Women's National Cricket League, 2011/12 / Grounds

Allan Border Field, Brisbane Allan Border Field, Brisbane

Capacity 4500
Sat Oct 22 (50 ovs) Qld Women v Tas Women
Sat Nov 12 (50 ovs) Qld Women v ACT Women
Sat Jan 7 (50 ovs) Qld Women v WA Women
Bellerive Oval, Hobart Bellerive Oval, Hobart

Capacity 16200
Sat Nov 12 (50 ovs) Tas Women v SAust Women
Sat Jan 7 (50 ovs) Tas Women v NSW Women
Blacktown Olympic Park Oval, Sydney Blacktown Olympic Park Oval, Sydney

Established 22 Aug 2009
Capacity 10,000
Sat Dec 3 (50 ovs) NSW Women v Vic Women
  Camberwell Sports Ground, Melbourne

Sat Nov 26 (50 ovs) Vic Women v Tas Women
  Drummoyne Oval, Sydney

Sat Dec 17 (50 ovs) NSW Women v Qld Women
  Kingston Twin Ovals, Hobart

Sat Dec 3 (50 ovs) Tas Women v WA Women
  Manly Oval, Sydney

Sat Oct 29 (50 ovs) NSW Women v SAust Women
Manuka Oval, Canberra Manuka Oval, Canberra

Capacity 13,000
Sat Oct 22 (50 ovs) ACT Women v SAust Women
Sat Oct 29 (50 ovs) ACT Women v Tas Women
Sat Nov 26 (50 ovs) ACT Women v NSW Women
Melbourne Cricket Ground Melbourne Cricket Ground

Established 1854
Capacity 100000 (approx, including standing room)
Sat Oct 29 (50 ovs) Vic Women v Qld Women
Sun Jan 8 (50 ovs) Vic Women v ACT Women
  Murdoch University Ground, Perth

Sat Nov 12 (50 ovs) WA Women v Vic Women
Sat Dec 17 (50 ovs) WA Women v ACT Women
  Park 25, Adelaide

Sat Nov 26 (50 ovs) SAust Women v WA Women
  Parkinson Oval, Adelaide

Sat Dec 17 (50 ovs) SAust Women v Vic Women
Sydney Cricket Ground Sydney Cricket Ground

Established 1848
Capacity 44002
Sat Jan 14 (50 ovs) NSW Women v Vic Women
W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth

Established 1893
Capacity 22,000 (24,500 with temporary seating)
Sat Oct 22 (50 ovs) WA Women v NSW Women
  Woodville Oval, Adelaide

Sat Dec 3 (50 ovs) SAust Women v Qld Women

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