England tour of West Indies, 3rd Test: West Indies v England at Bridgetown, Apr 1-3, 2004
England won by 8 wickets
1,2,3 April 2004 (5-day match)
  • Overs 1-50
  • Overs 51-100

Hoggard to Gayle, OUT, forward defensive, seaming in, into the pad, big appeal, up goes the finger, out goes Gayle

CH Gayle lbw b Hoggard 6 (20m 18b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33

West Indies 6/1   D Ganga 0* (12b)   MJ Hoggard 3-2-5-1

Harmison to Ganga, OUT, oh dear, no shot offered whatsoever, bat held high, into the back leg, Hair gives it out

D Ganga lbw b Harmison 11 (49m 41b 1x4 0x6) SR: 26.82

West Indies 20/2   BC Lara 2* (12b)   SJ Harmison 5.5-3-4-1

Flintoff to Lara, OUT, good length, good line, Lara pushing at it tenatively, edges, and bang into the hands of the gully

BC Lara c Butcher b Flintoff 36 (118m 71b 6x4 0x6) SR: 50.70

West Indies 88/3   RR Sarwan 30* (62b 4x4)   A Flintoff 6-1-23-1

Harmison to Sarwan, OUT, that'll do nicely - this time it is Sarwan (full marks if you noticed the goof) - good length, loose stroke, regulation slip catch for Flintoff

RR Sarwan c Flintoff b Harmison 63 (205m 146b 7x4 0x6) SR: 43.15

West Indies 167/4   S Chanderpaul 36* (72b 3x4)   SJ Harmison 14.4-5-29-2

Harmison to Hinds, OUT, another bouncer, Hinds feeling man enough to hook, and Jones at long leg is there and waiting as it comes high off the bat.

RO Hinds c Jones b Harmison 5 (17m 18b 1x4 0x6) SR: 27.77

West Indies 179/5   S Chanderpaul 38* (79b 3x4)   SJ Harmison 16.5-6-29-3

Flintoff to Jacobs, OUT, gets big on him, tries to fend away, gets a glove, almost punches it toward Collingwood at gully who makes a fine diving take coming forward.

RD Jacobs c sub (PD Collingwood) b Flintoff 6 (22m 14b 1x4 0x6) SR: 42.85

West Indies 197/6   S Chanderpaul 50* (98b 5x4)   A Flintoff 12.2-2-46-2

Flintoff to Chanderpaul, OUT, Thorpe delivers a lesson in how to take slip catches. Loose shot, easy catch. Pay attention, Mark.

S Chanderpaul c Thorpe b Flintoff 50 (160m 99b 5x4 0x6) SR: 50.50

West Indies 198/7   TL Best 1* (2b)   A Flintoff 12.5-2-47-3

Jones to Collins, OUT, not that it's going to matter much: good line and length, Collins hangs the bat out to dry outside off stump, and Trescothick takes the easiest of catches at first slip

PT Collins c Trescothick b Jones 7 (15m 14b 1x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

West Indies 208/8   TL Best 3* (8b)   SP Jones 14-1-46-1

Flintoff to Best, OUT, dug in short, gloves him, Mark Butcher puts his recent slipcatching lessons to good use as this one loops up to him, and sinks into his no doubt somewhat grateful hands.

TL Best c Butcher b Flintoff 17 (38m 21b 2x4 0x6) SR: 80.95

West Indies 224/9   CD Collymore 1* (13b)   A Flintoff 16.1-2-58-4

Flintoff to Edwards, OUT, two in two, absolutely regulation caught behind - just pokes at it, takes the outside edge, Read watches it all the way into the gloves.

FH Edwards c †Read b Flintoff 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

West Indies 224/10   CD Collymore 1* (13b)   A Flintoff 16.2-2-58-5
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  • Overs 51-100





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