Commonwealth Bank Series, 1st Match: Australia v India at Melbourne, Feb 5, 2012
Australia won by 65 runs (D/L method)
5 February 2012 - day/night match (50-over match)

Wade to take first strike for Australia on debut, Praveen Kumar to start off with the first new ball.

cris: "Somebody, please help me out here..It's a dry pitch, India have 3 spinners, PK enjoys swinging the ball under the lights, their batsmen are not in great form. Why in the world would you want to bowl first? Am I the only one who finds this weird?" Fair points, cris, it only shows how much faith they have in their ability to chase. Also, as Sidharth Monga points out, rain is expected later today.

Hayden: "When Lee was ruled out of the 2007 ODI World Cup due to an ankle injury, a relatively inexperienced Shaun Tait announced himself on the international stage, and assumed Lee's mantle as the spearhead of the bowling attack. He ended up becoming the third highest wicket-taker of that tournament. It this the tournament for McKay or Starc to really make a name for themselves?"

yogi: "@harish yeah true. I think another seamer or even umesh in place of vinay would have been better especially given both praveen and vinay are not that reliable at the death. May be dhoni will look to rahul sharma for that."

Harish: "Excellent team selection from india. taking a strong stance to rotate the senior players. maybe could have played another seamer considering they are playing 3 spinners. other than that good team selection."

1.52 pm India win the toss and will have a bowl

Dhoni: "Sides here have chased really well. It is important to restrict sides. Sachin is back, we have rested Sehwag. That is the only change from the last T20 we played." So only two medium-pacers for India, they are going in with three spinners in Ashwin, Rahul Sharma and Jadeja. And Tendulkar is playing his first ODI since the World Cup final in April 2011. And India are resting one of their senior batsmen, Sehwag, so that means Rohit Sharma gets to play. Will that be their approach going forward in ODIs?

Clarke: "I was going to bat first, wicket looks very good, probably a bit drier than I thought, so it could turn a bit and we will have to be careful against their spinners." Wade and Christian make their ODI debut

1.50 pm Matthew Wade and Dan Christian were presented with their ODI caps earlier, so it looks like Peter Forrest won't be debuting today, our man Brydon Coverdale informs us.

Australia have suffered a blow before the start of the game. Brett Lee is out of the CB series and doubtful for the ODIs in the West Indies due to a broken foot. He was struck hard by a Dhoni slog in his followthrough in the second Twenty20.

1.40 pm It's a hard wicket with lots of dry grass, Ian Chappell thinks it will be good for batting, and could slow down later in the evening. There is a big wind blowing across the ground, and rain is expected later as well

The long Australian tri-series is back. Hello and welcome to our coverage of the first ODI of the tri-series involving Australia, India and Sri Lanka. India and Australia will face off at the MCG today.


Kumar to Wade, 1 run, moving across the left-hander first up from a length outside leg, pushed towards extra cover and they are away with a single


Kumar to Warner, 1 wide, straight and very wide down leg

The bails at the non-striker's end are off, really windy out there


Kumar to Warner, 1 run, ending on leg stump after pitching outside it, tucked easily towards square leg


Kumar to Wade, no run, much better line from PK, finishing around middle and off on a good length, tapped towards point


Kumar to Wade, no run, decent start from PK apart from that wide, around middle again on a tight length, pushed away on the off side


Kumar to Wade, no run, opens up as he sees the line is on leg, tries to work it away square, but it hits the outer side of the blade and rolls down the track


Kumar to Wade, no run, angled far across the left-hander who lets it go

End of over 1 (3 runs) Australia 3/0 (RR: 3.00)

    • MS Wade 1 (5b)
    • DA Warner 1 (1b)
    • P Kumar 1-0-3-0

Vivek: "Good team selection.India should have picked umesh instead of vinay.both praveen and vinay conceed too many runs at death overs.dhoni should be looking forward to the spinners and part time bowlers like raina and rohit as the pitch is a bit dry."

Vinay from around the stumps with the second new ball


Vinay Kumar to Warner, no run, back of a length and cramping him for room with the angle, pushed away


Vinay Kumar to Warner, no run, pitched up now, but tight line just outside off and defended hurriedly, the ball has now dribbled away towards deep midwicket and they trot across for two overthrows, which are ultimately disallowed as the ball was deemed dead by then, despite neither the bowler nor the keeper getting a hand to it


Vinay Kumar to Warner, no run, pushed on the off side, the line is just around off, and the angle is into the left-hander, tucking him up


Vinay Kumar to Warner, 1 run, this time he waits a shade and nudges it towards square leg with the angle


Vinay Kumar to Wade, no run, left alone outside off

over the stumps to Wade


Vinay Kumar to Wade, no run, nippy length delivery that bounces a tad, he cannot work it away square

End of over 2 (1 run) Australia 4/0 (RR: 2.00)

    • MS Wade 1 (7b)
    • DA Warner 2 (5b)
    • R Vinay Kumar 1-0-1-0
    • P Kumar 1-0-3-0

Kumar to Warner, 3 runs, Warner gets some width and flashes at it, sending it scurrying past extra cover, long boundaries here, and it is eventually pulled back after what seems an eternity


Kumar to Wade, 1 run, well done, drops it in front of square leg and sets off, a clean pick-up from the man running in might have made it close

around the stumps now to Warner


Kumar to Warner, no run, good delivery, just outside off stump on a length, Warner hangs his bat inside the line and is beaten


