Champions League Twenty20, 1st Match, Group A: Rajasthan Royals v Mumbai Indians at Jaipur, Sep 21, 2013
Champions League Twenty20 - 1st match, Group A
Rajasthan Royals won by 7 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
21 September 2013 - night match (20-over match)

8.12pmThe umpires are walking out with the Royals jog in after them. The stadium is packed. Its nearly game time. And Sachin Tendulkar is coming out to open with Dwayne Smith. Menaria to open the bowling. One slip in place

aziz nasir: "Brad Hodge does not play nationals anymore . so it makes them 2"

zafarjaveds: "Rajasthan royals looking strong with 3 austrlians in the team. But The Australia team doesn't look strong even with these 3 players in the their team."

8.05pm Play is scheduled to start in 10 minutes

Mirza: "Does the "Only 4 foreign players rule of IPL" still apply for this tournament?" Yes, it does.

Saurav: "I don't think visibility is a factor when only two guys of the other side are on the field at a time, both heavily padded up...and a helmet for extra measure..."

Arun: "RR & MI both wearing blue. They should really introduce away jersey concept to differentiate the teams, like they do in football"

7.45pm It's toss time and Royals have won it and will bowl. Dravid says the pitch has been under the covers for a while and expects a little moisture and as such has done away with spinners except Ashok Menaria. Shaun Tait had a minor hamstring niggle yesterday so he was never in the reckoning. Rahul Shukla squeezes into the XI.

Rohit Sharma, the Mumbai captain, is quite happy to bat first and says they are well prepared for it. Nathan Coulter-Nile takes the place of Lasith Malinga, who has chosen to stay with his family for the birth of his second child. Mumbai are also fielding two specialist spinners in Pragyan Ojha and Harbhajan Singh

American Cricket Fan: "On the contrary, i feel MI looks slightly better than RR on paper. regardless of Malinga, MI still has very good fast bowlers, and their natural strength is batting. Mitchell Johnson and Rishi Dhavan had good showings in the IPL, and all-rounders are plenty in the Mi side. RR on the other hand also have talent in their lineup, but their players lack the international spotlight that some of the MI players have had."

Ramitha: "MI looks a weaker side on the paper without Malinga. In other hand, RR got better overseas combination."

ANSUMAN PATTANAIK: "Everybody is talking about Sachin vs Dravid. But I am more interested to see Rishi Dhawan's performance for Mumbai Indians. He is genuine fast bowling all rounder along with Irfan Pathan, Abhisek Nayar and Stuart Binny in India in current scenario. India needs one of them in squad for next world cup."

7.36pm Wet outfield has delayed the toss to 7.45pm. Ravi Shastri is pitch side and says the fast bowlers are going to enjoy the pitch. Its an early season pitch and there is some grass on it. Simon Doull adds that the rain would allow the ball to swing as well. He picks 155-160 to be a good total, but cautions that defending a total here has been historically difficult.

"Mumbai indians please pick Misbah in place of Ponting if u want to remain unbeaten,i think no one is in like Misbah,s form,,,proud of u Mis....Bah" Don't worry, Asif. Ponting is not playing in this tournament

Royals enter this game with an unbeaten record at this ground in the last IPL season. Mumbai, who enjoyed similar success at Wankhede, are going to have their work cut out.

7.25pm We're at the Sawai Mansingh stadium in Jaipur, and there's been a some rain around in the hours leading up to the match. But the covers, having been on previously, are safely tucked away by the boundary rope.

Dr.Tam: "Though the group matches commence tonight, Misbahs, McCullams and Dhawans have already set the tone for the tournament." Yes, they have. Though Brendon McCullum and Shikhar Dhawan would be a little more happier considering their sides, Otago Volts and Sunrisers Hyderabad, have made it to the tournament proper.

Or if you're interested in a bigger picture, Devashish Fuloria combed through Royals' chances in the CLT20, while Kanishkaa turned fortune where Mumbai is concerned.

