Commonwealth Bank Series, 7th Match: Australia v India at Brisbane, Feb 19, 2012
Australia won by 110 runs
19 February 2012 - day/night match (50-over match)

Pathan to Warner, OUT, Irfan has struck. Tendulkar has taken a catch, and Rohit Sharma isn't anywhere near him this time. Soft dismissal, Irfan dangles it full with no pace on the pads, and Warner contrives to chip it uppishly straight at midwicket. India will breathe easy now. Warner looked in agony when he saw that looping straight to Sachin.

DA Warner c Tendulkar b Pathan 43 (58m 46b 5x4 1x6) SR: 93.47

Australia 70/1   MS Wade 19* (32b 1x4)   IK Pathan 2-0-16-1

Khan to Ponting, OUT, Ponting's struggle ends! He falls for the trap thanks to some intelligent field placing, drifts on the pads and he tries to loft over the leg side but ends up finding Irfan at deep backward square leg

RT Ponting c Pathan b Khan 7 (33m 26b 0x4 0x6) SR: 26.92

Australia 83/2   MS Wade 25* (44b 1x4)   Z Khan 6.2-0-31-1

Sharma to Wade, OUT, the bowling change works for India, Rohit cut back on the pace a bit, drew Wade forward for the chipped drive but he ended up spooning it straight back at Rohit, easy catch

MS Wade c & b Sharma 45 (127m 67b 2x4 1x6) SR: 67.16

Australia 117/3   PJ Forrest 12* (27b 1x4)   RG Sharma 0.4-0-1-1

Pathan to MEK Hussey, OUT, some relief for India here! Credit to Irfan for his clever change of pace, Hussey gives the charge but wasn't ready for the slower ball outside off, tries to swing it across the line and doesn't get the elevation or the distance, down Raina's throat at deep midwicket

MEK Hussey c Raina b Pathan 59 (77m 52b 6x4 0x6) SR: 113.46

Australia 217/4   PJ Forrest 50* (68b 3x4)   IK Pathan 6.1-0-33-2

Pathan to Forrest, OUT, double-strike for Irfan! Forrest whips a length delivery on the pads in the air down to deep midwicket, the ball dips on Kohli but he does well to dive and take the catch on the tumble, his 'love affair; with the crowd continues as he makes another gesture to the crowd behind him., this time it didn't seem like anything offensive

PJ Forrest c Kohli b Pathan 52 (117m 71b 3x4 0x6) SR: 73.23

Australia 223/5   DJ Hussey 2* (2b)   IK Pathan 7-0-39-3





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