Kumar to Warner, no run, this one nipped back in sharply from outside off, Warner was pushing forward and takes it high on the thigh pad off an inside edge


Kumar to Warner, no run, back and across as he looks to work on the leg side but ends up nudging to midwicket

Two slips


Kumar to Warner, no run, left alone outside off

End of over 3 (4 runs) Australia 8/0 (RR: 2.66)

    • DA Warner 5 (10b)
    • MS Wade 2 (8b)
    • P Kumar 2-0-7-0
    • R Vinay Kumar 1-0-1-0

Vinay Kumar to Wade, 1 run, 136.4 kph from Vinay just outside off, Wade is surprised as it nips and bounces across him, jabs it away to third man

around the stumps to Warner, they don't want to give him any room


Vinay Kumar to Warner, no run, tucked up with the incoming angle, pushed away from the crease


Vinay Kumar to Warner, 1 run, thick edge this time as he pushes hard from the crease, the back of a length ball flies to third man

back to over the stumps to Wade


Vinay Kumar to Wade, no run, tight line this, right on middle, defended back to the bowler


Vinay Kumar to Wade, 1 run, stays in the crease, and drops the length delivery on the off side from close to the body, they are through with the run by the time point reaches the ball


Vinay Kumar to Warner, no run, he hasn't been allowed room at all so far, this time he has a swing as he sees this rare widish delivery outside off, misses

End of over 4 (3 runs) Australia 11/0 (RR: 2.75)

    • DA Warner 6 (13b)
    • MS Wade 4 (11b)
    • R Vinay Kumar 2-0-4-0
    • P Kumar 2-0-7-0

PK around the stumps to Wade now


Kumar to Wade, no run, too good for Wade, angled in on a good length, he comes forward to drive, it straightens after pitching and beats him totally


Kumar to Wade, no run, pushed away on the off side


Kumar to Wade, FOUR, shot! this will reach the boundary even on this huge outfield, pitched up a tad fuller, he gets a bit of width to comes forward and go through with the big drive, and it races to the extra cover rope

Prashant: "Plenty of talks about great Indian Team Selection. Why is Pathan not picked ahead of Vinay Kumar. He is back, he is fit, he has pace, he can swing and is a better batsman that Vinay Kumar." One correction there, he still does not have the pace back, if you go by the way he bowled in the domestic season


Kumar to Wade, no run, defends an incoming delivery


Kumar to Wade, no run, smashed off the front foot, he went after that one, but hit it straight to extra cover

short cover-point in place now, it is Virat


Kumar to Wade, no run, good length on middle, defended down the track

End of over 5 (4 runs) Australia 15/0 (RR: 3.00)

    • MS Wade 8 (17b 1x4)
    • DA Warner 6 (13b)
    • P Kumar 3-0-11-0
    • R Vinay Kumar 2-0-4-0

Vinay Kumar to Warner, OUT, he's bowled Warner! they have not allowed him an inch of room, apart from one wide delivery, this one was pitched up from around the wicket, coming in on the stumps, Warner lunged at it and had a big heave, missed, and the ball rattled the middle stump, Vinay is pumped up, some relief for him after he was taken apart by Warner in Perth

DA Warner b Vinay Kumar 6 (24m 14b 0x4 0x6) SR: 42.85

RT Ponting, No. 3 for Australia


Vinay Kumar to Ponting, no run, shaping away at 134.7 kph some way outside off, Ponting lets it go


Vinay Kumar to Ponting, no run, moves a long way across outside off and shoulders arms to a good length ball that bounces nicely through to Dhoni


Vinay Kumar to Ponting, no run, superb line this, at 138.1 kph, Ponting slightly uncertain whether to play at this pitched up delivery close to off, and allows it to go in the end


Vinay Kumar to Ponting, 1 run, lots of bounce from just short of a length, he comes forward, drops it close to the pitch on the off side and gets off the mark

The umpire has a word with Vinay for running on to the danger area, no warning though


Vinay Kumar to Wade, no run, this is probing stuff from Vinay, ending very close to off stump from over the stumps, Wade runs it to point

End of over 6 (1 run) Australia 16/1 (RR: 2.66)

    • MS Wade 8 (18b 1x4)
    • RT Ponting 1 (4b)
    • R Vinay Kumar 3-0-5-1
    • P Kumar 3-0-11-0

Kumar to Ponting, no run, hangs in the air on a good length and comes back in sharply, but starts too far outside off and is left alone comfortably


Kumar to Ponting, 1 run, sends it full on the pads, and Ponting flicks eagerly down to fine leg


Kumar to Wade, no run, excellent line, shaping across Wade from leg stump, he stays in the crease and pokes at it, beaten


Kumar to Wade, 1 run, hangs back and opens the face to run this one down to third man as it moves across him from back of a length

Henry: Let's not kid ourselves. Irfan NEVER had pace. The quickest i've ever seen him bowl was around the 140kph mark, against Aus in 2004, so all the talk of him "getting his pace back" is nonsense. He always has been, and always will be, a swing bowler who bowls around 135kph." Henry, that is decent pace if you are an Indian fast bowler, but Irfan was bowling in the early-to-mid 120s in the Ranji Trophy


Kumar to Ponting, no run, pushed back to the bowler


Kumar to Ponting, no run, moving away a tad outside off, pushed towards cover

End of over 7 (2 runs) Australia 18/1 (RR: 2.57)