Anurag Acharya: "I know people say match is above the individual and all that, but for me it's about Sachin and Rahul. Despite the joy of watching them together, there is also a sadness because tonight's match really is the beginning of the end."

7.15pm Come one, come all. This is the Champions League T20 and we're into the main stage. IPL champions Mumbai Indians take on Rajasthan Royals, but almost as big as that, Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar are all set to wear coloured clothing for one final time. Here's Kanishkaa Balachandran exploring that and many other things in the match preview


Menaria to Smith, FOUR, on the up and slammed through the covers. Boundary to kick off the CLT20. This was shorter and wider and Smith needed no second invitation


Menaria to Smith, no run, better now, flighted outside off and its driven quite smartly to the cover fielder


Menaria to Smith, 1 run, darted into his pads, right on his toes and Smith clips it wide of mid-on to rotate strike


Menaria to Tendulkar, no run, he had to wait for that one, holding his shot until the shortish ball reaches him and hits it to point off the front foot


Menaria to Tendulkar, no run, leans forward and punches this ball outside off to cover


Menaria to Tendulkar, no run, straying on the pads and Tendulkar nudges it to square leg, looking for a single but its not there

End of over 1 (5 runs) Mumbai Indians 5/0 (RR: 5.00)

    • SR Tendulkar 0 (3b)
    • DR Smith 5 (3b 1x4)
    • AL Menaria 1-0-5-0

Vikramjeet Malik to share the new ball. one slip in place


Malik to Smith, no run, and Menaria is in play again. Smith is hitting everything off the middle. Another cover drive on the up and the man at cover pounces to his left to stop a certain four


Malik to Smith, no run, and another bright stop from point this time. Rahane stops the glide from Smith as Malik errs short and wide


Malik to Smith, FOUR, No movement on offer and Smith uses his straight bat to glorious effect, driving the ball down the ground and mid-off has no chance


Malik to Smith, OUT, oh, that darted in sharply and skidded low. It was pitched nearly half-way down the pitch and Smith shaped for the pull, but the ball dribbled in at his knees and caught him in front of the stumps and the umpire has the finger up

DR Smith lbw b Malik 9 (5m 7b 2x4 0x6) SR: 128.57

Dinesh Karthik strides out to the crease


Malik to Karthik, no run, that was test-match length, just outside off stump and DK leaves it alone


Malik to Karthik, no run, maintains a good line outside off, this one pitched a little further up but Kathick is still not interested

End of over 2 (4 runs) Mumbai Indians 9/1 (RR: 4.50)

    • KD Karthik 0 (2b)
    • SR Tendulkar 0 (3b)
    • VS Malik 1-0-4-1
    • AL Menaria 1-0-5-0

James Faulkner replaces Menaria


Faulkner to Tendulkar, FOUR, wide and full and Tendulkar flashes at this, pushing forward on his front foot, and carves it high over the point fielder to collect his first four of the night


Faulkner to Tendulkar, no run, he's forward again and employs a checked drive to cover to this ball also full and wide outside off


Faulkner to Tendulkar, FOUR, Beautiful. He lifts this ball, shortish and outside off, over the infield off the back foot. Crisp timing


Faulkner to Tendulkar, 1 run, slower ball from Faulkner and he nudges it towards mid-off. Brad Hodge is slow to catch up to it and his underarm throw is wide and Tendulkar manages to reach home safely. Opportunity gone abegging


Faulkner to Karthik, no run, fullish and targeting off stump. Faulkner seems to have got his radar right and Karthik offers respect with a forward defensive


Faulkner to Karthik, no run, holds this is a little back of a length but he's stuck to a stump to stump line now and its blocked off the back foot

Uwaisul Karnain: "How contrasting those 2 last strokes from Dwayne Smith, a classical straight drive followed with an ugly attempted pull shot! What kind of an advice a batting coach can give?"

