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Manjrekar: Shillingford's bounce is the key

A compilation of the important discussions from match point on day 2 of the first test between India and West Indies in Kolkata

November 7, 2013

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England v India, 5th Investec Test, The Oval, 3rd day Giles: Dhoni adapted technique to conditions
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Eng v Ind, 5th Investec Test, The Oval, 3rd day 'Moeen Ali's bowling a huge positive'
Posted by ToneMalone on (November 8, 2013, 1:40 GMT)

By all means promote your new features Cricinfo, but please maintain some sense of perspective about it. If you find a way to channel Trumper, Ranji and the Doctor via medium for a Switch Hit special edition, by all means take over the home page. Otherwise, perhaps a promotional strap, where us readers can still see the other things happening in the world of cricket, is more proportionate to the occasion.

Thanks - and overall, love the site.

Posted by CherryWood_Champion on (November 8, 2013, 0:23 GMT)

From Nohit Sharma ... to FullHit Sharma .... I would keep my fingers crossed for the next two years as most of the matches are on seaming pitches in SA/NZ/Eng .... and see if he becomes a SuperHit Sharma.

Posted by SamDan31 on (November 7, 2013, 21:56 GMT)

Instead of Sanjay Manjrekar, and the rest of India, blaming the umpire for giving Tendulkar out..why not blame BCCI for not allowing DRS in matches in India. Had DRS been in use, Tendulkar would have not been out..... Remember, India have won several matches at home because of poor umpiring!

Posted by engeegee on (November 7, 2013, 19:10 GMT)

Sachin's showing or indicating that the ball was high and the umpire had erred was an unsportsmanlike behaviour - childish - and not worthy of the tall status that the world has bestowed on him. An umpire is a human being and can make mistakes . We all have the benefit of the TV replays in slow motion and hawk eye etc but the Umpire has to make a decision on the spot. Poor behaviour and poor setting of an example from a Master ! He could have expressed his dismay in the dressing room.

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