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Bracewell calls Notts 'parasitic' over Gidman move

ESPNcricinfo staff

Will Gidman, the Gloucestershire allrounder widely - and paradoxically - hymned as the most underrated cricketer in the country, is to join Nottinghamshire from next season.

Gidman has repeatedly provided compelling evidence of his abilities in Division Two and, with his contract running up, was subject to interest from several counties - though his departure has led to John Bracewell, Gloucestershire's director of cricket, describing Nottinghamshire's approach as "a little bit parasitic".

Bracewell confirmed that Gloucestershire were unable to offer a comparable deal to Gidman, who turns 30 next February and was understood to favour a move further north, to be nearer to his wife's family.

"We were unable to keep him financially - that's the bottom line of it," Bracewell said. "Our budget reduces again this year and we are just unable to compete with the big boys, which is a shame. There are some clubs that are a little bit parasitic and there are some clubs that spend a lot of time developing players, and economically they just can't hold onto them. The big-paying Test clubs just cherry pick the biggest apples at the top of the tree.

"Until we become a destination club and put ourselves financially in the right position this is going to happen, so it's a warning to our club."

In recent years, Nottinghamshire have taken the likes of Stuart Broad, James Taylor and Harry Gurney from Leicestershire, as well as signing Graeme Swann from Northamptonshire. Aside from their financial muscle, Nottinghamshire are able to offer Division One cricket and a greater chance of silverware, having won two Championship titles under Mick Newell as well as last season's YB40 Trophy.

Newell said Gidman's signing on a three-year contract was aimed at strengthening the all-round options at his disposal. "We've lost some experience players in recent years and the likes of Paul Franks and Andre Adams had given our side a balance that we may have lacked next season without taking action," Newell said.

"Will is the perfect fit in that he's a good all-round cricketer who can take the new ball or bowl first change and bat in the middle order. He's taken advantage of the opportunities that he's been given at Gloucestershire and it's pleasing that he has chosen to sign for us when he had several teams fighting for him."

Gidman joined Gloucestershire, and his brother Alex, from Durham in 2011 and became only the seventh player in the history of the Championship to score 1000 runs and take 50 wickets in his debut season. He has since compiled 2629 first-class runs at 39.83 and 190 wickets at 21.86, as well as an improving record in limited-overs cricket. This season he has once again been a mainstay for Bracewell's side, leading the wicket-taking charts and averaging more than 50 with the bat.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Gloucestershire and I'm grateful for them for giving me my opportunity four years ago," Gidman said. "I have been flattered by the interest from around the country but I felt that Nottinghamshire was the perfect fit for my cricket and my family. Nottinghamshire are consistently in the trophy hunt and I am very much looking forward to playing my cricket at Trent Bridge for the next three seasons."

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  • Ian on August 18, 2014, 10:00 GMT

    I would love for Notts to have more homegrown players on show. I do think that Newell looks outside too often. That said he likes of Lancashire, Yorkshire, Durham and both London counties have far larger areas and populations to take their players from. Notts, Leicesters and Derbys have a very small catchment area compared to those counties so it should be no surprise that players move from one to the others regularly. And, if you want to start somewhere then Leicester is a good place as you know you'll get a game, then if you want to further yourself go to Notts. That seems to be the way it it.

    Some are forgetting Luke Fletcher is Notts through and through. And as mentioned Notts took Gurney from being someone who played a few T20s to a consistent Championship performer. And Swann and Sidebottom were nowhere near the England side when Newell signed them, proof that there is a place for Notts in the system.

  • David on August 17, 2014, 12:52 GMT

    Hales is THE ONLY exception at Notts. The rest of the academy players at Notts would make a poor Div 2 side at best and none, apart from Hales will ever play for England so they're not even worth talking about. Despite the mentions of Yorkshire in these comments, they produce a mountain of local talent, most of which go and play for England, they are a prime example of what a county cricket club is for. Notts and Surrey supporters I'm afraid have zero argument on this case regarding players needing to move to play for England - look at Moeen Ali. If Taylor and co shared the same drive and commitment they would get their England shot playing at Leics etc. Notts' open wallet is a joke in county cricket.

