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Conflict of interest: where does one draw the line?

Harsha Bhogle, Sanjay Manjrekar and Sambit Bal discuss an issue that has put some commentators and administrators in the spotlight (42:33)

Producer: Siddhartha Talya

October 20, 2011

Posted by londondoc on (October 22, 2011, 14:43 GMT)

I must congratulate you Harsha on a very good discussion on the 'conflict of interest' issue. As was rightly pointed out repeatedly, it is the perception that decisions could be influenced and there is a moral code of conduct that one needs to adhere to. Mr. Kumble's integrity is perhaps unquestionable. However, one feels that he should perhaps live up to his reputation of being a man of high morals and integrity by getting rid of the 'conflict of interest' he has landed himself him, just like u did Harsha. He needs to realise that by doing so, it wouldnt be a loss of face for him; on the contrary he would enhance his reputation and the respect people have for him.

Posted by   on (October 21, 2011, 17:01 GMT)

As Harsha said, Honorary positions have to be done away with. But the politicians at he thelm of BCCI and other state cricket associations won't allow it since Indian constitution doesn't allow Govt office bearers to take up a paid job elsewhere. So the conflict of interest is here to stay for NOW.

Posted by dyogesh on (October 21, 2011, 2:37 GMT)

There is a fair bit of rambling so it would be better if the conversation is transcribed earlier. The judge made a couple of new points but gave no legal perspective and kept re-iterating points made by others.

I would like a bit more discussion on how Cricinfo ensures that its writers avoid conflict of interests.

Though the overall discussion is interesting, 42 minutes is too long. This is the reason, i don't listen to most of the Time-Outs unless the topic is very interesting. It is fair to say that very few people would be ready to spend 42 minutes in a stretch to listen to all the rambling.

Posted by bks123 on (October 20, 2011, 5:57 GMT)

Thanks harsha, sambit and sanjay. This is one of the best discussions I have ever heard on time out. I do appreciate your takes on this issue. You all have agreed that there is a conflict of interest on kumble's case and one can't ignore it just because the person involved is anil kumble. However, the bigger issue for me as a viewer is the commentators we have that are contracted by the BCCI. They just can't tell anything to displease BCCI and I do appreciate sambit for being very frank in telling that BCCI is not Indian cricket. Everyone knows that IPL is the sole reason for our dismal show in England. And there comes ravi shastry to say that it is not. I agree that our players are getting benefited monetarily or exposure wise by IPL. But that is only in limited overs format. What about our test cricket? How on earth one can expect India to compete abroad when their 7-8 main team players were injured. And that happened just only because of the IPL just after the WC.

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