Mayank: "Have MI erred in leaving out in-form Maxwell?He was butchering the India A attack last month"

End of over 3 (9 runs) Mumbai Indians 18/1 (RR: 6.00)

    • KD Karthik 0 (4b)
    • SR Tendulkar 9 (7b 2x4)
    • JP Faulkner 1-0-9-0
    • VS Malik 1-0-4-1

Malik to Tendulkar, no run, thrusts his front foot forward and punches this good length ball just a shade outside off down to mid-off


Malik to Tendulkar, no run, he walks down the pitch and opens the face to slash the ball square on the off side. It goes in the air, and falls inches short of Rahane at point


Malik to Tendulkar, 1 wide, digs it into the middle of the pitch and this one rises well above Tendulkar's head and is promptly called wide


Malik to Tendulkar, no run, beaten. First signs of movement. This one was back of a length and inviting outside off stump and Tendulkar goes for a waft outside off and misses it comfortably


Malik to Tendulkar, no run, tucks him for room as this is right on middle and forces Tendulkar to nudge it forward of midwicket off the back foot


Malik to Tendulkar, 1 run, Menaria again saves a couple of runs. There is just a hint of room offered and Tendulkar is quick on the drive, crunching it into the off side but only for a single


Malik to Karthik, 1 run, shorter in length as the batsman comes at the bowler, but Karthik manages to adjust as he works it off his chest toward the square leg region

End of over 4 (3 runs) Mumbai Indians 21/1 (RR: 5.25)

    • KD Karthik 1 (5b)
    • SR Tendulkar 10 (12b 2x4)
    • VS Malik 2-0-7-1
    • JP Faulkner 1-0-9-0

Shane Watson takes over from Faulkner


Watson to Karthik, no run, steady line and length around off stump and Karthik skips down the wicket but wears it on his pads


Watson to Karthik, no run, And he extracts movement straight away. Searching line outside off and the ball seams away from Karthik's open face as he looks to guide it down to third man


Watson to Karthik, no run, fuller and straighter and Karthik drags it back into his pads as he looks to work it into the leg side


Watson to Karthik, no run, beaten outside off again. Karthik is rooted to the crease as Watson breaches the 80mph barrier. This one is back of a length outside off and the glide misses its mark again


Watson to Karthik, 1 run, fuller, on off stump and Karthik waits for it properly and off the front foot, opens the face to dab it to third man


Watson to Tendulkar, FOUR, this time Sachin beats point and the ball screams away to the boundary. Full and ample room outside off. He stays in the crease, opens the face of the bat and just taps it off. Timing does everything else

End of over 5 (5 runs) Mumbai Indians 26/1 (RR: 5.20)

    • SR Tendulkar 14 (13b 3x4)
    • KD Karthik 2 (10b)
    • SR Watson 1-0-5-0
    • VS Malik 2-0-7-1

Malik to Karthik, OUT, And DK's jittery innings comes to an end. His off stump is knocked back. He advances down the track again, but Malik's ball, shortish in length and around off stump, darts in and catches his inside edge and spells his end

KD Karthik b Malik 2 (15m 11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 18.18

The captain Rohit Sharma is in


Malik to Sharma, no run, and he's greeted with a full ball just outside off and Rohit steps forward and defends into the off side

Niraj Ghimire: "Old problem for MI.. slow start."


Malik to Sharma, no run, This one catches the inside edge. Rohit is a little too early on the cover drive as Malik persists with a good fullish length outside off


Malik to Sharma, FOUR, invitation offered and taken with glee. Rohit gets off the mark with a boundary. Ample room offered outside off and he gets forward and flays it behind square. Third man has little chance


Malik to Sharma, 1 run, quick single. He's on the front foot again and clips it between midwicket and mid-on and Tendulkar responds


Malik to Tendulkar, no run, extravagant drive, but air is the only thing Tendulkar's bat makes contact with. This one was back of a length with just a little room which he was looking to take advantage of

