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Where does Pakistan cricket go from here?

Sanjay Manjrekar and Osman Samiuddin discuss the controversy involving Zulqarnain Haider and the bigger issues affecting cricket in Pakistan (28:50)

November 16, 2010

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Posted by Saj-khan on (November 17, 2010, 22:45 GMT)

Mr Manjraker i did not like the idea of 'cool off'. You are right it would have been taken as a genuine suggestion if suggested by a Pakistan because it would have been a genuine suggestion. If you want to clean world cricket from fixing and corruption by banning Pakistan, excuse me Mr expert you need to think twice. You may need to ban some more countries or may be to stop cricket all over the world. the bookies were search for another source of earning and in two years there would a fresh begining, free of all wrong doings. Wow GENIUS!

Posted by sameer_ahmed on (November 17, 2010, 17:34 GMT)

Normally Osman Samiuddin writes and speaks very well but I'm surprised at his comments on the three suspended cricketers, he is referring to the events at Lords as if all those charges have been proven and these players are guilty. In fact he says something like "just because of what three players have done..." mind you these are still allegations Osman!

Posted by samjutt on (November 17, 2010, 12:59 GMT)

I respect sanjay manjrekar very much and he is for me one of the best commentator around but i just do,nt agree with him that pakistan neds cooling off period. cricket is anyways is not one of the most popular sport around and by giving pakistan a break will not help in that sense that pakistan is one the most talented team. lets admit that match fixing is not only issue in pakistan cricket it has been in cricketsince long time and all these allegations are not proven yet. i think PCB and ICC have not managed these charges in a responsible way. I don,t know why they have to prolong these allegation they have to come out with a verdict and punish players who are involved . all the members of ICC should insist them solve this case as early as possible. You can,t use pakistan as a scape goat. i truely agree that you are a fan of pakistani cricketers and you should support pakistan cricket such cricical political situation in the region and cricket is the only hope for pakistan .

Posted by Roushe on (November 17, 2010, 11:50 GMT)

I am disappointed with Sanjay Manjeraker whom I respected as a good commentator. In prescribing a 'cooling off' time for Pakistan cricket, he has spoken not as a professional cricketer but as an Indian politician, demonising Pakistan, or at best as a follower of George W. Bush, who believed in 'pre-emptive strikes'. He has reminded me of a man who was drinking heavily in a pub when a friend joined him and asked as to why he looked so depressed. The man confided that when he went home unexpectedly that afternoon he found his wife in a compromising position with a man on the sofa in their living room. Next day they met in the same pub and the man happily informed his friend that he had solved the problem by removing the sofa from the living room. The problem of Pakistan cricket will not be solved by removing it from the living room. Why punish the whole nation, why punish the game of cricket in Pakistan, why not pick on only those involved in bringing disrepute to the game of gentlemen?

Posted by bestwishes on (November 17, 2010, 9:26 GMT)

The tragedy of the Pakistani public is that while their heart and mind are in the right place, they are made to defend situations which are not defensible, in the name of patriotism. There are higher up people who propagate screwups ad then when their actions get questioned and attacked, they make it look like that the attack is on Pakistan and then push the people in front to defend their actions or consequences of their actions. Pakistan establishment, which is loathe to import anything of substance from India, imported the biggest Mafia in South Asia ( Dawood and other bookies) in name of the religion. These gangs were alway suspected of running the biggest Indian betting Syndicate and they also got harjah off the cricketing map by their actions. They were sheltered by the Pakistani establishment ( I am sure there was no public support for this) and now the public is supposed to defend Pakistan against "enemy' attacks because this Underworld import has turned to its true colors.

Posted by SZee on (November 17, 2010, 6:56 GMT)

Good dialogue. Disagree objectively and passionately with Sanjay who I respect a lot as a well wisher of Pakistani Cricket. As a Pakistani fan and a spectator my mind suggests that there has to be a lot more to the bookie situation than what it is being surfaced. Pakistan is considered tiny both in terms of the monetary aspect and the management ability of its current Board. Who are those bookies? what is their origination? Many players from respected Cricketing nations have been cited involved with Bookies based out of India in the past. We shall not just make Pakistan as a 'scapegoat' to make sure that the more powerful actors are protected. This problem is not confined to Pakistan I am sure - its just that the country's situation and ineptness of PCB makes Pakistan an ideal Country to wrap around all the filth and use it as a distraction. ICC needs to overlook this wholistically and treat the root of the disease and not the symptoms. Isolation is definitely there IPL an example.

Posted by khanofcricket on (November 17, 2010, 0:33 GMT)

I do not agree with the cooling off period and the reason is that what is the guarantee that when the team is brought back into the international fold the betting ring is not going to resurface. Infact those guys might come back in a much bigger way as they would have been starved for some time. The main issue is with the board. They need to take it more seriously than they have done so far and implement measures at all levels of cricket in Pakistan. ICC has taken the right steps to monitor PCB more closely. However, we need to be a little bit more patient (including ICC) as this is going to be a long and slow process. But if done right, this is bound to produce positive results.

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