg

McKenzie does like fancied big-name IPL teams


Agarkar to McKenzie, 1 run, full and wide, chipped square on the off side for one


Agarkar to Bodi, FOUR, low full toss, he backs away and smashes it between the bowler and mid-off. It has got to be difficult bowling to Bodi. He can go from looking like a hapless tailender one ball to a pretty effective batsman the next


Agarkar to Bodi, no run, full and straight, and quite incredibly he connects with his paddle sweep. However, he finds short fine leg

End of over 16 (10 runs) Lions 105/3 (RR: 6.56)

    • GH Bodi 45 (42b 4x4 1x6)
    • ND McKenzie 22 (16b 2x4)
    • AB Agarkar 4-0-28-1
    • P Negi 3-0-21-1

Morne Morkel is back


Morkel to McKenzie, SIX, calculated risk. McKenzie predicts a short ball, walks across and plays the pull over square leg. It's just over the rope, but six just the same


Morkel to McKenzie, 1 run, full and wide, he has steered it, but third man is back to keep this in

Right. Morkel to Bodi again. Will he try to slog him again?


Morkel to Bodi, 2 runs, no he won't. He has actually played this smartly, steering this shortish delivery fine of point and square of third man


Morkel to Bodi, 1 run, full and wide, and he has dragged it from there to deep midwicket. That's 200 runs for Bodi in this tournament


Morkel to McKenzie, 1 run, McKenzie backs away, Morkel bowls a yorker just outside off, the bottom edge gets him just the single


Morkel to Bodi, 2 runs, Bodi reaches fifty with a shot difficult to explain. Let me try, though. He squares himself up, both toes facing the bowler, and then closes the face on a full ball, guiding it past short fine leg for a couple

End of over 17 (13 runs) Lions 118/3 (RR: 6.94)

    • GH Bodi 50 (45b 4x4 1x6)
    • ND McKenzie 30 (19b 2x4 1x6)
    • M Morkel 3-0-23-0
    • AB Agarkar 4-0-28-1

Yadav comes back


Yadav to McKenzie, 1 run, shuffles across again to drag this wide length ball to deep square for a single


Yadav to Bodi, no run, backs away and is beaten trying to upper-cut this


Yadav to Bodi, 1 leg bye, tries the slog again, and this time he is beaten by the slower ball. Will take the leg-bye


Yadav to McKenzie, 1 run, short-arm flick down the ground, gets a single to long-on


Yadav to Bodi, 1 wide, slower bounce,r beats his pull, but is called wide for height


Yadav to Bodi, no run, wild slog after charging down, and he is beaten by a slower ball


Yadav to Bodi, OUT, the quicker one does it for Bodi this time. Short of a length, into the ribs, and he takes the glove of the pulling Bodi for Ojha to complete an easy catch

GH Bodi c †Ojha b Yadav 50 (79m 49b 4x4 1x6) SR: 102.04

Effective over for Daredevils

End of over 18 (4 runs) Lions 122/4 (RR: 6.77)

    • ND McKenzie 32 (21b 2x4 1x6)
    • UT Yadav 3-1-12-2
    • M Morkel 3-0-23-0

Morkel to McKenzie, 1 run, full and wide, McKenzie is across again, but gets only an inside edge this time

Jean Symes is the new man in


Morkel to Symes, OUT, extra bounce does it. Symes tries the pull first ball, just the short-arm thing, but the ball hurries on to him and takes a meaty top edge for the keeper to run towards short fine leg to complete a fine catch

J Symes c †Ojha b Morkel 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Morkel to McKenzie, 2 runs, Yadav has had a good birthday with the ball but has dropped a simple catch. McKenzie mis-hits this shovel shot, and Yadav drops it at long-on


Morkel to McKenzie, 1 run, another drop. Low full toss, flicked straight down Pietersen's throat at deep square leg, and he drops a sitter. The crowd lets him have it


Morkel to Morris, 1 run, runs this down to third man for one


Morkel to McKenzie, FOUR, this time McKenzie connects with the shovel shot, taking a full delivery from outside off, and placing it wide of long-on

End of over 19 (9 runs) Lions 131/5 (RR: 6.89)

    • ND McKenzie 40 (25b 3x4 1x6)
    • CH Morris 1 (1b)
    • M Morkel 4-0-32-1
    • UT Yadav 3-1-12-2

"this Morkel Taylor over is a confusing one - Morkel is bowling but Taylor bowls the ball and Morkel is hit for six... i wish i was witnessing this cos it sounds like an aberration of a three-legged race jaunt." Brett Fish, even Cricinfo sometimes makes mistakes


Yadav to Morris, no run, what a miss from Morris. Wide length ball, and he fails to make connection. You don't often get such gifts at the end


Yadav to Morris, 1 run, slower ball, pushes it to point, over to Neil Mac


Yadav to McKenzie, 1 run, slower short ball, all McKenzie manages is a single to long leg


Yadav to Morris, 1 run, short and wide, the ball goes off the toe end to third man

Lions will love for McKenzie to get to his fifty


Yadav to McKenzie, FOUR, wide, full, asking to be hit. McKenzie does, chipping it over extra cover. Just over, but enough to clear the man


Yadav to McKenzie, 1 run, Yadav catches him on the front foot to a short delivery, and McKenzie can't hit it off the square. Just the single off the last ball

Lions have given themselves a fighting chance, thanks to McKenzie in the end, but Daredevils will be the happier side here. This has to be below par on a true surface and quick outfield. We will be back with the chase soon

"Just watching yadav bowl here adds to my amusement how the indian selectors skipped him while selecting the team for t20 wc." True, Parag

End of over 20 (8 runs) Lions 139/5

    • ND McKenzie 46 (28b 4x4 1x6)
    • CH Morris 3 (4b)
    • UT Yadav 4-1-20-2
    • M Morkel 4-0-32-1





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