    • RT Ponting 2 (8b)
    • MS Wade 9 (20b 1x4)
    • P Kumar 4-0-13-0
    • R Vinay Kumar 3-0-5-1

Vinay Kumar to Wade, 1 run, Vinay is getting good bounce and nip, Wade stays back and runs this one to third man


Vinay Kumar to Ponting, no run, hits high on the bat as he comes forward to a short of a length ball


Vinay Kumar to Ponting, no run, it is overcast and Vinay and PK are testing Australia, this is not the Vinay who turned up in Perth, Ponting lunges forward as he sees it pitching on a length, but it rears up and moves away a bit to beat him


Vinay Kumar to Ponting, no run, pushed off the front foot to mid off


Vinay Kumar to Ponting, OUT, he's got Ponting now, Vinay has bowled much better deliveries than this one today, Ponting saw some rare width and went to punch it, it seemed to sit up a tad from short of a length and he ended up hitting it straight to short extra cover

RT Ponting c Raina b Vinay Kumar 2 (11m 12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 16.66

Murali: "However good Irfan may be, Vinay Kumar is bowling a phenomenal spell here. I was a big critic of Vinay, but now I can see why he is in the team."


Vinay Kumar to Clarke, no run, 136.5 kph, bounce, bit of away shape from a good length, Clarke lets it go immediately

End of over 8 (1 run) Australia 19/2 (RR: 2.37)

    • MJ Clarke 0 (1b)
    • MS Wade 10 (21b 1x4)
    • R Vinay Kumar 4-0-6-2
    • P Kumar 4-0-13-0

Kumar to Wade, 1 run, runs it to third man for a single

It's gone very dark, the lights are on


Kumar to Clarke, no run, moves forward and nudges the length ball to short midwicket


Kumar to Clarke, no run, worked off the pad but there is square leg in place

It has gone darker, if that was possible


Kumar to Clarke, 2 runs, this time Clarke gets it past midwicket with a work off leg stump


Kumar to Clarke, no run, huge appeal for leg-before, looked like an inside edge, else he was gone, yes, replays show a big inside edge, the ball came in quickly from a good length, and Clarke pushed well in front away from the body


Kumar to Clarke, 1 run, nudged behind square leg

End of over 9 (4 runs) Australia 23/2 (RR: 2.55)

    • MJ Clarke 3 (6b)
    • MS Wade 11 (22b 1x4)
    • P Kumar 5-0-17-0
    • R Vinay Kumar 4-0-6-2

Vinay Kumar to Clarke, no run, it is not the pace, it is fine but not threatening, but the bounce that Vinay is getting which is troubling Australia, Clarke is hit on the thigh pad now


Vinay Kumar to Clarke, no run, pitched up, and he gets forward to push hard to extra cover

Nathan: "Will all the Pathan supporters stop their irritating rant now? Vinay is bowling beautifully, so just support him. I seriously cannot understand this constant venom spewed at India's most consistent domestic bowler in recent years. He deserves his chance, and 4-0-6-2 are not exactly bad figures, are they?"


Vinay Kumar to Clarke, no run, similar to the one that Ponting mishit to short extra cover, Clarke pats it away towards mid off


Vinay Kumar to Clarke, no run, pitched up on the stumps, he motions forward and eases it to mid on


Vinay Kumar to Clarke, no run, can't get it away, good length on middle, he opens up a tad but pushes it to mid on again


Vinay Kumar to Clarke, 2 runs, not completely in control but gets the drive past a diving extra cover

End of over 10 (2 runs) Australia 25/2 (RR: 2.50)

    • MJ Clarke 5 (12b)
    • MS Wade 11 (22b 1x4)
    • R Vinay Kumar 5-0-8-2
    • P Kumar 5-0-17-0

Mac: "Vinay Kumar bowling like a million dollars today :)"


Kumar to Wade, no run, fullish, shaping away a bit, ending around middle, pushed from the crease


Kumar to Wade, no run, no room at all, length ball on middle and leg, pushed down the track


Kumar to Wade, no run, towards leg this time, but he has no pace to work it past midwicket


Kumar to Wade, no run, comes forward and opens the face to push a fullish one to covers


Kumar to Wade, SIX, whoa, that came out of nowhere, that is huge, Wade has had enough of this nagging line from PK, he puts front foot out and clobbers a length ball high over deep midwicket


Kumar to Wade, FOUR, width, Wade cashes in, goes hard at the cut, and it flies over point for another boundary

6.05 pm Looking good for a resumption at 6.18 pm

5.50 pm We could have a 6.18 pm start and 32 overs a side

Kamal: "@Sriraj : Bailey is yet to see a million dollars." There you go, Sriraj.

Chev: "'Covers on covers off, Covers on covers off, Covers on covers off, next time i read the word cover it better be about a cricket shot."

5.45 pm Our man Brydon Coverdale tells me that the covers are coming off. The main pitch cover is still on but signs are positive

5.35 pm Ayaz Memon tweets: "Not much improvement in the weather yet. Authorities are hopeful of completing match, but it could be reduced to below 30 overs a side."

