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'Best chase in Twenty20 history'

Ian Chappell looks back on Australia's incredible win over Pakistan in the second semi-final in Barbados (03:37)

May 14, 2010


Australia v Pakistan, 2nd semi-final, St Lucia

'Best chase in Twenty20 history'

May 14, 2010

Michael Hussey sealed a thrilling win for Australia, Australia v Pakistan, 2nd semi-final, ICC World Twenty20, St Lucia, May 14, 2010
Chappell: "Michael Hussey's knock was just unbelievable" © AFP

Andrew McGlashan: Hello and welcome to Cricinfo Talk and today I have Ian Chappell with me to discuss an extraordinary second semi-final between Australia and Pakistan.

Ian that was an incredible finish and an amazing innings by Michael Hussey. Is that one of the best chases you have seen in Twenty20?

Ian Chappell: I think it would probably have to be the best, [especially] to have hit that many sixes and all of them clean. Also you could see towards the end of the last two overs that the draining humidity was getting to him. He was down on his haunches and he called for drinks and that means his strength was sapped a little bit. So to keep hitting them in the middle of the bat and down the ground like that was just remarkable particularly when you think that three to five years ago Michael Hussey wasn't even thought of to be a big hitter. It has only been in recent years that he has acquired that reputation. It was just unbelievable.

AM: Was it purely the brilliance of Michael Hussey or could Pakistan have done something a little different? Was their bowling quite as good as it could have been?

IC: I think you have got to give a lot of credit to Cameron White first, because the sixes that he hit, probably Australia would have had no chance of getting there in the end. Hussey is a very thoughtful cricketer and he worked out which way he wanted to hit them. If you look at his batting chart most of them were to the onside. That is because he is very strong on the pull and he obviously felt like he could hit more powerfully with the pull shot. And yet he hit a glorious straight six in the last over.

I think the only thing I would say about Pakistan was that really that ball that was skewed out to backward-point that went for four which made the scores level, should have been caught. If you are a good fielding side, in a situation like that, those catches have to be taken. It is probably justice really because Pakistan were always well behind Australia when it came to fielding and running between wickets. So in the end, if you felt anything was going to let Pakistan down it would probably be that combination of fielding and running between the wickets.

AM: Do you think in the end we have got the ideal final? Have the two best teams made it this time?

IC: They have certainly been the two best teams in this tournament and by quite a margin. Yes, when you have a tournament like this, you are always hoping that you will get the best two teams in the final and then you hope that you will get a good final. The thing is now it is going to be hard to top what we saw in this semi-final.

AM: I was just going to say that, do you think anything can stop Australia? By all accounts they shouldn't have really won this game today so do you think there is anything that can stop them?

IC: I think England must go win a chance of winning. They have been playing very good cricket and they have been playing a similar style of cricket to Australia. England have been strong in the same areas that Australia have been strong in. The only question marks that I have got with England are probably their only opening combination. I don't know if they can match up to Australia in that regard. But I have been impressed with England's confidence and the aggressive way that they have played. I think the two teams match up pretty well.

AM: Thanks for joining us Ian. We will look forward to a terrific final in Barbados on Sunday.

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