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England v India, 1st Test, Lord's, 3rd day
'I'm pleased with him [Anderson]': David Lloyd
July 21, 2007
David Lloyd chats with Andrew Miller on the 3rd day's play at Lord's
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Andrew Miller: Hi, this is Andrew Miller at Lord's with David Lloyd. England closed on 77 for 2, a lead of 174 runs, but the man of the day, James Anderson, he took his second five wicket haul at Lord's today, a magnificent return by him.

David Lloyd: I thought he bowled beautifully and its just testimony to having done lots of bowling for Lancashire, and we can just think back to the times over the last couple of years when he was rested and for a young bowler I'm not that's the right way to go. I think they need to learn their trade, which he has done, and he looks far better. I'm very pleased with him.

AM: Well, tell us a bit more about him. As a Lancastrian you have clearly followed his career all the way, he doesn't say much for himself... what is he like away from the cameras?

DL: Very similar, he comes from Burnley, North Lancashire. It is a hotbed of league cricket and quite tough league cricket, and that is where he learnt his cricket and then joined the Lancashire Cricket Club where he had a meteoric rise to international cricket bowling at 90 miles an hour. He almost came from league cricket into internationals. But he is a very quiet individual, a very polite lad. He has got a good build and good stamina, if he can build on what he has done today with what people say a second string England attack what an opportunity it has been for these younger bowlers.

AM: Ryan Sidebottom, another man who has spent a lot of time on the sidelines backing the attack, its going to be difficult for some of the guys who have missed out in this game to find their way back in.

DL: Yes, and some notables. Steve Harmison and Mathew Hoggard you will think if you were selecting an England team they will be in the team but I think these lads like Sidebottom, Anderson and Chris Tremlett have grabbed an opportunity. Sidebottom is a very interesting case, and following on from what we said about Anderson, he has learnt his trade by playing county cricket. I think the England bowlers have been terrific in this game. There are so many people who have bowled for England who would say that Tremlett has every attribute you need - he has got enough pace, the height, bounce, the action, and everybody talks about getting a little bit more steel into him.

AM: Another difficult day for the batsmen, a bit on-off again, but England came through quite well, only two wickets down at close of play. They are looking pretty well set in this game.

DL: Yes, they have got a good healthy lead and they had nine overs to negotiate at the back end of the day which can be quite tricky. And you start looking at the clock and start counting the minutes, seconds and the overs down. India in that last session bowled poorly. They just didn't make England play; they had some strange field settings. Kevin Pietersen and Michael Vaughan ran off the field knowing that they had done really well.

AM: You think Pietersen learnt a bit from yesterday's scenario? Clearly more switched on this evening?

DL: Pietersen has been slightly off. He is just not absolutely there and there were signs today that the determination was there. Pietersen going forward is formidable. What he has been tending to do is look to the deep square leg and deep fine leg and he has been hanging back in his crease and today he was going forward and that's when Pietersen is at his best.

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