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England v India, 1st Test, Lord's, 4th day
A day of celebrations for England
July 22, 2007
Day 4 at Lord's, Andrew Miller and David Lloyd analyse the first Test between India and hosts England
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Andrew Miller: Hi this is Andrew Miller and once again I have the former England coach David Lloyd with me to discuss the 4th day of the first Test match between India and England at Lord's. England finished it in a very pretty position thanks to a fine century from Kevin Pietersen and some pretty good bowling from Monty Panesar. Pietersen, another century at Lord's, he like this ground doesn't he?

David Lloyd: I think this is his third century at Lord's and he looked the class player that he is and what pleased everybody that he has been quite canny and he started carefully, he got to know the swing and the bounce and so on and waited for a partner, waited for somebody to stay with him. That came from Matt Prior and they put on 119. Prior played his part and Pietersen at one stage accelerated. We were saying that he put his foot on the gas and changed the gears and started looking for boundaries and going after the bowling.

AM: He had some interesting things to say before the match, he said that he was tired and a little bit run-down; he didn't look it today, did he?

DL: No he didn't. You get a reaction when a player comes out with something like that and in his own way he'd just say that he is being honest. But the best thing to do is, of course, score a century and a century at Lord's. You get your name on the board; it is such an honour at the headquarters of cricket. And Pietersen, sometimes, is too honest for his own good. I wouldn't have any bad things to say about Pietersen. I like the whole package that's Kevin Pietersen and his naivety.

AM: A slightly different bowling performance from England today, perhaps the ball wasn't swinging as much? Looked like Panesar and Chris Tremlett with the extra came into the attack a bit more today?

DL: It didn't swing as much and we have debated as to why and we feel that the wicket has dried out completely, so James Anderson and to an extent - Tremlett have dropped the length back and looking to hit the seam to find a touch of movement. They have been accurate enough and I think India have fought hard and are still in the game but they need a special performance to get something from it. They can look to the weather a bit tomorrow. Also they have the young Dinesh Karthik out there who has played thoroughly well.

AM: All in all though England's four man attack for this match, they have looked the part, haven't they?

DL: They sure have and it is always impressive when you hear lads like Mike Atherton and Sir Ian Botham have said that this is as good as they have seen from a collective unit maybe since the Ashes 2005, and that is saying something. Opportunities come along for young players and I drool about this lad - Tremlett. He has got the lot, we have spoken about this previously, he has been sending the ball down at 88-89 miles per hour, with his height at 6 feet 8 inches he is going to be a handful on pitches that are slightly quicker than this. So England, suddenly, have got a number of players who can do the job. You do have Steve Harmison or Mathew Hoggard, but these lads have come in and done an excellent job for England as a collective bowling unit.

AM: Prospects for tomorrow? England should wrap it up fairly easily you think?

DL: I think England will win the game, but I think we are in for an excellent day's cricket weather permitting. Can India move on and draw this game? I don't think they can win it now; too many of their best players have gone. But they will have to bat sessions. England will know that it is a little bit more difficult now, but they will have a five-day pitch. Panesar is right in this game, he is such a good bowler and Michael Vaughn can operate his seamers from the other end, so it will be hard work, they will need to have patience, but it is England who will be driving this game forward tomorrow.

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