End of over 6 (5 runs) Mumbai Indians 31/2 (RR: 5.16)

    • SR Tendulkar 14 (14b 3x4)
    • RG Sharma 5 (4b 1x4)
    • VS Malik 3-0-12-2
    • SR Watson 1-0-5-0

Menaria returns for a second spell. Powerplay is done


Menaria to Sharma, no run, shorter in length and angled in at Rohit, who manages to bunt it down in front of the bowler


Menaria to Sharma, 1 run, gets right over the ball as Menaria flights this one on his leg stump and works it to fine leg


Menaria to Tendulkar, 1 leg bye, back to shortish bowling and Tendulkar shapes to pull but he isn;t quick enough with his shot as the ball leaps off the top of the pad to fine leg again


Menaria to Sharma, 1 run, fuller on middle and is hit down the ground calmly


Menaria to Tendulkar, 1 run, he steps out, but Menaria pulls it back having seen him come at him and Sachin works it off to long-off


Menaria to Sharma, 1 run, stays deep in the crease and guides this ball outside off quite easily down to third man

Bubbar : "DK is tuk tuk of MI, is he trying to establish the inning come on look at SRT's approach man he knows how to play in powerplay"

End of over 7 (5 runs) Mumbai Indians 36/2 (RR: 5.14)

    • RG Sharma 8 (8b 1x4)
    • SR Tendulkar 15 (16b 3x4)
    • AL Menaria 2-0-9-0
    • VS Malik 3-0-12-2

It's Stuart Binny's time to have a bowl. One slip in place


Binny to Sharma, no run, and the ball seams away, but its directed well outside off and Rohit who throws his bat at it, can't connect


Binny to Sharma, 2 wides, oh, this time he's strayed down leg and the keeper, Sanju Samson, fails to collect that. Fuller length ball, Rohit misses out on the flick shot but still manages to get off strike


Binny to Tendulkar, OUT, Gone! Binny coaxes Tendulkar's outside edge. Its another airy drive on the up and Binny having hit a good length, is helped with just the smallest hint of movement away which is all he needs to send the Tendulkar back

SR Tendulkar c †Samson b Binny 15 (31m 17b 3x4 0x6) SR: 88.23

Ambati Rayudu replaces Tendulkar


Binny to Rayudu, 2 runs, and he's greeted with a full toss, which is driven into the covers to get him off the mark straight away


Binny to Rayudu, 1 wide, Too wide outside off again.Appreciable movement away beats the batsman but much to the detriment of the bowler as the umpire calls it a wide


Binny to Rayudu, no run, on a goodish length outside off and he glides it to point off the back foot


Binny to Rayudu, 1 run, a little more room offered and it is met with the open face of the bat as third man comes to play again


Binny to Sharma, 1 run, Binny goes fuller, but Rohit crouches down and exploits third man again for a single

End of over 8 (7 runs) Mumbai Indians 43/3 (RR: 5.37)

    • RG Sharma 9 (10b 1x4)
    • AT Rayudu 3 (3b)
    • STR Binny 1-0-7-1
    • AL Menaria 2-0-9-0

Rahul Shukla into the attack


Shukla to Sharma, OUT, and there's action straight away. Huge mix up there and Rayudu has to walk back. Shukla targets the chest, but its a little ouside off and Rohit manages to ride the bounce and drop it into the off side and calls for a single, but then says no. Rayudu was too far down the pitch and Rahane swoops down on it from point and completes a simple run out, the batsman wasn't even in the picture.

