England Domestic Season, Nottinghamshire XI v Sussex at Nottingham, Jul 27-28, 1840
27,28 July 1840 (3-day match)
  Sussex 1st innings R
FW Lillywhite run out 23
G Millyard c †B Parr b Clarke 10
C Hawkins c & b Clarke 18
T Box c Guy b S Redgate 7
CG Taylor c Guy b Barker 26
J Broadbridge c Clarke b Barker 1
G Barton b Clarke 9
DD Geere c S Redgate b Barker 0
J Dean snr not out 10
CD Crofts b Barker 0
E Sayres st †B Parr b Barker 0
Extras (b 6, w 2, nb 3) 11
  Total (all out) 115
  Bowling W
  S Redgate 1
  W Clarke 3
  T Barker 5
  Nottinghamshire XI 1st innings R
W Clarke run out 17
B Parr c Dean b Sayres 16
C Creswell c Geere b Taylor 9
J Guy b Lillywhite 8
TB Charlton b Lillywhite 8
W Garrat c Box b Lillywhite 0
S Redgate b Taylor 3
T Barker not out 11
E Patchitt run out 3
S Parr b Taylor 6
TB Redgate b Taylor 0
Extras (b 2, w 2) 4
  Total (all out) 85
  Bowling W
  FW Lillywhite 3
  E Sayres 1
  CG Taylor 4
  Sussex 2nd innings R
J Dean snr b S Redgate 1
J Broadbridge b S Redgate 0
G Millyard st †B Parr b Clarke 9
T Box b Clarke 27
C Hawkins c S Redgate b Clarke 21
CG Taylor c & b Clarke 1
G Barton b Clarke 0
FW Lillywhite b Clarke 3
DD Geere not out 3
CD Crofts b S Redgate 0
E Sayres run out 0
Extras (b 6, w 1, nb 1) 8
  Total (all out) 73
  Bowling W
  S Redgate 3
  W Clarke 6
  Nottinghamshire XI 2nd innings (target: 104 runs) R
T Barker c Hawkins b Dean 25
W Clarke c Box b Taylor 13
W Garrat b Lillywhite 16
J Guy b Lillywhite 1
C Creswell c Crofts b Lillywhite 0
B Parr c Hawkins b Millyard 5
E Patchitt b Taylor 9
S Parr b Lillywhite 18
S Redgate c Millyard b Dean 0
TB Redgate not out 1
TB Charlton b Lillywhite 0
Extras (nb 1) 1
  Total (all out) 89
  Bowling W
  FW Lillywhite 5
  J Dean snr 2
  CG Taylor 2
  G Millyard 1

Match details

Balls per over 4
Toss - Sussex, who chose to bat
First-class debuts - S Parr (Nottinghamshire XI); CD Crofts (Sussex)
Umpires - B Good and T Sewell snr
Close of play
  • Mon, 27 Jul - day 1 - Nottinghamshire XI 1st innings 85
  • Tue, 28 Jul - day 2 - Nottinghamshire XI 2nd innings 89 - end of match

Match Notes

    • Sussex Captain not named
    • Nottinghamshire XI Captain not named
    • Sussex Wicket-keeper not named
    • Nottinghamshire XI 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • Sussex 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • Nottinghamshire XI 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • Sussex 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
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