England Domestic Season, Cambridge University v Marylebone Cricket Club at Cambridge, May 17-18, 1849
Cambridge University won by 10 wickets
17,18 May 1849 (2-day match)
  Marylebone Cricket Club 1st innings R
W Nicholson b Blore 26
C Morse run out 0
EH Grimston b Blore 11
FS Grimston c King b Blore 4
H Royston run out 2
WJ Hammersley c Potter b Blore 11
R Kynaston b Potter 18
CD Alexander c Blayds b Blore 21
CO Eaton run out 0
HS Foster c Potter b Blore 0
FW Lillywhite not out 1
Extras (b 3, w 3) 6
  Total (all out) 100
  Bowling W  
  EW Blore 6
  A Potter 1 (3w)
  Cambridge University 1st innings R
RS Edwards c sub (JM Lee) b Royston 1
CFG Jenyns b Lillywhite 14
E Blayds c Hammersley b Lillywhite 29
F Walker b Lillywhite 0
WS Deacon lbw b Royston 1
WE Barnett b Royston 8
JM Lee c Hammersley b Lillywhite 30
RT King* c Alexander b Royston 1
FH Whymper not out 18
EW Blore c Lillywhite b Royston 15
A Potter c †Nicholson b Hammersley 2
Extras (b 1, w 1) 2
  Total (all out) 121
  Bowling W  
  FW Lillywhite 4 (1w)
  H Royston 5
  WJ Hammersley 1
  Marylebone Cricket Club 2nd innings R
W Nicholson c Lee b Blore 0
EH Grimston b Potter 6
FS Grimston c & b Blore 0
WJ Hammersley c Whymper b Potter 7
H Royston lbw b Blore 5
R Kynaston b Potter 0
CD Alexander b Blore 9
FW Lillywhite not out 3
HS Foster c King b Blore 0
CO Eaton b Potter 1
C Morse absent -
Extras (b 2, w 1) 3
  Total (all out) 34
  Bowling W  
  EW Blore 5
  A Potter 4 (1w)
  Cambridge University 2nd innings (target: 14 runs) R
RS Edwards not out 9
F Walker not out 4
Extras (b 1) 1
  Total (0 wickets) 14

Match details

Balls per over 4
Toss - Marylebone Cricket Club, who chose to bat
First-class debuts - WE Barnett, RS Edwards, CFG Jenyns, A Potter, F Walker and FH Whymper (Cambridge University); CD Alexander (Marylebone Cricket Club)
Umpires - T Barker and S Dakin
Close of play
  • Thu, 17 May - day 1 - Cambridge University 1st innings 73/5 (E Blayds 26*, JM Lee 23*)
  • Fri, 18 May - day 2 - Cambridge University 2nd innings 14/0 - end of match

Match Notes

    • Marylebone Cricket Club Captain not named
    • Cambridge University Wicket-keeper not named
    • Cambridge University 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • Marylebone Cricket Club 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • Marylebone Cricket Club 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • Cambridge University 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
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