'Sachin was in the right position for nearly every ball'

It's a heady combination…you think of talent, you think of hard work and you think of an enquiring mind…it all comes together and it's a complete package (13:42)

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August 7, 2014

Posted by harshthakor on (August 9, 2014, 4:46 GMT)

The most difficult aspect is where Tendulkar can be ranked in the pantheon of greats.In the modern era with his domination of both forms of International Cricket amassing an aggregate of centuries and runs which no batsmen may ever surpass Tendulkar is supreme.Ricky Ponting had better statistics in his peak era or Brian Lara more mammoth scores or herculean aggregate runs in series but none equalled Sachin's consistency .Infact mere stats cannot describe the greatness of Sachin which is why he stands above Jacques Kallis .Amongst past greats Viv Richards was more attacking and could change the complexion of a game more ,len Hutton was more technically perfect,Javed Miandad could bat more for his life ,Brian Lara more imaginative and Zaheer Abbas more stylish but where Sachin stood out is that he possesed all these qualities.Infact it may be the unfairest task to rank Sachin as eras were so different and each great batsman had different qualities that were remarkable.

Posted by harshthakor on (August 9, 2014, 4:26 GMT)

One of the most debatable aspects about Tendulkar is how to asses him as a match-winner. Match-winning aspect is often unfair in assesing the true merit of a batsmen if you remember the number of innings greats like Alan Border ,George Headley and Brian Lara played in losing causes.Infact in Ananth Narayana's analysis in cricinfo he eliminated that criteria which Wisden included in their rankings .

It could well be that the greatest of innings or batsmen do not win games because of overemphasis on individual heroism or inferiority complex created in the peer batsmen of the team.It is fair to say that in India's years in ascendancy Sewhwag,Laxman and Dravid won more games but collective team effort was the vital factor.It was the Laxaman -Dravid partnerships that won India heroic wins in Kolkata and Adelaide v Australia.However Tendulkar's mere presence was a vital factor in India's important wins be it in South Africa,England or Australia.

Posted by ReynoldSequeira on (August 9, 2014, 2:43 GMT)

Wasn't the Don's approval sufficient about his technique when nobody else was given that stamp of class. Why didn't the Don give it to an Aussie when many great cricketers sprouted like mushrooms. His impact was so immense, stadia around the world would fill up on mention of his inclusion in the team. His impact was felt when opposing teams would field their most seasoned XI. Who can doubt his temperament when he played 200 tests over 24 , and still had that voracious appetite for runs. Even Gavaskar mentioned that after 15 years at the top, his eyes would seek the pavilion clock to get him some respite from the sun's heat. Contemporary Allan Donald confirmed he was the most difficult batsman to dislodge. And both Wasim and Waqar knew he was a precocious talent when he stood up to them without flinching at age 16. When contemporaries speak in awe, that's impact. When spectators overseas stand and salute you all the way, you have walked with the gods.

Posted by ReynoldSequeira on (August 8, 2014, 21:27 GMT)

Having followed his career from the start one cant help but notice that to the connoisseur Sachin's records do not speak for themselves. There was much more that he delivered than the runs he piled up. His tenure at the crease, his ability to control the innings, to rotate the strike, take the edge of bowlers in form threatening Indian batting line-up demolition. His almost quarter century longevity at the Test level tells of his emotional temperament and physical endurance, his ability to make every shot look like poetry in motion inspite of his diminutive frame, his non-verbal occupation at the crease while letting the willow do all the talking. The umpteen times he delivered while the team depended on him, captains holding back, keeping their best bowlers fresh, in anticipation of his arrival at the crease. Canny Imran to Wasim at his peak "rest and wait for Sachin." This was Tendulkar to the cricketing world. The likelihood ever of these records being surpassed is most unlikely.

Posted by   on (August 8, 2014, 17:38 GMT)

Not sure any player would have had the kind of expectation that SRT had. Genius and Legend and will be the best ever batsman to have graced the game of Cricket. You talk about batting technique, scored tons of runs in different and difficult conditions against the best bowling attacks, was the most scrutinized player across generations and last but not the least not a single controversy. Privileged to watch him all through years. Salute to the greatest batsman and that is one and only S R Tendulkar...

VS Kannan

Posted by IPSY on (August 8, 2014, 14:09 GMT)

Sachin could not have been in the right position for every ball when: "Nearly every delivery that was pitched on a good length, fractionally outside the off stump and turning sharply into him bowled him neck and crop, nearly every time"! This weakness was first discovered by Bret Schultz, the left arm South African fast bowler who bragged about it. However, other bowlers did not heed Shultz's word and exploit that profound weakness. It was only exploited by Anderson, Bolt, Panesar, etc (pace and spin)in the 40 consecutive innings that he played between 2011 and 2013, when he was bowled down for under 30 in 'nearly' every innings. He ended up with an average of less than 30 in those 40 innings.

Posted by harshthakor on (August 8, 2014, 2:57 GMT)

Tendulkar was technically amongst the most perfect batsmen of all time.I have not seen any batsmen with superior balance or who played as well in the 'V.His straight drive was lesson in the coaching manual executed to absolute perfection.

Tendulkar posessed the technical prowess of Len Hutton,the concentration of Geoff Boycott,the innovativeness of Denis Compton and the agression of Viv Richards.It was a revelation watching Sachin conquer the turning pitches on the sub-continent, the bouncy South African and Australian tracks and the seaming English conditions.At his best Brian Lara marginally edged Sachin with regard to domination of bowling , winning matches or championing a crisis.However Tendulkar overshadowed Lara in terms of consistency and in technical mastery.The majority of cricket writers have ranked Sachin only behind Bradman and Hobbs as a pure batsmen as his reign at the top or longevity was superior to other greats like Headley,Hammond,Gavaskar or Viv Richards.

Posted by   on (August 8, 2014, 0:54 GMT)

For who think that Tendulkar did not win matches, he was most man of the match awards somewhere around 75 or so. Next person in man of the matches is kallis around 55 (and kallis is a alrounder). I guess the man of the match awards are given to player who affects the match the most and usually it results in winning.

Posted by Vinoth78 on (August 8, 2014, 0:18 GMT)

Sachin will always be in conversation when speaking of best ever to play this game, his stats alone will be more than enough. There's two versions of him we know, younger Sachin having fun taking on bowlers with arrogance,dominating the contest and it was pure joy to watch. Later version played almost every game trying to cement himself on top of the mountain as the best ever, which he did exceptionally well. Viewers perspective his game turned methodical,grinding and was borderline boring, never had the swagger. Biggest knock on his truly legendary career was he could not win a test match on his own in an era where players were still judged based on test match performances. During his time there is only 2 players, Sachin and Lara , Ponting was closing on third.It was Lara who provided the entertainment of thrashing the bowlers and taking on the opponent teams like, sure he was inconsistent but never changed the way he played regardless of match situation. Lara was entertaining.

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