Sriraj: "You have to simply commend George Bailey, for his commitment to the game, and towards Tasmania. He just captained the Aussies in the 2nd T20I on Friday night at the MCG, and Saturday afternoon he was back home at the Bellerive Oval, or rather the Blundstone Arena, leading the Tasmanian Tigers to a victory in the Ryobi Cup! Compare that to Ravindra Jadeja who refused to play in the Ranji game against Rajasthan between Dec 13-16, even when the ODIs against Windies finished 2 days before that!"

Max: "As an Australian supporter hoping this one is called off. If it is below 30 overs a side, Aus have wasted their first 11 by only going a tad over 3 an over. Game, set, match India if the covers come off."

5.10 pm They were watching, the rain gods, as soon as the covers come off, they send the rain back again. Immensely frustrating.

5.05 pm Some good news amid the gloom, the covers are coming off. Groundstaff getting the water off the covers and away from the square

4.50 pm Still raining, says our assistant editor Sidharth Monga, not that heavy though.

Jose: "This rain seems to be like my girlfriend from my college days, years ago. She used to switch our relations on and off at least three times a week."

Venkat: "I am at the MCG and not many people came due to this situation. It is raining heavier and heavier now and chance of play is very remote. I want my money back."

Kevin: "Someone tell the wag tweeting for the MCG to stop raising and crushing our hopes every other minute. The Indian cricket team does enough of that already :)"

4.45 pm @MCG tweets: "Good thing is we have excellent drainage at the MCG. Once (if?!) rain stops/clears, shouldn't take too long to prepare ground for play."

4.30 pm Heavier now, the rain

Mihir: "It doesn't look good guys. I'm at the G and it's pouring down again. Don't see any play happening for at least an hour or two. Pls god stop the rain. I won't get another chance to see Sachin bat again at the G!!!! Pls pls pls..."

Murali: "Something is really wrong. No one is talking about the 100th 100." Welcome change, I say

saftar: "Brilliant dhoni came with T20 side almost knowing that the overs will be reduced to 20 anyway."

bernie: "Move the match across to Rod Laver Arena and close the roof."

Tom: "I remember someone talking about Pathan being like Mitchell Johnson. Huge all-round talent, but along the way something went wrong and we will probably never understand what that was."

4.26 pm Heavy rain now. "For three minutes, pitch left uncovered. They took covers off with a drizzle on, and then it got heavy," Monga says. The covers are back on finally

zakaria: "This rain reminds me of the '92 World Cup."

Achyuth: "Where was this rain when India was playing badly during the Tests?"

4.24 pm Still raining, so looks difficult to resume at 4.37, says Sidharth Monga. That means we will have a further reduction in overs, whenever play starts.

4.15 pm Hold on, hold on, guess what, the drizzle is back

4.10 pm The covers are coming off now. If the rain stays away, the game will resume at 4.37 pm, with 46 overs a side

Saurav Mitra: "I strongly believe that over the last decade, we did not have a talent like Irfan Pathan, with his all-round abilities, but unfortunately he lost it and fortunately he has gained back a bit with hard work -- now is the time to give him the opportunity to really cement his place in the team."

4.00 pm The rain just got heavier, says Sidharth Monga. A minute later, he informs us that it is lighter now. Oh well.

3.50 pm @MCG tweets again: "Will advise more once rain stops and we have a new start time." Sigh.

3.40 pm Sidharth Monga says that it is still drizzling, but it has got brighter. The covers are still on

@MCG tweets: "If no more rain, play will recommence at 3.45pm. At this stage, no reduction in overs. Innings break reduced to 30min."

3.30 pm The rain seems to have stopped, Sidharth Monga tells me

Farnoosh: "Exclusion of Irfan is pretty simple. All-rounder's spot is already taken by Jaddu here. If Irfan has to come into the team, he will have to take a seamer's spot and it's possible team management is not really confident about that."

Samir: "Oh come on, Abhi.. When you speak of potential fast-bowling allrounders, how can you forget a certain Mr Agarkar, eh?" Of course, how could I have forgotten good old Ajit?

3.10 pm Down comes the rain, off go the players, and the crowd boos. The rain gets heavier, the groundstaff rush to cover the pitch

cris: "@Abhishek: ODI stats for two allrounders Irfan Pathan- 154 wickets@ 29.79, batting average 22.49 , Manoj Prabhakar- 157 wickets @ 28.87, batting average 24.12 I don't recall this enthusiasm for Prabhakar and he could swing it a long way as well." Revealing stats those, but as a kid then, the memory of Kapil Dev was too fresh in my mind. Explains the relative lack of enthusiasm for Prabhakar probably.

Brett: "Unless Wade gets injured, Haddin will not play in the shorter forms of the game for Australia again. Just a matter of time before Wade get his Test cap in my opinion."

VS: "one spell doesnt make Vinay a better bolwer. Let's see how consistently he can produce such spells."