AT Rayudu run out 3 (5m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00


Shukla to Sharma, no run, shorter and wider, but it is still good enough to beat Rohit's cut shot


Shukla to Sharma, 2 runs, sways back in the crease and ramps the ball away to third man. Samson fails to collect the throw safely, and the batsman sneak an extra run

Kieron Pollard is the new man


Shukla to Sharma, 1 run, its on Rohit's pads and he is quite happy to work this length ball to square leg


Shukla to Pollard, no run, oh, that one kept low. He occupies the corridor outside off and Pollard who goes back to defend is forced to crouch down awkwardly


Shukla to Pollard, 1 wide, lots of effort there from Shukla and Samson behind the wicket. The bouncer is too high for the batsman to do anything, and Samson leaps high into the air, sticks his hand out and grabs the ball before it rushes off to the boundary


Shukla to Pollard, no run, beaten all ends up. The was full and seaming away, Pollard who was looking to go for a back foot drive, watches the ball whizz past his outside edge

End of over 9 (4 runs) Mumbai Indians 47/4 (RR: 5.22)

    • KA Pollard 0 (2b)
    • RG Sharma 12 (14b 1x4)
    • R Shukla 1-0-4-0
    • STR Binny 1-0-7-1

Binny to Sharma, no run, around off stump and just back of a length. Pushes it back down the ground


Binny to Sharma, 1 run, opens the face of the bat to dab this length ball to third man


Binny to Pollard, no run, more shape again. Help seems to be available when you get it full. But Pollard keeps his bat closer to his body as he stays in his crease and pushes the ball into the covers


Binny to Pollard, 1 run, just enough room outside off for Pollard to get on the front foot and drive through the covers


Binny to Sharma, no run, Binny is searching for that movement, keeping it right up to the batsman. Rohit after assessing this ball doesnt have any, crunches it to mid-off


Binny to Sharma, FOUR, fifty is raised with a carve over point. Little bit of seam away makes sure Rohit gets a thick outside edge, but it is strong enough to find the boundary square on the off side

End of over 10 (6 runs) Mumbai Indians 53/4 (RR: 5.30)

    • RG Sharma 17 (18b 2x4)
    • KA Pollard 1 (4b)
    • STR Binny 2-0-13-1
    • R Shukla 1-0-4-0

Shukla to Pollard, no run, starts with a short ball again, but the direction is a little off. Too wide outside off and Pollard watches it go to the keeper


Shukla to Pollard, 1 run, quick single. Pollard drops it in the cover region with soft hands having negotiated another short ball outside off quite well and the batsmen make the single safely


Shukla to Sharma, 1 run, probing length and lines employed here, but Rohit keeps his bat and pad together as he works it down to third man off his front foot


Shukla to Pollard, no run, shorter again, but this one goes off the toe end of Pollard's bat as he hopes to punch it off the back foot through the off side

Veeresh: "How is the crowd turn out..? After all this RR players' controversy. Do the fans say Halla Bol?" Its a packed stadium


Shukla to Pollard, no run, better line for the short length he keeps persisting with. Tucks Pollard up and he has to block it down at his feet


Shukla to Pollard, no run, there's a little inward movement, but Pollard ducks beneath this ball, again dug into the pitch.

Ankur Mehta: "shukla reminds me of a young aaqib javed! very similar action"

End of over 11 (2 runs) Mumbai Indians 55/4 (RR: 5.00)

    • KA Pollard 2 (9b)
    • RG Sharma 18 (19b 2x4)
    • R Shukla 2-0-6-0
    • STR Binny 2-0-13-1

Kevon Cooper has a go


Cooper to Sharma, 2 runs, and his first ball is a warm-up delivery. Rohit clips it elegantly off his pads, not bothering to keep it down as there are no fielders at square leg. The man in the deep tidies up


Cooper to Sharma, no run, flirting with danger there as he hopes to hit down to third man, but it moves just a shade outside off and goes through to Samson


Cooper to Sharma, 1 run, this one is a little more straight forward, no movement and the hint of room is exploited to dab it down to third man


Cooper to Pollard, no run, chips down, but Cooper drags his length back and makes sure Pollard can't do much else except defend


Cooper to Pollard, FOUR, bisects deep midwicket and long-on to perfection. Fullish on off stump, but Pollard steps down and whips it away to the leg side


