Like an unloved pancake in a hippopotamus-rolling competition

December 4, 2012: Andy Zaltzman looks at the Perth Test and ahead to Kolkata

Why Watson's going to cost Australia the World Twenty20

October 4, 2012: Andy Zaltzman examines the road to the semi-finals and the runway of defeat, which India, South Africa, England and New Zealand zoomed on to reach their respective home airports

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'Teams that start rubbishly always win'

Sep 19, 2012: An indisputable assertion from WG Grace, plus, lots of wonderful (read: nonsense) stats about even- and odd-numbered scores and the number of letters in team names

The importance of Sehwag's hair, and the most average cricketer ever

Jul 2, 2012: In this readers' questions special: what's more wasteful - Mitchell Johnson or carbon emissions? And is the BCCI evil?

The Sobers-Kallis debate resolved for the final time ever

May 15, 2012: Andy Zaltzman goes where no man has gone before to get stats that prove who the world's best allrounder is, while also finding time to answer other readers' questions

The moon-landing milestone, and the Philander mystery

Mar 29, 2012: The number of centuries Tendulkar could have had if humans used 8 as our base number, Sri Lanka-England predictions, and your questions answered

The ugliest thing in cricket

Feb 16, 2012: Andy Zaltzman and Daniel Norcross talk about Pakistan's abject and deceitful performance in the UAE, and which animal will make the best wicketkeeper

Play it again Samaraweera

Jan 10, 2012: Andy Zaltzman and Daniel Norcross talk about the Sri Lankan colossus, offer piercing insights into South African cricket, and use up reams of hypothetical paper

'Australia have fluffed their chance at immortality'

Dec 2, 2011: Also: why Test cricket is like The Wire. Andy Zaltzman discusses these and other thrilling topics with Daniel Norcross of Test Match Sofa

Is there a game in Mohali on Wednesday?

Mar 29, 2011: Andy Zaltzman has heard there is. Oh well, can't be anything important

Cricket, history and Sachin Tendulkar

Mar 20, 2011: The third installment of Andy Zaltzman's World Cup podcast reports on the performance of the quarter-final teams, and reasons why life without cricket is pointless

Boomtown Bangalore and the Bat Bash Bonanza

Mar 2, 2011: The second instalment of Andy Zaltzman's World Cup podcast reports on two Bangalore games: India v England, and the Bangalore Brave Hearts against the Hyderabad Nawabs

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