Kepler: "I hope Haddin is watching Wade to see how its done."

cris: "Whenever I follow commentary of Indian matches on Cricinfo, Irfan Pathan groupies always turn up, whether he's in form or out of form..bemused by this cult following for him.." He is the closest India have had in recent times to a fast-bowling allrounder, cris, rare commodity

End of over 11 (10 runs) Australia 35/2 (RR: 3.18)

    • MS Wade 21 (28b 2x4 1x6)
    • MJ Clarke 5 (12b)
    • P Kumar 6-0-27-0
    • R Vinay Kumar 5-0-8-2

Play about to resume, batting and bowling Powerplays limited to three overs each. Kohli to bowl


Kohli to Clarke, no run, gentle wide delivery, would have been called one had Clarke not reached out to pat it away


Kohli to Clarke, no run, length ball pushed down the track, Virat dives to his right and stops it


Kohli to Clarke, 1 run, eased down to long on for one


Kohli to Wade, 1 wide, way down the leg side to the left-hander, Dhoni does well to get a glove to it


Kohli to Wade, no run, angled across Wade who pushes to extra cover

it's drizzling again


Kohli to Wade, no run, pushed off the back foot to midwicket


Kohli to Wade, 2 runs, no pace to work with, even though he gets some width, he cannot time the shot as he looks to hammer it, gets it wide of extra cover in the end

End of over 12 (4 runs) Australia 39/2 (RR: 3.25)

    • MS Wade 23 (31b 2x4 1x6)
    • MJ Clarke 6 (15b)
    • V Kohli 1-0-4-0
    • P Kumar 6-0-27-0

Raina will have a bowl


Raina to Clarke, 1 run, fired in fullish on to the pads, worked in front of square


Raina to Wade, no run, too short from around the stumps, Wade makes room and bashes it straight to extra cover


Raina to Wade, 1 run, better delivery, pitched up around off, he comes forward and pushes to covers for one


Raina to Clarke, 1 run, shortish delivery, Clarke swings it away behind square leg off the front foot


Raina to Wade, 1 run, pushed hard off the back foot to long off


Raina to Clarke, no run, looks to guide a flat and straight one fine past the keeper but misses

End of over 13 (4 runs) Australia 43/2 (RR: 3.30)

    • MJ Clarke 8 (18b)
    • MS Wade 25 (34b 2x4 1x6)
    • SK Raina 1-0-4-0
    • V Kohli 1-0-4-0

Ashwin comes on


Ashwin to Wade, no run, pushes a tossed up ball back to Ashwin, in the air for a while


Ashwin to Wade, 2 runs, turns across him from leg stump, he backs away and cuts wide of sweeper cover for a well-run two


Ashwin to Wade, no run, pushes back a length ball to Ashwin


Ashwin to Wade, no run, cramped for room with the straight delivery on middle and leg, punches it to the left of Ashwin who does well to dive and stop the single


Ashwin to Wade, 1 run, nudged to fine leg off the pad


Ashwin to Clarke, no run, another straight delivery from a length, Clarke stays back and hits it back to the bowler

End of over 14 (3 runs) Australia 46/2 (RR: 3.28)

    • MJ Clarke 8 (19b)
    • MS Wade 28 (39b 2x4 1x6)
    • R Ashwin 1-0-3-0
    • SK Raina 1-0-4-0

RG Sharma to Wade, no run, again Wade drives hard and finds extra cover


RG Sharma to Wade, 1 run, shortish and spinning across, he makes room and gets it to sweeper cover

Two bowlers can bowl seven overs each, three can bowl six


RG Sharma to Clarke, 2 runs


RG Sharma to Clarke, OUT, Clarke takes on the flighted ball from around the stumps and lofts it straight to deep midwicket, part-timer picks up a crucial wicket

MJ Clarke c R Sharma b RG Sharma 10 (24m 21b 0x4 0x6) SR: 47.61

Slip in place for Michael Hussey


RG Sharma to MEK Hussey, no run, pushes a flighted ball to extra cover


RG Sharma to MEK Hussey, 1 run, guides a flat delivery to sweeper cover

End of over 15 (4 runs) Australia 50/3 (RR: 3.33)

    • MEK Hussey 1 (2b)
    • MS Wade 29 (41b 2x4 1x6)
    • RG Sharma 1-0-4-1
    • R Ashwin 1-0-3-0

Ashwin to MEK Hussey, no run, tight line on the stumps, pushed back to the bowler


Ashwin to MEK Hussey, 2 runs, flighted offbreak spins away outside off, he stays in the crease and cuts behind point


Ashwin to MEK Hussey, 1 run, worked towards midwicket and Hussey charges across for the run


Ashwin to Wade, 3 runs, bounce for Ashwin from a length, but Wade plays the cut superbly past cover, stopped just inside the rope


Ashwin to MEK Hussey, 1 run, ending on middle from a good length, he moves well across and nudges behind square leg


Ashwin to Wade, 1 run, misfield, cut shot goes through Virat at point as he winces in pain

End of over 16 (8 runs) Australia 58/3 (RR: 3.62)

    • MS Wade 33 (43b 2x4 1x6)
    • MEK Hussey 5 (6b)
    • R Ashwin 2-0-11-0
    • RG Sharma 1-0-4-1

RG Sharma to Wade, no run, tries to cut this one but it bounces too much and beats him


RG Sharma to Wade, 2 runs, Wade charges down the track, Rohit drags it short, Wade flails and an inside edge past Dhoni saves him


RG Sharma to Wade, FOUR, he got hold of this one alright, short again, on middle, he backs away, opens up and thumps it over midwicket


RG Sharma to Wade, 1 run, much fuller on leg, pushed in front of square leg


RG Sharma to MEK Hussey, 2 runs, not short enough but Hussey has time to pull it through midwicket


RG Sharma to MEK Hussey, FOUR, Hussey gets another one away, the line is on leg and he is down on a knee in a flash to sweep it to the deep square leg boundary

End of over 17 (13 runs) Australia 71/3 (RR: 4.17)