Cooper to Pollard, no run, more movement. Back of a length just ouside off but Pollard is still drawn into a defensive stroke and is beaten and nearly sqaured up too

End of over 12 (7 runs) Mumbai Indians 62/4 (RR: 5.16)

    • KA Pollard 6 (12b 1x4)
    • RG Sharma 21 (22b 2x4)
    • KK Cooper 1-0-7-0
    • R Shukla 2-0-6-0

Watson returns


Watson to Sharma, no run, There are a lot of play and misses happening now. These were the same sort of balls that the openers were cracking to the boundaries early on, but Rohit's shot to the fullish ball outisde off does not connect


Watson to Sharma, 1 run, Plays it early and the ball squirts off the inside edge and the intended cover drive goes off to deepmidwicket


Watson to Pollard, no run, gets back behind the line of that short ball and Pollard presents a straight bat


Watson to Pollard, 1 leg bye, Pollard with another trip down the wicket, but Watson darts this ball inward. His flick shot is beaten as this good length ball is sent to fine leg


Watson to Sharma, no run, not short enough for that. Rohit tries the pull, but Watson's slower ball knocks him on the waist


Watson to Sharma, SIX, paddle goes for six! All he did was use the bat as a ramp and it goes all the way. This was full and outside off and he pulls out some timely innovation

Ankit: "Is it really a difficult pitch to play? OR Are the RR bowlers have bowled exceptionally well? OR Have the MI batsmen messed it up? Wonder what will be a good total to defend..."

End of over 13 (8 runs) Mumbai Indians 70/4 (RR: 5.38)

    • RG Sharma 28 (26b 2x4 1x6)
    • KA Pollard 6 (14b 1x4)
    • SR Watson 2-0-12-0
    • KK Cooper 1-0-7-0

Faulkner is called on for his second spell


Faulkner to Pollard, 1 run, and Pillard goes for an almighty drive over the off side but he is too swift in trying to make contact and the ball balloons to the vacant mid-on area


Faulkner to Sharma, no run, elegant cover drive used as reply to this full ball going on with the left-armer's angle


Faulkner to Sharma, 2 runs, full and angling in, clipped into the leg side, uppishly and the fielder at short midwicket was briefly interested but it was well wide of him


Faulkner to Sharma, no run, fuller length again, and Rohit gets on his front foot and punches it to cover


Faulkner to Sharma, no run, tries to back cut it down to third man, but his timing is not quite right as he is beaten


Faulkner to Sharma, 1 run, full and on middle. Rohit pulls his front foot back so the bat can come down and drive it to mid-on

End of over 14 (4 runs) Mumbai Indians 74/4 (RR: 5.28)

    • RG Sharma 31 (31b 2x4 1x6)
    • KA Pollard 7 (15b 1x4)
    • JP Faulkner 2-0-13-0
    • SR Watson 2-0-12-0

Cooper is back into the attack


Cooper to Sharma, 1 run, he's full outside off and Rohit drives it to deep cover


Cooper to Pollard, FOUR, He walks into that shot, and Cooper pulls the length short, but Pollard was even expecting that as he helps it on his way with a pull past fine leg


Cooper to Pollard, 1 run, powerful strike over the top down to long-on to a full ball on middle


Cooper to Sharma, FOUR, second four of the over and this one was on the pads as well and to top it off, it was a full toss as well. Rohit simply placed it wide of deep square leg


Cooper to Sharma, 1 run, third man is brought into play again as Cooper employs a shortish length, outside off and the batsman lets it fly off the open face


Cooper to Pollard, 2 runs, inviting ball with lots of room outside off and he throws his bat at it, lifting it over the off side. Sweeper cover tidies up

End of over 15 (13 runs) Mumbai Indians 87/4 (RR: 5.80)

    • KA Pollard 14 (18b 2x4)
    • RG Sharma 37 (34b 3x4 1x6)
    • KK Cooper 2-0-20-0
    • JP Faulkner 2-0-13-0

