Bicester and North Oxford Cricket Club, Chesterton, Bicester

Sun Apr 27 (50 ovs) Oxfordshire v Berkshire
Sun Jun 15 (50 ovs) Oxfordshire v Cumberland
Sun Jul 13 (50 ovs) Oxfordshire v Wiltshire
  Boscawen Park, Truro

Sun May 4 (50 ovs) Cornwall v Devon
  Boughton Hall Cricket Club Ground, Chester

Sun Jun 15 (50 ovs) Cheshire v Hrford
  Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett

Sun May 11 (50 ovs) Herts v Cambs
  Church Lane, Woodford

Sun May 25 (50 ovs) Cheshire v Lincolnshire
  Clare College Ground, Cambridge

Sun May 4 (50 ovs) Cambs v Suffolk
  Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor

Sun May 18 (50 ovs) Hrford v Oxfordshire
  Cross O'Cliff Court, Bracebridge Heath

Sun May 18 (50 ovs) Lincolnshire v Northumb
  Dean Park, Bournemouth

Established 1869
Capacity 6000
Sun May 4 (50 ovs) Dorset v Wales MC
Sun May 18 (50 ovs) Dorset v Wiltshire
  Dinton Cricket Club, Dinton

Sun May 18 (50 ovs) Bucks v Berkshire
  Gallowstree Common, Kidmore End

Sun May 25 (50 ovs) Berkshire v Hrford
  Grange Lane, Cople

Sun May 18 (50 ovs) Bedfordshire v Herts
  Ipswich School Ground

Sun Apr 27 (50 ovs) Suffolk v Herts
  Jubilee Park, Woodhall Spa

Sun Apr 27 (50 ovs) Lincolnshire v Cumberland
  Kendal Cricket Club, Shap Road, Kendal

Sun May 4 (50 ovs) Cumberland v Northumb
  Ladycross, Werrington

Sun May 25 (50 ovs) Cornwall v Dorset
  Lancot Park, Dunstable

Sun May 4 (50 ovs) Bedfordshire v Norfolk
  Lichfield Road, Stone

Sun May 4 (50 ovs) Staffs v Oxfordshire
  London Road, Shrewsbury

Sun May 4 (50 ovs) Shropshire v Lincolnshire
  Manor Park, Horsford

Sun Apr 27 (50 ovs) Norfolk v Cambs
Sun May 18 (50 ovs) Norfolk v Suffolk
  Morda Road, Oswestry

Sun May 18 (50 ovs) Shropshire v Cheshire
  North Devon Cricket Club Ground, Sandhills, Instow

Sun Apr 27 (50 ovs) Devon v Wiltshire
  Osborne Avenue, Jesmond

Sun Apr 27 (50 ovs) Northumb v Cheshire
Sun May 11 (50 ovs) Northumb v Shropshire
  Parkgate, Neston

Sun May 11 (50 ovs) Cheshire v Cumberland
  Sambourne Road, Warminster

Sun May 25 (50 ovs) Wiltshire v Wales MC
  Sandair, Cockermouth

Sun May 25 (50 ovs) Cumberland v Shropshire
Sir Paul Getty's Ground, Wormsley Sir Paul Getty's Ground, Wormsley

Established 1992
Wed Aug 27 (50 ovs) Devon v Oxfordshire
  Spytty Park, Newport

Sun Apr 27 (50 ovs) Wales MC v Cornwall
  Station Road, Corsham

Sun May 11 (50 ovs) Wiltshire v Cornwall
Sun Jun 15 (50 ovs) Wiltshire v Norfolk
  Stourbridge Road, Himley

Established 1883
Capacity 2000
Sun May 25 (50 ovs) Staffs v Bucks
  Stowe Lane, Colwall

Sun Apr 27 (50 ovs) Hrford v Staffs
  The Avenue Sports Club Ground, March

Sun May 25 (50 ovs) Cambs v Bedfordshire
  The Common, Harpenden

Sun May 25 (50 ovs) Herts v Norfolk
The Fortfield, Sidmouth The Fortfield, Sidmouth

Sun May 11 (50 ovs) Devon v Dorset
Sun Jul 13 (50 ovs) Devon v Cheshire
  The Memorial Ground, Burnham

Sun May 4 (50 ovs) Bucks v Hrford
  The Victory Ground, Bury St Edmunds

Sun May 11 (50 ovs) Suffolk v Bedfordshire
Sun Jun 15 (50 ovs) Suffolk v Devon
  Usk Cricket Club Ground

Sun May 18 (50 ovs) Wales MC v Devon
  Vicarage Hill, East Challow, Challow & Childrey

Sun May 11 (50 ovs) Oxfordshire v Bucks
  Wargrave Cricket Club Ground, Wargrave

Sun May 11 (50 ovs) Berkshire v Staffs