    • MEK Hussey 11 (8b 1x4)
    • MS Wade 40 (47b 3x4 1x6)
    • RG Sharma 2-0-17-1
    • R Ashwin 2-0-11-0

Ashwin to Wade, no run, straightish delivery, he pushes it on the leg side with a bit of an inside edge


Ashwin to Wade, 1 run, sweeper cover is working overtime, Wade chops another cut wide of him


Ashwin to MEK Hussey, 1 run, moves across to a flighted ball and works it to fine leg


Ashwin to Wade, 2 runs, fired flat and wide across the left-hander, the cut is mistimed but worth a single still, Rohit's throw is wayward and allows one more


Ashwin to Wade, FOUR, smack! Wade sees this one pitch on leg and instantly bends the knee to slog-sweep it to the deep midwicket boundary


Ashwin to Wade, 1 run, that kept low, and Wade under-edged the attempted cut onto Dhoni's pads

End of over 18 (9 runs) Australia 80/3 (RR: 4.44)

    • MS Wade 48 (52b 4x4 1x6)
    • MEK Hussey 12 (9b 1x4)
    • R Ashwin 3-0-20-0
    • RG Sharma 2-0-17-1

Rahul Sharma to bowl now


R Sharma to Wade, 1 run, sharp, quick one fired in on middle and leg, he gets a lot of bounce and gets a leading edge on the off side

Deep and widish slip in place


R Sharma to MEK Hussey, 2 runs, and this full delivery grazes the outside edge and goes between Dhoni and the wide slip


R Sharma to MEK Hussey, 2 runs, flat delivery cut through point for a couple


R Sharma to MEK Hussey, no run, beats him outside off with a quick one that goes across with the angle


R Sharma to MEK Hussey, 1 run, worked towards vacant midwicket, Dhoni immediately goes 'bhaag jaa (run), Rahul' as the bowler bounds after it awkwardly, the fielder comes in from the deep to keep them to one, Wade has to dive back

The sun is out now


R Sharma to Wade, no run, cannot get the cut past point

End of over 19 (6 runs) Australia 86/3 (RR: 4.52)

    • MS Wade 49 (54b 4x4 1x6)
    • MEK Hussey 17 (13b 1x4)
    • R Sharma 1-0-6-0
    • R Ashwin 3-0-20-0

Ashwin to MEK Hussey, FOUR, swept fine on the leg side


Ashwin to MEK Hussey, 2 runs, too wide and too short, he reaches out to slap it away, and they scamper back for the second


Ashwin to MEK Hussey, 1 run, short-arm jabs a length ball through midwicket


Ashwin to Wade, 1 run, jabs away this one on the leg side, that single takes Wade to 50, I don't see Haddin playing any time soon for Australia in limited-overs at least


Ashwin to MEK Hussey, FOUR, Hussey latches onto the sweep, from outside off stump, and times it superbly behind square leg, no chance for fine leg


Ashwin to MEK Hussey, 2 runs, shot! this is smart hitting from Hussey, he is picking the gaps all the time, short-arm pulls a quickish length ball through midwicket now

End of over 20 (14 runs) Australia 100/3 (RR: 5.00)

    • MEK Hussey 30 (18b 3x4)
    • MS Wade 50 (55b 4x4 1x6)
    • R Ashwin 4-0-34-0
    • R Sharma 1-0-6-0

R Sharma to Wade, 1 run, full delivery driven neatly off the front foot to long off


R Sharma to MEK Hussey, 1 run, busy again from Hussey, pushes softly in front of extra cover and another run is taken easily


R Sharma to Wade, no run, lets a widish one go outside off


R Sharma to Wade, no run, beaten as he looks to make room for the cut, but the bounce is too much


R Sharma to Wade, 1 run, moves across and taps on the leg side for one


R Sharma to MEK Hussey, 2 runs, lots of width, the cut is on, and hard running gives them two more, this is a fantastic partnership, just what Australia needed on resumption

End of over 21 (5 runs) Australia 105/3 (RR: 5.00)

    • MEK Hussey 33 (20b 3x4)
    • MS Wade 52 (59b 4x4 1x6)
    • R Sharma 2-0-11-0
    • R Ashwin 4-0-34-0

Jadeja comes on now


Jadeja to Wade, no run, shortish one slapped away to extra cover


Jadeja to Wade, 2 runs, incredible running, the throw was loopy from deep midwicket, and they make the second comfortably in the end


Jadeja to Wade, SIX, clatter! Wade fetches a full one from outside off and hammers it over wide long on

over the stumps now


Jadeja to Wade, 2 runs, punches past point and another couple of runs are taken, nowhere to hide in the field


Jadeja to Wade, 1 run, slapped to sweeper cover for one


Jadeja to MEK Hussey, 1 run, whipped from outside off to deep midwicket

End of over 22 (12 runs) Australia 117/3 (RR: 5.31)

    • MEK Hussey 34 (21b 3x4)
    • MS Wade 63 (64b 4x4 2x6)
    • RA Jadeja 1-0-12-0
    • R Sharma 2-0-11-0

R Sharma to MEK Hussey, 1 run, worked off the front foot through midwicket


R Sharma to Wade, 2 runs, driven to wide long off for one and an overthrow gives them another


R Sharma to Wade, 2 runs, smashes the cut hard through point, sweeper cover has to get to his right really fast


