County News September 6, 2007

Glamorgan chairman attacks results

Cricinfo staff

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Glamorgan are battling to keep Simon Jones at the club © Getty Images

Paul Russell, the Glamorgan chairman, has written a stinging review of the county's miserable season, saying that the team have "failed to meet even our lowest expectations".

Glamorgan have endured a shocking summer, recording two Championship wins and not a single one-day victory, and Russell insists that "there have been occasions, indeed many occasions, when we appear to have surrendered too tamely".

"My purpose in writing is not to catalogue performances of which we are all too aware," he said. "My purpose is rather to assure the club's members and supporters that both the executive management and the general committee do not consider the current position to be tenable and are working to address the challenge.

"We will be signing for next season an opening batsman and a strike bowler [one of whom will be our overseas player]," he said. "It is important that our members, supporters and sponsors understand that we are doing everything we can to address this challenge.

"The change to the cricket management structure and the release of funds with which to strengthen the squad with new players is the start of that process.

"We do not expect any overnight transformations. We do, however, expect the work we are doing now to bear fruit in the next few years."

Matthew Maynard was appointed the club's cricket manager in July, but Glamorgan's latest battle is in keeping hold of Simon Jones. Hampshire, whose coffers far outnumber those of Glamorgan, are just one county who are keen on signing Jones and it remains to be seen whether the Welsh club can match the rumoured six-figure offering from Southampton.