England Domestic Season, Nottinghamshire v Kent XI at Nottingham, Aug 26-28, 1841
26,27,28 August 1841 (3-day match)
  Kent XI 1st innings R
WP Mynn b Clarke 3
JF Fagge b Barker 4
TM Adams c Need b Nixon 11
F Pilch c Good b Clarke 48
T Selby b Clarke 17
EG Wenman run out 13
A Mynn b Barker 5
W Dorrinton st †Parr b Clarke 6
W Martingell b Clarke 0
WR Hillyer not out 11
JN Dudlow absent hurt -
Extras (b 1, w 2, nb 9) 12
  Total (all out) 130
  Bowling W
  W Clarke 5
  T Barker 2
  T Nixon 1
  Nottinghamshire 1st innings R
B Parr lbw b Hillyer 36
WMC Musters b A Mynn 5
W Clarke* c Adams b A Mynn 0
W Garrat b A Mynn 0
J Guy c sub (F Thackeray) b A Mynn 11
T Barker c †Wenman b Hillyer 12
B Good c Dorrinton b A Mynn 14
G Jarvis c WP Mynn b A Mynn 11
G Butler run out 20
JS Need not out 1
T Nixon b Hillyer 3
Extras (b 8, w 1, nb 2) 11
  Total (all out) 124
  Bowling W
  A Mynn 6
  WR Hillyer 3
  Kent XI 2nd innings R
JF Fagge b Barker 11
WP Mynn st †Parr b Clarke 0
W Martingell c Clarke b Barker 1
F Pilch b Barker 4
T Selby c Garrat b Barker 1
EG Wenman b Barker 12
WR Hillyer st †Parr b Barker 29
W Dorrinton c Guy b Good 5
A Mynn run out 13
TM Adams not out 0
JN Dudlow absent hurt -
Extras (w 1, nb 2) 3
  Total (all out) 79
  Bowling W
  W Clarke 1
  T Barker 6
  B Good 1
  Nottinghamshire 2nd innings (target: 86 runs) R
W Clarke* c †Wenman b A Mynn 1
G Butler b A Mynn 0
B Parr c †Wenman b Hillyer 4
WMC Musters run out 10
J Guy b A Mynn 3
T Barker b A Mynn 16
B Good c Selby b Hillyer 8
W Garrat c †Wenman b Hillyer 9
G Jarvis c Hillyer b A Mynn 2
JS Need b Hillyer 0
T Nixon not out 3
Extras (b 6, w 1) 7
  Total (all out) 63
  Bowling W
  A Mynn 5
  WR Hillyer 4

Match details

Balls per over 4
Toss - Kent XI, who chose to bat
First-class debuts - JN Dudlow (Kent XI); G Butler, JS Need and T Nixon (Nottinghamshire)
Umpires - H Deacon and A Girling
Close of play
  • Thu, 26 Aug - day 1 - Nottinghamshire 1st innings 44/4 (B Parr 22*)
  • Fri, 27 Aug - day 2 - Kent XI 2nd innings 79
  • Sat, 28 Aug - day 3 - Nottinghamshire 2nd innings 63 - end of match

Match Notes

    • Kent XI Captain not named
    • Nottinghamshire 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • Kent XI 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • Nottinghamshire 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • Kent XI 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • F.Thackeray fielded in place of J.N.Dudlow. This was the only Kent match that Dudlow was selected for - he neither batted nor fielded
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