Twenty20 Cup June 28, 2006

Adams accuses Hampshire of 'poor form'

Cricinfo staff

Sussex captain Chris Adams accused Hampshire of poor sportsmanship after the controversial dismissal of Matt Prior during the Twenty20 tie at Arundel.

Prior was run-out by Chris Benham at the non-striker's end while most attention was on the other end where Adams had just survived a loud appeal for a catch off Dominic Thornely. It was a bump ball sent to mid-on.

Technically, the ball was not dead and Benham was within his rights to throw down the stumps and appeal, but Adams told The Argus that Shaun Udal, Hampshire's skipper, should have called Prior back.

"It's poor form as far as I'm concerned," he told the local paper. "It's a bit like a bowler running out the non-striker by not letting the ball leave his hand as the batsman backs up. The appeal should have been withdrawn but there seems to be a bit of an atmosphere when we play Hampshire at the moment.

"They try to play aggressive, intense, in-your-face cricket in the style of their captain Shane Warne. The funny thing being that Warney wasn't even playing last night."