  • Dummy4 on August 16, 2014, 22:07 GMT

    @ydoethur "Lancs ... seem to be dominated by imports from other counties or indeed abroad"

    I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that every player in the XI playing Durham atm have come through the Lancs system, with the obvious exceptions of Prince and Ussy. Buttler is the only player who've we've signed recently, and he wasn't getting the playing opportunities he was after at Somerset.

  • graham on August 16, 2014, 19:39 GMT

    @ydoethur. I will just throw in a few more youngsters at Notts who will be regulars in the 1st XI in the next few years; Jake Ball,Sam Wood,Sam Kelsall and,if he can stay injury free,Andy Carter. All have come through the Academy set up.

  • Richard on August 16, 2014, 14:11 GMT

    @ydoethur just to point out that Gurney and Taylor have both earned their England call-ups while playing for Notts. In fact I don't really remember anyone saying Gurney was a future England player when he signed. He has developed his game massively since joining Notts.

    Also think about players like Sidebottom and Swann in the past. Played for England then dropped, Swann barely playing 1st team cricket, and then signs for Notts and develop into top performers.

    I see you also forget to mention Hales (about to play ODI cricket for England) and Fletcher.

  • Mark on August 16, 2014, 12:32 GMT

    @Dave Brown James Taylor was offered more money to go elsewhere but chose Notts. Notts themselves have been outbid for the services of players like Kirby in recent years. Remind me where he went? @ydoethur, so Harry Gurney has gone backwards at Notts, so getting a first class bowling average down to 32 from 50 DESPITE moving to the first division is regressing? Plus there is the small matter of the England ODI caps. James Taylor has also developed much more against better bowling in the first division.

  • Huw on August 16, 2014, 11:12 GMT

    On a further note, I'm frankly worried about the way first division clubs seem to have lost interest in producing their own players and just sign them in from elsewhere on the cheap. Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex all seem to be dominated by imports from other counties or indeed abroad. Warwickshire are too, although it should be pointed out that they tend to take players who have failed elsewhere and brought them on (especially Essex, for some reason) and have Bell and Woakes. To their credit, Durham, Somerset and Yorkshire appear to be more interested in developing home talent these days - but that may be for financial reasons.

    These counties/clubs are often in the largest conurbations, where logic suggests most talent is waiting to be found. What message does it send to teenage boys in Nottingham or London - play youth cricket, and we'll ignore you in favour of somebody else? Small wonder that the England team is dominated by foreign-born players.

  • Huw on August 16, 2014, 11:08 GMT

    @markatnotts - look at your own side carefully. Next season, how many players in it will have come through the Notts youth system? Samit Patel and, er, that's about it. The rest are a mix of Kolpaks and signings from other counties. Notts, in other words, are doing nothing to develop potential Test cricketers. Indeed, James Taylor and Harry Gurney appear to have gone backwards since signing for them. You yourself point out that many of your team are from other places.

    @JohnBreese - how on earth are counties in division 2 meant to improve if the moment they get a half-decent player they are tapped up by a 'big' club who can't be bothered to develop their own players on a bigger salary? Are we to say that it's all fine and dandy that a club that's wealthy by historical accident but appears to be more or less divorced from its local community challenges for silverware while other clubs are frozen out? Seems a bad attitude to me, not to mention a very short term one.

  • Dummy4 on August 16, 2014, 10:04 GMT

    @ markatnotts, you miss my point entirely. The two tier structure I am referring to, which is quite obvious if you read my post, is that forming between the teams who host test cricket and those that do not. The extra revenue generated from holding these events allows teams like Notts, Lancs, Surrey, Middlesex and even Yorks to outbid other teams when it come to signing players. I also expect the perceived advantage of playing at a regular test venue increasing selection chances also ways on players minds. Before long though we will end up with a select group of Counties who cherry pick players from elsewhere. For the record I think the two division Championship is positive and I am a Somerset fan, who by and large do well using home grown players and do not cherry pick the best talent from smaller teams. As for Notts home grown players, you are fielding 3 in this side, the rest are imports.

  • Mark on August 16, 2014, 8:32 GMT

    @coatsie and Dave Brown, so your not in favour of the two division system then? Why are you so bothered about wanting to see Notts lose than your own teams do well? Anyway we do produce out our own players, Patel, Fletcher, Ball, Wood, Hales - who for some reason Northants and Middlesex ignored at youth level. Then as alluded to in my first comment the players with higher ambitions than their previous clubs had for them.

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