KIPPAX, Alan Falconer Born 25 May 1897 Died 5 Septemer 1972

" One of cricket`s most stylish players, Alan Kippax en- tranced spectators with his play in a career which lasted from 1918 to 1936. He possessed all the stroeks and could play them with power and exquisite timing: his best was cricket`s most dif- ficult, the late cut. Kippax made his Test debut against England in 1924-25, and in 1925-26 he averaged 112 in the Sheffield Shield, but was not picked to tour England in 1926. This was an almost unbelievable selection error which rivals, and probably exceeds, the non-selection of Grimmett in 1938. [ However, it`s interesting to note that Bill Woodfull, the man picked instead of Kippax, scored the most runs in that series, so it wasn`t that bad an error ]

He was eventually chosen to tour in 1930 and 1934, but had been a far better player in the twenties. On that first trip, aged 35, only Bradman made more runs, and Kippax played some fine innings in the Tests.

He displayed a great tactical skill in leading New South Wales, and at first-class level, he was a dominating player. His highest score, 315 not out, was made against Queens- land in 1926-27. In 1928-29 he finally established his Test place and in first-class cricket he set a record which may never be beaten. N.S.W. were 9/113 when the last man, Hooker, joined Kip- pax. A day later Hooker was dismissed for 62, Kippax was 260 not out and the two had added 307 for the last wicket.

Against the West Indies in 1930-31 he made his highest Test score (146), but the next season his confidence was severely dented when he was twice struck in the head while bat- ting. Once a glorious exponent of the hook, he never again played the stroke with the same confidence. Like many of his colleagues, Kippax had no counter to Bodyline, but was taken to England again in 1934. Although he failed to score a thousand runs, he did average 50, an excellent effort for a 37 year old.

In a long first-class career, Kippax made plenty of runs, but it was the manner as much as the quantity which left a last- ing impression, frequently causing old timers to think of the im- mortal skills of Victor Trumper. "

Thanks: ABC Guide to Australian Cricketers