Somerset v Glamorgan, NatWest T20 Blast, Taunton June 6, 2014

Allenby 96 brings third Glamorgan win

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Glamorgan 176 for 3 (Allenby 96*) Somerset 169 for 4 (Trego 94, Wagg 3-44) by seven runs

Jim Allenby led from the front with the Glamorgan captain just missing out on a century as his side saw off Somerset by seven runs to win at Taunton.

Peter Trego nearly did enough to complete a successful chase of 177 in an entertaining game but Glamorgan held on for a fine win.

Jacques Rudolph and Allenby added 92 runs for the opening wicket before the former was caught off the bowling of Max Waller for 40. Chris Cooke and Darren Sammy, who made just 3, did not hang around too long to support Allenby, who continued to score quickly to keep the Glamorgan total ticking over.

Nine fours and three sixes saw Allenby end the innings unbeaten on 96, with Graham Wagg at the other end.

Wagg then took centre stage with the ball as he found his rhythm straight away to put the home side in command. Marcus Trescothick was caught behind in the first over having scored just four with Wagg also snaring fellow opener Craig Kieswetter, who only managed to score one run from six deliveries.

Trego had already started building an impressive score when Kieswetter fell and remained in fine fettle as he was joined at the crease by Alviro Petersen. The duo added 60 runs to the total before Petersen was caught off the bowling of Andrew Salter for 34.

James Hildreth proved just as capable as he supported Trego while playing his own aggressive game at the same time.

Trego hit 13 runs from the opening four deliveries of the final over to finish on 94 not out but Somerset ran out of time and, when Hildreth was caught off Wagg with the final ball of the match, it was Glamorgan who were left celebrating a third South Group success.

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  • Paulo on June 8, 2014, 7:31 GMT

    @JG2704 fair enough re the bonus points.

    Re transfers you make a good point that the key difference is that there are no international clashes. Hence why I don't want to see Carberry and Vince picked out for England while they'd be much more important for us, but at the same time love seeing the likes of Shaw playing in the world cup squad.

  • John on June 7, 2014, 19:34 GMT

    @ CodandChips - Re comparing to football the bonus points on 1st inns only is like giving one football team the edge over another because they're 1-0 up at half time even if they're losing 3-1 in the 80th minute when the game is called off. It's difficult to compare football to cricket re club transfers as in football

    1 - They will never have an international match clash with a domestic game 2 - Clubs will always have the big say about resting players

    I suppose if you were to play some sort of Fantasy Cricket based on the domestic scene you would have to bear in mind international call ups. So you'd probably do well with guys like Compton,Chappell,Taylor, Onions (when not injured) Patel and many others ... - Guys who do it consistently for their county but aren't necessarily in vogue with England. Plunket would have been another one but they've somehow noticed that he's been doing rather well of late

  • John on June 7, 2014, 19:01 GMT

    @CodandChips - Another idea would be to play 3 long days (say an hour added to each day) and then a shorter day (finishing mid afternoon) on the final day. As it stands there could be bad weather predicted for the final day all along and there is no legislation which allows for a side to make up time in advance. An extra 3 hours over the 1st 3 days may be enough to force results out of some drawn matches. I know tests are special but if you lose a day in a test match you still have 4 full days to force a result. In the CC you lose a day and 3 days is a much harder ask to force a result. I believe a reserve day /half day could work but admit it could be complicated. But as it stands a team could be literally a handful of runs behind on the 1st inns and then have a much better 2nd inns and even have their opponents on the brink and they will get less bonus points.

  • Paulo on June 7, 2014, 13:09 GMT

    @JG2704 continued

    I don't like the idea of reserve days. Too much of a grey area. Just think about it. It's actually a ludicrous idea. How the hell could it be controlled? Say you play 20 overs on the 4th day? Would you be able to claim to reserve day. Essentially you're just adding a day. That idea needs a lot more thinking.

    Agree though that bonus points could stretch to both innings.

    "And yes I guess it is sour grapes.PS Yes, well played Glamorgan but I have to see the negatives as a Somerset fan" is a fair enough conclusion.

