Yorkshire Bank 40, Final: Glamorgan v Nottinghamshire at Lord's, Sep 21, 2013
Nottinghamshire won by 87 runs
Played at Lord's, London
21 September 2013 (40-over match)

Allenby to Lumb, FOUR, shorter ball which is pulled away to the deep mid-wicket rope, first boundary

Nottinghamshire 22/0   MJ Lumb 10* (15b 1x4)   J Allenby 2.5-0-10-0

Hogan to Hales, FOUR

Nottinghamshire 32/0   AD Hales 12* (26b 1x4)   MG Hogan 4-0-13-0

Allenby to Lumb, FOUR, whacked over wide mid-on and to the rope at cow corner, Notts getting going here

Nottinghamshire 36/0   MJ Lumb 14* (18b 2x4)   J Allenby 3.2-0-14-0

Allenby to Lumb, FOUR, another attacking shot, this time it's a thick edge and there's no slips which means it races to the rope at third man

Nottinghamshire 40/0   MJ Lumb 18* (19b 3x4)   J Allenby 3.3-0-18-0

Jones to Taylor, FOUR, powerfully flicked off his legs through mid-wicket and through the rope, slower ball goes wrong there for Jones

Nottinghamshire 84/3   JWA Taylor 16* (24b 1x4)   SP Jones 5.2-0-22-1

Jones to Taylor, FOUR, fantastic cover drive from taylor that is going up the hill but it still finds the rope with ease

Nottinghamshire 90/3   JWA Taylor 22* (26b 2x4)   SP Jones 5.4-0-28-1

Salter to Hussey, FOUR, comes down the pitch and hammers it just wide of the bowler and straight down the ground

Nottinghamshire 98/4   DJ Hussey 7* (8b 1x4)   AG Salter 6-1-23-2

Jones to Read, FOUR, and a great over is ruined, strays down leg and it's nicely flicked away to the deep mid-wicket boundary

Nottinghamshire 112/4   CMW Read 10* (16b 1x4)   SP Jones 8-0-36-2

Salter to Hussey, FOUR, a fraction short, cut away in front of backward point. Just a little width and right off the middle of the bat

Nottinghamshire 149/4   DJ Hussey 28* (33b 2x4)   AG Salter 6.1-1-27-2

Salter to Hussey, FOUR, back-to-back for Hussey, this time he leans forward and drives against the spin through mid-off and extra cover

Nottinghamshire 153/4   DJ Hussey 32* (34b 3x4)   AG Salter 6.2-1-31-2

Cosker to Read, FOUR, skips down the pitch, then gets low to sweep, not a convential shot but effective, off the middle of the bat through square leg

Nottinghamshire 168/4   CMW Read 35* (40b 2x4 1x6)   DA Cosker 5.4-0-29-0

Wagg to Read, FOUR, lovely shot, couple of bounces over the boundary at deep cover, slower ball and Read picked it out

Nottinghamshire 173/4   CMW Read 39* (43b 3x4 1x6)   GG Wagg 0.5-0-5-0

Cosker to Read, FOUR, sweeps in front of square again, gets forward early to meet the ball

Nottinghamshire 180/4   CMW Read 45* (45b 4x4 1x6)   DA Cosker 6.2-0-34-0

Wagg to Swann, FOUR

Nottinghamshire 195/5   GP Swann 6* (4b 1x4)   GG Wagg 2-0-19-0

Hogan to Mullaney, FOUR, cut behind point, boundary off the first ball

Nottinghamshire 201/6   SJ Mullaney 4* (1b 1x4)   MG Hogan 5.4-0-21-1

Hogan to Swann, FOUR, well bowled, tight lines but Swann opens the face and plays the ball on the bounce, wide of the keeper and through the vacant slips

Nottinghamshire 206/6   GP Swann 11* (6b 2x4)   MG Hogan 6-0-26-1

Hogan to Swann, FOUR, full toss, Swann mis-timed it but the field was up and it was there for hitting over midwicket

Nottinghamshire 221/6   GP Swann 20* (11b 3x4)   MG Hogan 6.3-0-33-1

Hogan to Mullaney, FOUR, half-volley outside off, middle of the bat and that's four through the covers

Nottinghamshire 226/6   SJ Mullaney 12* (7b 2x4)   MG Hogan 6.5-0-38-1

Hogan to Mullaney, FOUR, down the ground this time, in the slot and hit right over the bowler's head

Nottinghamshire 230/6   SJ Mullaney 16* (8b 3x4)   MG Hogan 7-0-42-1

Wagg to Mullaney, FOUR, slower ball, Mullaney waited well on it and slogged over square leg for four

Nottinghamshire 235/6   SJ Mullaney 20* (9b 4x4)   GG Wagg 3.2-0-29-0

Hogan to Swann, FOUR, down the track to meet it, flicked over midwicket and the ball races to the boundary. Instead of going outside leg he moved in front of all three stumps

Nottinghamshire 243/7   GP Swann 28* (18b 4x4)   MG Hogan 7.4-0-48-1





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