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I asked a few people [what "pie chucker" meant]  and they told me it was a useless kind of a bowler. Well, a useless bowler getting him out five times, that's useless batting, I'd say."

Yuvraj Singh isn't going to take Kevin Pietersen's comments lying down

Dec 23, 2008 Tweet | Share

His bowling action is useless though and mine is much better. But if he works hard he can be a good bowler. I'll give him some tips and show him how to bowl in the rough if he likes.

Yuvraj Singh doesn't rate Kevin Pietersen as a bowler

Dec 23, 2008 Tweet | Share

You are not God, you are a cricketer, and I'm a better one.

Kevin Pietersen to Yuvraj Singh during an on-field chat. The stump mic was alert

Dec 21, 2008 Tweet | Share

Dravid came up trumps here, blocking England's path as imposingly as any Punjab sentry in possession of a large moustache, a rifle and a due sense of his own importance.

The Times' Simon Wilde finds a local simile to describe Rahul Dravid's innings in Mohali

Dec 20, 2008 Tweet | Share

I'm a winner and this team is full of winners.

Kevin Pietersen states what most people already know about the England team

Dec 18, 2008 Tweet | Share

I went down and told Yuvraj that it's still not over, don't think it's over and I have experienced it so don't relax.

A determined Sachin Tendulkar doesn't want to relive the horrors of 1999 in Chennai where India collapsed to defeat after his dismissal

Dec 16, 2008 Tweet | Share

He almost manipulates the field. You change it, and it's like he says: 'Right, I'm going to hit it somewhere else now'."

Andrew Strauss can't help admiring Virender Sehwag's batting

Dec 15, 2008 Tweet | Share

If he [Paul Collingwood] was playing outside your house, you'd shut the curtains.

Not many would line up to watch good ol' Colly, David Lloyd says on commentary

Dec 13, 2008 Tweet | Share

Because it reaches out to India which has been wronged; because it shows confidence and commitment; and because it says terrorism will not win.

British foreign secretary, David Miliband, praises England's return to play the two-Test series against India

Dec 10, 2008 Tweet | Share

My head has been given a full working over during the last few days.

Kevin Pietersen has had his hands full dealing with the various issues surrounding England's tour of India

Dec 10, 2008 Tweet | Share

I'm absolutely delighted. It's a strong decision to have been taken and I'm over the moon.

Seems like Paul Nixon is itching to get on that plane to India with the rest of the England team, security worries or not

Dec 7, 2008 Tweet | Share

There's a strong feeling that we want to go and play these Tests. But everyone will have different opinions and if someone doesn't want to go we will respect that.

Will they, won't they? Peter Moores reflects the uncertainty in the England camp over their tour of India

Dec 6, 2008 Tweet | Share

It'll buy us some more time in Abu Dhabi.

Two hours before flying to Abu Dhabi, Kevin Pietersen indicates that England's two Tests against India are not yet a sure-fire bet

Dec 4, 2008 Tweet | Share

Take your PlayStations and your DVDs

A security adviser quotes in the Times has a word for the England team who soon make their way back to India

Dec 4, 2008 Tweet | Share

I think a few of the England players should reflect on what happened in their country before they start pulling out of cricket matches in India.

With more than a hint to the July 7 bombings in London three years ago, Geoff Lawson attacks England's nervousness over returning to India

Dec 1, 2008 Tweet | Share

Frankly speaking I don't understand Duckworth-Lewis. I just wait for the umpire's decision.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one among a million who can't understand the method

Nov 26, 2008 Tweet | Share

I don't believe in astrology but my family members do. Too many people used to call up and pester me and my family to use different numbers. I was so fed up that I decided not to take any of their advices.

Virender Sehwag explains why he decided not to wear a number on his shirt for the fourth ODI against England. It did him no harm: he was named Man of the Match

Nov 23, 2008 Tweet | Share

What happens inside a meeting, where the selectors, the captain and the coaches are there, when it comes out, it is disgusting and disrespectful.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is upset that the events of the selection meeting were leaked to the media

Nov 23, 2008 Tweet | Share

I am disappointed we did not get a few more runs and did not get a partnership later on, but there was no lack of effort.

England might be losing but at least they're trying, says Peter Moores. Well that's all right then.

Nov 22, 2008 Tweet | Share

Where are the one-day cricketers? Where is Dimi Mascarenhas?

As England approach the fourth ODI against India, 0-3 down, Ian Botham gives the selectors both barrels

Nov 22, 2008 Tweet | Share

The one thing I would say is that the lads were up for the challenge.

Peter Moores takes the positives from England's defeat in the third ODI - well, the margins are getting closer

Nov 21, 2008 Tweet | Share

Pietersen's weakness is that he does not consider spin to be a legitimate part of the game.

Michael Atherton on the rather blinkered view of the England captain

Nov 21, 2008 Tweet | Share

Four hundred and fifty, the way Yuvraj is batting in this series!

Kevin Pietersen works out a defendable total ahead of the third ODI against India in Kanpur

Nov 20, 2008 Tweet | Share

Sachin and Sehwag are also spectacular, but when in full flow Yuvraj really stands out.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni praises Yuvraj Singh

Nov 19, 2008 Tweet | Share

I'd have probably been fined my whole match fee if my Dad had been the ref.

Stuart Broad is rather chuffed that his dad, Chris, isn't the match referee after he was let off with a warning

Nov 18, 2008 Tweet | Share

I'm going to take Yuvraj out in the hotel tonight and make sure he doesn't come to Kanpur for the next game

Kevin Pietersen has had enough of Yuvraj Singh

Nov 18, 2008 Tweet | Share

Collingwood, with respect, is a poor man's Mark Ealham.

Alec Stewart might well remember Ealham as a medium-pace legend of the late-1990s, but his comments on Sky Sports still come across as damningly faint praise

Nov 17, 2008 Tweet | Share

There is a lot of mediocrity that people settle for in England in terms of the county cricket and the comfort zones of international cricket. But I am not one for settling for mediocrity, that is far from my thoughts.

Kevin Pietersen lays down the law in the wake of England's loss in the first ODI against India

Nov 16, 2008 Tweet | Share

As a kid I always wanted to be the best, to win everything at school... Even now when I am driving, I don't like losing to people at the lights.

One can imagine how much Kevin Pietersen hated losing by a large margin to India in the first one-dayer

Nov 16, 2008 Tweet | Share

We need to get 20 wickets and we need to have the runs on the board.

Ashley Giles shows that his years of experience aren't wasted as he pinpoints what England need to do to beat India

Nov 10, 2008 Tweet | Share

We will have to find some abs in the next few weeks.

Andrew Flintoff is on the lookout for some muscles just in case he needs to take his shirt off in India

Nov 8, 2008 Tweet | Share

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India v England at Mohali - Dec 19-23, 2008
Match drawn
India v England at Chennai - Dec 11-15, 2008
India won by 6 wickets
Ind Pres XI v England XI at Vadodara - Dec 5-7, 2008
Match cancelled without a ball bowled
India v England at Delhi - Dec 2, 2008
Match cancelled without a ball bowled
India v England at Guwahati - Nov 29, 2008
Match cancelled without a ball bowled
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