Thursday 24 April 1997

He was the best of the lot

By J J Warr (Former Middlesex captain, England bowler and former president of MCC)

ENGLAND have been served by some great batsmen - Sir Len Hutton, Peter May, Colin Cowdrey and others - but Denis was the best of the lot. He was a genius, blessed with a sixth sense, who was put on this earth to play sport and entertain those who delight in sport.

I will never forget the sheer joy Denis conveyed in those tough post-War years when he lit up our lives with his brilliant batting and sense of fun.

Just watching him, or reading about his exploits the following day, gave everybody a wonderful boost and helped restore a feeling of getting back to normality.

He loved a crowd, an audience, if you like, and considered it his duty to entertain, though he was also very competitive and loved to win. He was also an under-rated slow left-arm bowler, a fine footballer and a single-figures golfer, despite suffering knee and hip injuries.

Above all, he was a kind, loyal and generous friend. He was a star but he wore the mantle lightly. He could be untidy in the changing-room and very forgetful but we loved him for it.

It was my great fortune to be a close neighbour and, until his illness, we met regularly down our local, the Belgian Arms, to talk cricket and yarn. Even then he would never fail to brighten your day.

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