Watson to Sharma, 1 run, in the air, but there is no one close enough to cause any problems. Rohit was early on that again as his drive as Watson explores a fullish length. Long-on intercepts the ball


Watson to Pollard, 1 run, covers the line of the stumps as he meets this good length ball, nibbling around the off stump and blocks it. The ball takes a thick outside edge to the covers and they take off for a single


Watson to Sharma, SIX, shoddy, very shoddy. Waist-high full toss, perhaps even more than that and Rohit swivels on his back foot and clobbers this deep into the stands behind midwicket


Watson to Sharma, OUT, but he's gone now. His dabs to third man does him in finally. This is shortish and outside off and rises just a little more than Rohit expected, who was seeing a useful opportunity to get a single but all he can do is manage an edge to the keeper

RG Sharma c †Samson b Watson 44 (47m 37b 3x4 2x6) SR: 118.91

Uwaisul Karnain: "Danger period has arised for Rohith Sharma, hope he won't through this start away"

Bhajji is the new bat

Vikram Raj: "MI seem to be setting up the stage for their star batsman Harbhajan Singh."


Watson to Harbhajan Singh, 2 runs, homing in on leg stump and Harbhjan tucks it towards mid-on off the front foot to get off the mark


Watson to Harbhajan Singh, FOUR, room offered and made the most off again as Harbhajan throws his bat at this wide, fullish ball and finds the point boundary

End of over 16 (14 runs) Mumbai Indians 101/5 (RR: 6.31)

    • Harbhajan Singh 6 (2b 1x4)
    • KA Pollard 15 (19b 2x4)
    • SR Watson 3-0-26-1
    • KK Cooper 2-0-20-0

Faulkner to Pollard, no run, full and straight, right up in the block here and Pollard digs it out to the bowler. Nicely done by Faulkner

fine leg goes back, point comes up


Faulkner to Pollard, no run, this one is right on the toe of the batsman who digs it out and instinctively searches for a single, but the bowler who has already taken hold of the ball throws down the stumps. An appeal is made, but Pollard is in


Faulkner to Pollard, no run, yorker again, but this one is outside off and Pollard tries to guide it to third man but misses


Faulkner to Pollard, 1 run, he's finding the full length quite regularly, but this one whistles off Pollard's bat as he stays in his crease and clips it to deep midwicket


Faulkner to Harbhajan Singh, 1 run, Harbhajan is offered no room either. Targeting him on leg stump, but this is only fullish and Harbhajan having made room for himself hits to long-on


Faulkner to Pollard, 1 run, another ball homing in on the block hole, just misses and to allow Pollard's wristy whip to find deep midwicket again

End of over 17 (3 runs) Mumbai Indians 104/5 (RR: 6.11)

    • KA Pollard 17 (24b 2x4)
    • Harbhajan Singh 7 (3b 1x4)
    • JP Faulkner 3-0-16-0
    • SR Watson 3-0-26-1

Cooper to Pollard, FOUR, Pollard's turn to try the dil-scoop. Does the job as the ball, pretty much in the same area as the one Rohit hit for six, full and outside off and Pollard does well to lift the ball up and over


Cooper to Pollard, no run, Right at the batsman's toes and he digs it back to the bowler. But Pollard is out of his crease and Cooper throws down the stumps, but Pollard is well in


Cooper to Pollard, SIX, Clean, straight and six. He has overpitched this time and Pollard unleashes the full swing of the bat and watches it sail over the boundary


Cooper to Pollard, no run, this one is on the pads and strikes the pads. Pollard misses the flick and the ball trickles away behind the wicket


Cooper to Pollard, no run, outside off and perhaps a little bit of seam away as Pollard tries to cut and misses


Cooper to Pollard, 1 run, fuller on off stump and Pollard tries to work it off into the leg side, but gets a thick outside edge which goes to third man

