NatWest t20 Blast - 2nd quarter final
Surrey won by 3 wickets (with 21 balls remaining)
2 August 2014 (20-over match)

Dunn to Oliver, 1 run, quick and full outside off, Oliver opens up his shoulders and slices one over point


Dunn to Munro, no run, back of a length, climbing up towards the ribs, Munro hops back and defends


Dunn to Munro, OUT, bowled him, middle stump is flat on the ground and Munro is outtathere! Fast and straight, Munro aimed a little dab at it, missed and took his punishment, smack into the top of middle

C Munro b Dunn 5 (6m 7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 71.42


Dunn to Whiteley, no run, banged in short, scrambled seam and flashes past the outside edge as he sat back and fended at it


Dunn to Whiteley, no run, pitched up around off stump, driven into the covers but can't get it through


Dunn to Whiteley, 1 run, in the channel, length ball and clips the toe of the bat as Whiteley wafts at it, Dilshan runs in from backward point but they pick up a comfortable single

Worcestershire 48/3   MP Dunn 1-0-2-1

Dunn to Oliver, no run, swing and a miss, length delivery from Dunn and just beaten for pace, I think


Dunn to Oliver, 2 runs, angled across, fullish and speared through the covers for a couple


Dunn to Oliver, FOUR, fractionally overpitched and this is skelped down the ground by Oliver, four more, lofted over mid-off and away to the fence


Dunn to Oliver, 1 run, straighter line, touch short, swivels on it and pulls one through backward square


Dunn to Whiteley, 1 run, dug in again, Whiteley rocks back and pulls into the ground in front of square leg


Dunn to Oliver, no run, length ball around leg stump, Oliver backed away, swings and fails to connect again

Worcestershire 66/3   MP Dunn 2-0-10-1

Dunn to Oliver, 1 run, nudges off the hips down to fine leg


Dunn to Cox, 1 run, shortish, Cox pulls and gets an edge on to his pads, Batty picks up at short cover but his throw misses - a direct hit would have been close


Dunn to Oliver, 1 run, length ball angled across in the channel, chops with a horizontal bat through point


Dunn to Cox, OUT, beaten for pace and the stumps are destroyed again by Dunn! Brutal, another batsman ripped out, tentative shot from Cox and he lost middle and off, comprehensively uprooted

OB Cox b Dunn 5 (3m 3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 166.66


Dunn to Leach, 1 run, steams in and fires this on middle and leg, 89mph and rapped on the pads but Leach is saved by an inside edge, deflects into the off side for a single


Dunn to Oliver, no run, full and wide, Oliver swipes into the off side but it's stopped at extra cover

Worcestershire 86/5   MP Dunn 3-0-14-2

Dunn to Leach, no run, good length outside off, too quick for Leach, who swings and misses


Dunn to Leach, SIX, hello, that's sailed all the way over deep square leg! Dug in short by Dunn and Leach makes good use of the pace, clumps it over the shortened boundary


Dunn to Leach, FOUR, four more, some fight from Leach! Slightly full and wide and rifled through the covers, right out of the screws to the deep extra cover boundary


Dunn to Leach, 1 run, shortish, drops back and dads the ball for one behind square


Dunn to D'Oliveira, 1 wide, touch back of a length, down the leg side


Dunn to D'Oliveira, 2 runs, comes down the pitch, plays on the up and steers down to long-on, they pick up a couple


Dunn to D'Oliveira, no run, skips out again, Dunn goes short and a little wide and D'Oliveira misses with a flailing bat

Worcestershire 111/6   MP Dunn 4-0-28-2