R Sharma to Wade, no run, 96.9 kph and angled across outside off, beats him on the cut


R Sharma to Wade, no run, pushes a full delivery back to the bowler


R Sharma to Wade, OUT, inside-edged on to the stumps, Wade was getting beaten on the cut by the quick deliveries, he looked to open up and pull this time, the ball was not short enough, and he plays on, fantastic innings on ODI debut though

MS Wade b R Sharma 67 (92m 69b 4x4 2x6) SR: 97.10

End of over 23 (5 runs) Australia 122/4 (RR: 5.30)

    • MEK Hussey 35 (22b 3x4)
    • R Sharma 3-0-16-1
    • RA Jadeja 1-0-12-0

Hussey joins Hussey in the middle


Jadeja to MEK Hussey, 1 run, worked behind square leg

slip in place for David Hussey


Jadeja to DJ Hussey, 3 runs, thick outside edge past slip as he pushes forward, Rahul dives but cannot stop it cleanly


Jadeja to MEK Hussey, 1 run, worked with the spin through square leg


Jadeja to DJ Hussey, no run, pushed off the front foot to extra cover


Jadeja to DJ Hussey, (no ball) 1 run, coming in with the angle, pushed past extra cover, Jadeja has overstepped


Jadeja to MEK Hussey, FOUR, low full toss, Michael Hussey is not going to miss out, bends the knee and lifts it over midwicket


Jadeja to MEK Hussey, 1 run, worked to deep midwicket

End of over 24 (12 runs) Australia 134/4 (RR: 5.58)

    • MEK Hussey 42 (26b 4x4)
    • DJ Hussey 4 (3b)
    • RA Jadeja 2-0-24-0
    • R Sharma 3-0-16-1

R Sharma to MEK Hussey, 1 run, remains in the crease and cuts a length ball to point


R Sharma to DJ Hussey, 1 run, runs the full delivery with an open face behind point, and the brothers are through immediately for the run


R Sharma to MEK Hussey, no run, pushed back to the bowler


R Sharma to MEK Hussey, 1 run, drives an angled delivery to long off


R Sharma to DJ Hussey, no run, just past the off stump, oh, was that close, flat and quick delivery, slightly short, and he shaped up to pull, but was beaten as it straightened with pace


R Sharma to DJ Hussey, 3 runs, worked square on the leg side, the throw would have tested them on the second, but instead a ricochet gets them the third

End of over 25 (6 runs) Australia 140/4 (RR: 5.60)

    • DJ Hussey 8 (6b)
    • MEK Hussey 44 (29b 4x4)
    • R Sharma 4-0-22-1
    • RA Jadeja 2-0-24-0

Ashwin to DJ Hussey, SIX, short, sitting up, and hammered over deep midwicket, need no invitation when it is that short


Ashwin to DJ Hussey, FOUR, tries the carrom ball, short again, David Hussey opens up and pulls again, gets two less than the previous stroke for his effort


Ashwin to DJ Hussey, 1 run, third short ball on the trot, this time he will get only one through midwicket


Ashwin to MEK Hussey, no run, appeal for lbw as he is struck in front of leg stump, but that pitched outside leg


Ashwin to MEK Hussey, 1 run, guided behind point from the crease


Ashwin to DJ Hussey, 2 runs, this is furious high-quality running, worked through midwicket and they hare back for the second

End of over 26 (14 runs) Australia 154/4 (RR: 5.92)

    • DJ Hussey 21 (10b 1x4 1x6)
    • MEK Hussey 45 (31b 4x4)
    • R Ashwin 5-0-48-0
    • R Sharma 4-0-22-1

batting Powerplay of three overs has been taken, Vinay Kumar to bowl


Vinay Kumar to MEK Hussey, OUT, not the best delivery he has bowled today, way too short outside off, but Michael Hussey has shovelled the pull straight to deep square leg, he's given the run-rate a serious boost though

MEK Hussey c Kohli b Vinay Kumar 45 (45m 32b 4x4 0x6) SR: 140.62


Vinay Kumar to DJ Hussey, 1 run, guides a length delivery very late down to third man

Dan Christian on ODI debut


Vinay Kumar to Christian, 1 run, drops this one on the off side for his first run in ODIs


Vinay Kumar to DJ Hussey, FOUR, clatter! overpitched, wide, David Hussey gets front leg out of the way and smashes it through extra cover


Vinay Kumar to DJ Hussey, 1 run, well done, waits for this one to arrive on off and runs it behind point


Vinay Kumar to Christian, no run, pitched up on off, he defends it back to Vinay

End of over 27 (7 runs) Australia 161/5 (RR: 5.96)

    • DT Christian 1 (2b)
    • DJ Hussey 27 (13b 2x4 1x6)
    • R Vinay Kumar 6-0-15-3
    • R Ashwin 5-0-48-0

R Sharma to DJ Hussey, 1 run, makes room and punches through point from off stump


R Sharma to Christian, 1 run, pushes a full delivery down to long on


R Sharma to DJ Hussey, 1 run, quick and not that short, he opens up to pull it down to long on


R Sharma to Christian, 1 run, guided towards point for a single

Tendulkar at a deep slip position


R Sharma to DJ Hussey, 1 wide, fired down the leg side, he misses the sweep, Dhoni misses the take


R Sharma to DJ Hussey, 2 runs, worked for a couple to deep midwicket


R Sharma to DJ Hussey, 2 runs, smartly done, worked softly through vacant midwicket for two more

End of over 28 (9 runs) Australia 170/5 (RR: 6.07)

    • DJ Hussey 33 (17b 2x4 1x6)
    • DT Christian 3 (4b)
    • R Sharma 5-0-31-1
    • R Vinay Kumar 6-0-15-3

Rishi: "I don't understand why we insist on playing Ashwin all the time! Except for the 2nd T20 where he did his job, he hasn't adapted to the conditions in Australia. Rahul Sharma is much more suited. Umesh Yadav should have played instead of Ashwin because our pace department bowls slower than Shahid Afridi!"