End of over 18 (11 runs) Mumbai Indians 115/5 (RR: 6.38)

    • KA Pollard 28 (30b 3x4 1x6)
    • Harbhajan Singh 7 (3b 1x4)
    • KK Cooper 3-0-31-0
    • JP Faulkner 3-0-16-0

Faulkner to Pollard, 1 run, Full and on leg, Pollard makes some room and slams it back to the bowler who parries it over the top of the stumps


Faulkner to Harbhajan Singh, 1 run, shorter this time, but still tucking him up on his pads as Harbhajan pulls this one to deep square leg


Faulkner to Pollard, FOUR, full toss, launched over the top and heading toward the man at deep square leg. The ball came off the inside half, but it still travels but Menaria who dives to his left cant hold on and pushes it to the boundary


Faulkner to Pollard, 2 runs, full toss again and this one is lifted straight down the ground to long-on


Faulkner to Pollard, SIX, whack! And it sails into the stands behind deep midwicket. Faulkner can't get it as consistently in the block hole as he had done last over and Pollard punishes him severely


Faulkner to Pollard, 1 run, slapped down the ground and long-on runs in just in time to intercept the ball. Faulkner's offline this over, this was a full toss

End of over 19 (15 runs) Mumbai Indians 130/5 (RR: 6.84)

    • KA Pollard 42 (35b 4x4 2x6)
    • Harbhajan Singh 8 (4b 1x4)
    • JP Faulkner 4-0-31-0
    • KK Cooper 3-0-31-0

jignesh: "Dravid hardly ever trusts a domestic talent to bowl in pressure situations towards the end. Most of the overs from 12th onwards tend to be Watson/Faulkner/Cooper despite them being hammered."

And just as that comment comes in, Malik is entrusted iwht the final over


Malik to Pollard, OUT, and he does the trick first ball. Pollard is gone. Wide half-volley gets the batsman to do what he should have. Pollard goes for a wild slog intended to end up in the off side boundary, but the ball takes the outside edge and is safely gloved behind the wicket

KA Pollard c †Samson b Malik 42 (47m 36b 4x4 2x6) SR: 116.66

Coulter-Nile to face


Malik to Coulter-Nile, no run, slower ball to the new batsman and he is far too quick on his stroke as the ball sneaks in between bat and pad


Malik to Coulter-Nile, FOUR, clubbed. Wide and full again, just like the Pollard dismissal, but Coulter-Nile connects very well, slamming this one hard, fast and flat over cover. Falls just short of the boundary rope


Malik to Coulter-Nile, SIX, but this one sails over. Full and wide again, and Coulter-Nile is allowed all the room he needs to whack this one high over point


Malik to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, OUT, slower ball, on a fullish length at the stumps and the batsman can't get good enough contact as the ball is spooned in the region of mid-on. The deep fielder rushes in as the batsmen go for the double and his thrown finds Harbhajan short

Harbhajan Singh run out 8 (20m 4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 200.00


Malik to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, goes for another heave, but the ball, full and on the stumps, finds the inside edge and squirts off his pad. The batsman take a single and Mumbai end the innings with a bit of flourish

9.46pm So that's the end of the innings, Mumbai have managed quite a useful total on this wicket, with Pollard and Rohit's knocks. The ball did nibble around just a bit, but more dangerously a couple did stay very low. Mitchell Johnson's spell could prove vital, if he keeps up his radar and there are Mumbai's two spinners, Ojha and Harbhajan, to look out for. Join us in a few minutes' time for Royals' reply

vijay chak: "Shukla - Why only 2 overs? RD might have missed a trick bowling Cooper that extra over.."

End of over 20 (12 runs) Mumbai Indians 142/7

    • NM Coulter-Nile 12 (5b 1x4 1x6)
    • R Dhawan 0 (0b)
    • VS Malik 4-0-24-3
    • JP Faulkner 4-0-31-0





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