Commonwealth Bank Series, 4th Match: Australia v India at Adelaide, Feb 12, 2012
India won by 4 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Played at Adelaide Oval
12 February 2012 - day/night match (50-over match)

Vinay Kumar to Ponting, FOUR, he overpitches on middle and leg and Ponting shows the full face of the bat and merely pushes it through the line past mid-on

Australia 12/0   RT Ponting 5* (8b 1x4)   R Vinay Kumar 1-0-7-0

Khan to Clarke, FOUR, elegantly clipped by Clarke, he fetches it from the off stump, takes a pace forward and chips that over midwicket, Kohli makes a good attempt to slide and cut that off but the ball rolls back to the rope

Australia 21/1   MJ Clarke 5* (6b 1x4)   Z Khan 2.3-0-10-0

Khan to Clarke, FOUR, fullish in length on the off stump and he drives through the line, the ball is just wide of the non-strike and well wide of mid-off

Australia 25/1   MJ Clarke 9* (7b 2x4)   Z Khan 2.4-0-14-0

Vinay Kumar to Clarke, FOUR, too wide and on a good length, not the best way to bowl on this placid surface, Clarke reaches out and thrashes it wide of the covers

Australia 34/1   MJ Clarke 17* (12b 3x4)   R Vinay Kumar 2.4-0-17-1

Vinay Kumar to Clarke, FOUR, Vinay overcompensates by bowling it too full and on the pads, nice use of the wrists and he effortlessly clips it wide of midwicket

Australia 38/1   MJ Clarke 21* (13b 4x4)   R Vinay Kumar 2.5-0-21-1

Khan to Clarke, FOUR, shot! It wasn't that bad a ball, short of a length on the body and at good pace, Clarke swivels and played a short-arm pull and it races past square leg

Australia 43/1   MJ Clarke 25* (17b 5x4)   Z Khan 4-0-21-0

Vinay Kumar to Warner, FOUR, Warner gives that a crack, punishes the width provided by Vinay, reaches out and punches it past extra cover

Australia 47/1   DA Warner 13* (14b 1x4)   R Vinay Kumar 3.2-0-25-1

Vinay Kumar to Warner, FOUR, crisp timing from Warner, Vinay gives him width outside off and he didn't try to hit it too hard, worked it well wide of short point

Australia 51/1   DA Warner 17* (16b 2x4)   R Vinay Kumar 3.4-0-29-1

Yadav to Forrest, FOUR, shot! Fractionally short, Forrest had a hint of width to work with outside off, he went forward, bent his knee slightly and square cut it wide of the diving point fielder

Australia 64/2   PJ Forrest 6* (10b 1x4)   UT Yadav 1.3-1-5-0

Ashwin to Forrest, FOUR, lovely shot! Twinkle-toes Forrest emulates Clarke by chipping down the track and driving crisply past mid-off and cover

Australia 88/3   PJ Forrest 20* (28b 2x4 1x6)   R Ashwin 1.3-0-8-0

Ashwin to Forrest, FOUR, now he goes on the back foot, goes forward and adjusts quickly on seeing the shorter length, cuts past point and finds the gap with precision

Australia 92/3   PJ Forrest 24* (29b 3x4 1x6)   R Ashwin 1.4-0-12-0

Jadeja to Forrest, FOUR, Forrest continues to impress against the spinners, he rocks back on seeing the shorter length, thumps it past two bemused fielders at cover and the two fielders at the deep gave up as well

Australia 102/3   PJ Forrest 30* (36b 4x4 1x6)   RA Jadeja 3.5-0-21-0

Ashwin to Hussey, FOUR, take that! After missing out on the previous ball, he rocks back and clubs a short delivery over square leg, the umpire had to take cover

Australia 123/3   DJ Hussey 17* (24b 1x4)   R Ashwin 4.2-0-23-0

Ashwin to Hussey, FOUR, chips down the track to a flighted delivery and lofts it over midwicket, there was a fielder patrolling the area but it was wide of him

Australia 127/3   DJ Hussey 21* (25b 2x4)   R Ashwin 4.3-0-27-0

Ashwin to Hussey, FOUR, Hussey in sublime touch! He fetches a ball from the off stump, gets on his knee and slogs cleanly over square leg and nearly fetches the maximum

Australia 131/3   DJ Hussey 25* (26b 3x4)   R Ashwin 4.4-0-31-0

Yadav to Forrest, FOUR, 144 kph, he drops it short and wide and Forrest rolls his wrists and slaps it wide of point

Australia 179/3   PJ Forrest 66* (81b 5x4 2x6)   UT Yadav 6.1-1-22-1

Yadav to Christian, FOUR, streaky boundary by Christain as he gets an inside edge that sneaks past the stumps and beats short fine leg

Australia 194/4   DT Christian 8* (5b 1x4)   UT Yadav 7.3-1-31-2

Yadav to Hussey, FOUR, he thrashes a full and quick delivery wide of extra cover, Kohli sprints and gives it everything to cut it off and he nearly saves the boundary but the ball rolls back towards the rope, he appears to have hurt his ankle on the dive, splendid attempt nevertheless

Australia 199/4   DJ Hussey 58* (58b 4x4)   UT Yadav 8-1-36-2

Jadeja to Hussey, FOUR, skilfully done by Hussey, he makes a bit of room and chips down the track, lofts inside out over extra cover

Australia 229/4   DJ Hussey 69* (70b 5x4)   RA Jadeja 9.4-0-49-0

Yadav to Wade, FOUR, 140.7 kph, Wade gets a short, quick one rising over his face and he swivels gets a top edge over the keeper

Australia 240/5   MS Wade 5* (5b 1x4)   UT Yadav 8.1-1-40-2

Yadav to Christian, FOUR, third man was too square and Umesh fired that too full and wide, on the blockhole and Christian merely squirted it to the boundary

Australia 245/5   DT Christian 33* (28b 2x4)   UT Yadav 8.4-1-44-2





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