Vinay Kumar to Christian, no run, misses the pull to a short of a length ball as it bounces more than he expected outside off, almost head high


Vinay Kumar to Christian, no run, well fielded, leaps in the air to stop Christian's push to a very full delivery


Vinay Kumar to Christian, 1 run, moves across and swings this one from middle, goes on the bounce to short fine leg


Vinay Kumar to DJ Hussey, 1 run, charges down the track and slogs a length ball to long on

googly: "Has India not learnt anything from the Test matches they have bowled atrociously short today and let the Australian's off the hook after excellent first 10.4 overs."


Vinay Kumar to Christian, 3 runs, goes hard at a pitched up delivery and slices it over cover


Vinay Kumar to DJ Hussey, 1 run, makes room as Vinay keeps it full outside off, slaps it away through point

End of over 29 (6 runs) Australia 176/5 (RR: 6.06)

    • DJ Hussey 35 (19b 2x4 1x6)
    • DT Christian 7 (8b)
    • R Vinay Kumar 7-0-21-3
    • R Sharma 5-0-31-1

bernie: "Duckworth -Lewis can never cope with a match like this. You can't factor in the fact that Australia were playing this as a 50 over match to start with...very slow initial run rate."


R Sharma to DJ Hussey, 1 run, sweeps from leg stump to fine leg


R Sharma to Christian, 3 runs, looks to slog-sweep over midwicket, but the inside edge races away towards the fine leg boundary, only to be stopped by Vinay with a big slide as he parries the ball to the chasing fielder


R Sharma to DJ Hussey, FOUR, down the track and blasts it straight at the umpire, who gets out of the way just in time


R Sharma to DJ Hussey, 1 run, dabbed away on the off side for a single


R Sharma to Christian, 1 run, makes room even as he keeps it full on middle and leg, inside edge behind square leg results from a big swing


R Sharma to DJ Hussey, 1 run, guided through point for one

End of over 30 (11 runs) Australia 187/5 (RR: 6.23)

    • DJ Hussey 42 (23b 3x4 1x6)
    • DT Christian 11 (10b)
    • R Sharma 6-0-42-1
    • R Vinay Kumar 7-0-21-3

Kumar to DJ Hussey, FOUR, low full toss way down the leg side and he helps it past short fine


Kumar to DJ Hussey, 1 leg bye, similar delivery, not as much down leg as the previous one, and he is hit on the boot as he misses


Kumar to Christian, 1 run, slower length ball now, he adjusts his swing to work it towards square leg


Kumar to DJ Hussey, 2 runs, dropped, good attempt by Rohit at deep midwicket, it was a leading edge off a low full toss, it looped in the air and Rohit grabbed it with both hands as he put in the dive, but it popped out as he hit the ground


Kumar to DJ Hussey, 1 leg bye


Kumar to Christian, 1 run, swung to fine leg, who has gone back to the boundary

End of over 31 (10 runs) Australia 197/5 (RR: 6.35)

    • DT Christian 13 (12b)
    • DJ Hussey 48 (27b 4x4 1x6)
    • P Kumar 7-0-35-0
    • R Sharma 6-0-42-1

R Sharma to Christian, no run, steps out but hits the full delivery back to Rahul


R Sharma to Christian, 2 runs, down the track again and works to deep midwicket for a couple

Only two bowlers could have bowled seven overs each, Rahul is the third to start his seventh, the umpires have realised that now, and are chatting with Dhoni. Jadeja has the ball, and will bowl the final four deliveries


Jadeja to Christian, 1 run, full delivery smacked to midwicket, the throw is from an off-balance Tendulkar, and allows them to complete the single


Jadeja to DJ Hussey, SIX, fifty for David Hussey as he backs away outside leg, Jadeja fires it in on a length, and he mows it over deep midwicket


Jadeja to DJ Hussey, 1 run, pushed to covers for one


Jadeja to Christian, 1 wide, fired in wide outside off, and called one


Jadeja to Christian, (no ball) 1 run, and he bowls a no-ball now, fires it on on leg stump, worked behind square leg


Jadeja to DJ Hussey, SIX, low full toss and David Hussey finishes off on a high, clattering it way over deep midwicket

Australia were 35 for 2 in 11 overs when the rain came down. They have added 181 in 21 overs after resumption. Brilliant hitting from Wade and the Hussey brothers, on top of their busy running between the wickets. India's medium-pacers, especially Vinay Kumar, were nippy upfront, but their spinners have been thrashed, with the exception of Rahul Sharma

End of over 32 (19 runs) Australia 216/5

    • DJ Hussey 61 (30b 4x4 3x6)
    • DT Christian 17 (16b)
    • RA Jadeja 2.4-0-41-0
    • P Kumar 7-0-35-0





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