England Women tour of New Zealand, 3rd T20I: New Zealand Women v England Women at Auckland, Feb 22, 2012
England Women won by 10 runs (D/L method)
22 February 2012 (20-over match)

Mackay to Marsh, OUT, Laura Marsh departs for a golden duck after making a blazing 48 in the last game, got forward and tried to work to leg, scooped it towards midwicket who took a good diving catch low to her right

LA Marsh c McGlashan b Mackay 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

England Women 3/1   CM Edwards 3* (1b)   FL Mackay 0.2-0-3-1

Candy to Edwards, OUT, another early wicket for New Zealand, short on off and Edwards top-edges the pull high towards fine leg who takes a simple catch, wicket first ball for Candy

CM Edwards c Tahuhu b Candy 4 (5m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 80.00

England Women 6/2   SJ Taylor 1* (2b)   RH Candy 0.1-0-0-1

Mackay to Greenway, OUT, drives firmly straight back to Mackay, who gets a hand on it and diverts it onto the stumps with Taylor at the non-striker's end backing up too far to get back in, England in trouble early on at Eden Park

SJ Taylor run out 4 (11m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

England Women 12/3   LS Greenway 1* (3b)   FL Mackay 1.5-0-8-1

Mackay to Greenway, OUT, worked off the pads to the left of Bates at midwicket and Brindle is slow to set off and is caught short at the keeper's end by miles, even with the dive Bridnle wasn't close and she goes without facing a ball

A Brindle run out 0 (1m 0b 0x4 0x6) SR: -

England Women 12/3   LS Greenway 1* (5b)   FL Mackay 2-0-8-1

Tahuhu to Beaumont, OUT, charges down the track and aims a swing across the line, gets an inside edge into the stumps

TT Beaumont b Tahuhu 15 (38m 27b 0x4 0x6) SR: 55.55

England Women 58/5   LS Greenway 26* (40b 1x4)   LMM Tahuhu 2.2-0-10-1

Doolan to Gunn, OUT, more confusion as she tucks it off her pads into the leg side, Gunn starts, stops, Greenway does likewise and she can't get home in time

LS Greenway run out 26 (53m 42b 1x4 0x6) SR: 61.90

England Women 64/6   JL Gunn 3* (2b)   LR Doolan 1.1-0-5-0





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Hours of play (local time) 14.45 start, First Session 14.45-16.00, Interval 16.00-16.15, Second Session 16.15-17.30

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