Champions League Twenty20, 8th Match, Group A: Otago v Perth Scorchers at Jaipur, Sep 25, 2013
Champions League Twenty20 - 8th match, Group A
Otago won by 62 runs
Played at Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur (neutral venue)
25 September 2013 - day/night match (20-over match)

Behrendorff to Broom, no run, length ball with late inswing as Broom finds mid on


Behrendorff to Broom, FOUR, full and just outside off as Broom carves this behind square, and is lucky to beat Joel Paris at third man to bring up the first boundary of the innings


Behrendorff to Broom, no run, up in the blockhole and Broom defends this to the off side


Behrendorff to Broom, 1 run, fuller length on off stump as Broom drills this to mid on, who fires in a throw at the non-strikers as the batsmen complete a quick run. Direct hit and he would have been gone, so Otago taking their chances early


Behrendorff to Rutherford, no run, length ball on middle and leg which Rutherford works away to the leg side for none


Behrendorff to Rutherford, 1 run, full and just outside off as Rutherford inside edges on the pad, with the pair running a single

Otago 9/0   JP Behrendorff 1-0-6-0

Behrendorff to Broom, no run, length ball just outside off and Broom hits it straight to short cover


Behrendorff to Broom, 3 runs, shortish ball on middle and off with Broom rocking on the back foot to pull to deep midwicket. The fielder makes a good dive on the boundary, but is unable to prevent three valuable runs for Otago


Behrendorff to de Boorder, no run, length ball outside off and Derek has a flash at it, getting an outside edge which second slip fails to grasp as it rises on him


Behrendorff to de Boorder, no run, fuller length, swinging in, as Derek tries to club to the leg side, but fails to make a decent connection


Behrendorff to de Boorder, no run, back of a length on a leg stump line as Derek shuffles down to attempt a wild slog through the leg side


Behrendorff to de Boorder, 1 run, slower ball on the pads which Derek is able to steer to fine leg for a single

Otago 13/2   JP Behrendorff 2-0-10-0

Behrendorff to ten Doeschate, SIX, low full toss on leg and Ryan able to clear the midwicket boundary with ease once again


Behrendorff to ten Doeschate, FOUR, low full toss just outside off and Ryan able to direct this through long on for four


Behrendorff to ten Doeschate, SIX, short ball on the leg side and Ryan swivels to hook this through fine leg, and hits it well enough to clear the boundary. 200 up for Otago! and early in the 18th over as well


Behrendorff to ten Doeschate, no run, good change up with the slower ball as Ryan is unable to get any bat on it, as it carries through to the keeper


Behrendorff to ten Doeschate, OUT, would you believe it, another high full toss, and wide outside off stump at that, and Ryan unluckily hits this straight to mid on. A rather quiet end to a swashbuckling innings from the Otago allrounder. 66 off 26 balls, fantastic effort! Replays however show the ball being delivered above the batsman's waist, so a tad unlucky for Tendo

RN ten Doeschate c Davis b Behrendorff 66 (34m 26b 3x4 6x6) SR: 253.84


Behrendorff to Neesham, no run, short ball which Neesham decides to leave alone as he ducks under it

Otago 204/4   JP Behrendorff 3-0-26-1

Behrendorff to Broom, SIX, length ball going down the leg side and Broom simply helps it on its way through the square leg boundary for a humongous six


Behrendorff to Broom, 2 runs, speared in on the blockhole and Broom able to dig it out to the leg side for a couple


Behrendorff to Broom, 1 run, plays a Dhoniesque helicopter shot to steer a fuller length ball through midwicket


Behrendorff to Neesham, FOUR, full and wide and Neesham directs this through midwicket, to beat a diving deep midwicket to the boundary. I have lost count of the boundary count here


Behrendorff to Neesham, FOUR, Neesham once again finds the gap through extra-cover to get a boundary, which you feel, is simply excess at this point


Behrendorff to Neesham, no run, short and wide and Neesham is unable to get any bat on it to bring a tame end to what has been a spectacular, boundary-laden, innings from Otago

Otago 242/4   JP Behrendorff 4-0-43-1





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