County news April 1, 2013

Yorks hampered in bid for Miller

ESPNcricinfo staff

Yorkshire's bid for another successful Friends Life t20 campaign looks set to be hampered by visa rules with their chance to sign South African batsman David Miller disrupted by the regulations.

A deal to sign Miller, a powerful left-hander, has already been agreed but he currently does not meet the visa criteria for an overseas player.

Without an EU passport, overseas players need to have played a minimum of one Test match or 15 one-day internationals and/or Twenty20 internationals in the two years prior to the visa application. But Miller, yet to make his Test debut, has played only 13 times for South Africa in the past two years.

South Africa's next fixtures are not until the Champions Trophy in June, with a warm-up ODI against Netherlands before three matches in the group stage of the tournament.

Two appearances in those four matches - and potentially two more if South Africa reach the final - would make Miller eligible to play for Yorkshire. But he could then travel to Sri Lanka on South Africa's ODI tour, which is scheduled for July and clashes with the Flt20.

Miller is Yorkshire's premier target having scored 390 runs at 48.75 for them in last year's tournament, including 72 in the final against Hampshire. They are likely to only make one overseas signing all season due to financial constraints.

Martyn Moxon, Yorkshire director of professional cricket, said at the club's AGM that they would hold out to try and sign Miller after admitting there was very little chance of Australian fast-bowler Mitchell Starc being available.

"With an Ashes tour, the Champions Trophy and an ODI series, Starc's just not going to be available," Moxon said. "David Miller's is not a straightforward situation. He's agreed to come back and we want him back. But he's two matches short.

"If he plays in the Champions Trophy, he could conceivably fulfil those two games to make him available. But we've recently been told that there's a South Africa tour in July now.

"If he doesn't play for South Africa in the Champions Trophy, he can't play for us because he has not played enough games. If he does play in the Champions Trophy, he's likely to be picked for Sri Lanka. Having said that, there is still a chance that the tour could be cancelled."

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  • Dummy4 on April 7, 2013, 9:36 GMT

    Nannes is fit enough to play year cricket for Australia but he's only interested in cashing in on easy money in t20.Australia really should have given nannes a go more in odi and given him a chance at test cricket. You can't knock the money that's offered in 20 20 tournaments but it is killing the game off as people are only interested in 20 20 because its offers action for a short time with a result at the time which is what people who don't have much spare time want. As Geoff boycott said during England tours against New Zealand 10 -20 years ago the icc should have charged the playing times for test cricket and offer under 18s free entry and charge less money for tickets. But the icc didn't and with the 20/20 taking over in popularity test cricket will suffer.

  • Dummy4 on April 3, 2013, 9:27 GMT

    Miller is a potentially exciting talent that would benefit from the experience at county level to develop his talent. The ECB does not want this benefit to accrue to foreign players, hence the regulations. Perhaps if he was a meaker or a kp and wanted to play for england things would be different. Just england being england!

  • Mark on April 2, 2013, 13:18 GMT

    Miller has played 16 one day or t20 matches since January 2011 but not played 15 in a two year period. How many internationals have Nannes, among others played? But then that's irrelevant as they have a passport of convenience to globetrot around the t20 leagues earning money.

    Here we have a young and genuinely talented player deprived from playing for his county who he actually also played for last year. What price loyalty?

    Fans want to see talented players and not has beens just after pay days. Miller is the future whereas many of the signings others have been able to make are imply after money.

  • Joe on April 2, 2013, 11:55 GMT

    @Thomas Alexis-Webb - The ECB consulted with the UK Border Agency to restrict the qualification to play County cricket in order to restrict the number of Kolpak signings. The Counties are lucky there are so many Aussies on British/EU passports and ancestral visas or they would be restricted to the Nash's of this world. Dirk Nannes has a Dutch passport, he played for Holland. Marcus North is married to a British citizen which gives him employment rights in the UK.

    With 198 starting spots in County cricket and only 66 with teams in Australia and South Africa, why on earth would Counties want to restrict Kolpak signings? To increase the number of 40 year old English county players? The county cricket fixture list is far too congested, more foreign players and Kolpaks would all for rotation in the squad to make sure bowlers are always giving 100% rather than holding back to see out the season injury free to secure their next contract.

  • Dummy4 on April 2, 2013, 8:43 GMT

    Huge blow for Yorkshire, and I agree with Thomas Alexis-Webbs' comments, international outings should be irrelevant. Yorkshire need to get an overseas player in for the season, otherwise we just won't be able to compete, as the batting looks much weaker without McGrath, as well as a lot of absence for Root and Bairstow. Any ideas on who should/could be brought in?

  • Dummy4 on April 1, 2013, 22:18 GMT

    If those restrictions are in place, how has anyone got hold of Dirk Nannes or Marcus north or Brendan Nash or any of the other non or barely capped internationals currently hanging around county cricket? Why is the amount of international cricket they have played relevant? As a Somerset fan I have no vested interest but this does seem an arbitrary restriction which will make it difficult for any county to land the players they want or need

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