  • Paulo on June 7, 2014, 13:05 GMT

    @JG2704 The problem with all these bonus points, although they try to negate some of the issues of bad weather, is that they can encourage negative cricket. Teams may decide to bat big to secure bonus points as opposed to taking a risk and trying to win in a game when time is short due to weather.

    Your football analogy is interesting though I have an issue with it. Part of timed cricket is the battle with the weather. Tactics become so crucial. It's part of what makes Test Cricket so special.

    Re missing Buttler, just imagine if a football-style transfer system was in place. He's certainly talented and young, but I'd doubt you'd have got much for him because of lack of availability (and lack of money in the county game). Food for thought. Personally when I see transfer-system suggestions, I actually think it'd be unfair. The clubs with money would improve at the expense of clubs without it. Take Southampton in football. We're losing all our players and will not recover easily.

  • John on June 7, 2014, 12:25 GMT

    @ CodandChips - So re bonus points if 1 team scores 400 all out in the 1st inns and the other scores 500 all out and then the team who scored 400 all out scores 100-0 at the end then both teams have scored 500-10 (50 runs per wicket) so a share of the bonus points is fair. If the team who scored 400 in the 1st inns is then 160-4 in the 2nd inns at the end of the game then the team who scored 500 in the 1st inns should get more bonus points as their score would work out at 50 runs per wicket compared to the others score of 40 runs per wicket .... Imagine Man City 4-0 up vs Hull at home and the game could not be completed or replayed and it was deemed a draw it would be farcical. I know you can't replay games but an extra game or a system which reflects what happened over the whole match and not just who scores faster etc in the 1st inns I feel would be more just. And yes I guess it is sour grapes.

    PS Yes, well played Glamorgan but I have to see the negatives as a Somerset fan

  • Paulo on June 7, 2014, 12:23 GMT

    @JG2704 Take what you can get. Rain is an inevitable part of the season and you'd hope it'd balance out over the season, but it doesn't for teams such as Glamorgan who get more than their fair share of rain which ruins their white-ball hopes.

    Hants had Derbyshire 8 down for under 100 before rain brought an early close. But I'm not complaining as the week before Worcestershire only played 1 day of their match and I'm sure rain will come to our rescue in the future..

  • John on June 7, 2014, 12:10 GMT

    @CodandChips - CTD - I've long had gripes with how the bonus points system works. I mean vs Yorkshire we came out of the 1st inns with a 100 lead and yet because we were slower in compiling our runs/taking wickets we end up on the wrong side of the bonus points. Vs Durham - because we were behind on the 1st inns we again end up on the wrong side of the bonus points even though if we had scored 91 runs more with 6 2nd inns wkts to play with we'd have won the game.Yes I know that's not a gimme but I'd have fancied our chances and would rather be losing games than drawing games because the weather doesn't allow for a result. 2 things I'd like to see and 1 may be easier than the other

    1 - If possible allow a reserve day for rain affected matches if umpires believe a (non manufactured) result can happen

    2 - Calculate the bonus points by the number of runs scored per wicket in the whole match and not just 1 inns. Obviously 1 inns may be all we have in which case is fair enough

  • John on June 7, 2014, 11:58 GMT

    @ CodandChips - The one thing I will always moan about is when weather can affect a championship season and I reckon cricket may be the only sport where a team can be unjustly penalised because of the weather they get. Somerset are unbeaten at the moment but most of our games were draws.

    To be fair 3 of the drawn matches could have gone either way. Vs Notts I'd even say Notts were on top , vs Warwicks it was too early to say and vs Yorks even though we took a 100+ 1st inns lead. Vs Durham we needed anoth 91 runs with 6 2nd inns wkts left and vs Lancs the likelihood is that we'd have won by an inns and yes only receive 4 more points than Lancs. Even vs Notts , I'd say Notts were in a better position than Warwicks were vs us and yet we get 12 points from the Notts game and 9 points from the Warwicks game purely because the weather was better.

  • Paulo on June 7, 2014, 9:29 GMT

    @JG2704 "the weather gods are ensuring we don't pick up the points in the CC we deserve" Sour grapes from you? Never expected that.

    In fairness Glamorgan's death bowling when they came to the Ageas bowl was outstanding, even without Hogan. Wagg in particular. And Allenby was brilliant with the new ball last year in the YB40 semi. They are an excellent and well improved side.

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