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Kris Srikkanth plays the square drive

Favourite Moments

A shot of hope

An imagination-embellished stroke that turned the course of the 1983 World Cup final

Rajdeep Sardesai

Indian cricket team for the World Cup 1983

The year we grew up

Being at India's first World Cup win and watching the uninhibited celebrations that followed was an unforgettable experience for an 18-year-old

Graeme Wood is hit by a bouncer from Malcolm Marshall

The Jury's Out

The best World Cup

Two continents, three decades, four winners, many reasons: our panel of crack writers tells you which of the ten tournaments was the best of them all

Interviews by Tristan Holme

Duncan Fletcher goes after Jeff Thomson

Forgotten Classics

Zimbabwe's Trent Bridge coup

In 1983, the minnows stunned the cricketing world in their first international match by upsetting a disunited Australia

Ayaz Memon

Indian players run off the ground

World Cup No. 3: the big story

The summer it all changed

The 1983 World Cup was a journey of self-discovery not just for India, but for a sportswriter whose career gamble was vindicated after the final

Mohinder Amarnath cuts during his innings of 26 in the final

Men of the Finals

The joker in the pack

Unassuming, undemonstrative Jimmy turned the 1983 semi-final and final India's way

Catch of the century: Kapil Dev gets Viv Richards

Kapil gets Viv

The catch in the 1983 final that brought down a titan, and made Indian cricket's most unlikely achievement possible

Indian fans celebrate the win


The big upset

No one, including the Indians, thought India would beat West Indies to the title