England v Australia 2010 July 2, 2010

Ashes loss could end Ponting's captaincy

Cricinfo staff

Ricky Ponting expects his reign as Australian captain to end if he is not holding the Ashes at the SCG in January. Ponting was in charge during the 2005 and 2009 defeats in England, and led his side to a 5-0 whitewash at home three years ago.

Despite being one of the game's all-time greats with the bat, Ponting knows his future depends on the result of the 2010-11 series. "I'd probably be looking for a new job if we lose again," Ponting told the Daily Mail. "It's as simple as that. I've got the biggest eight months of my career coming up."

Australia face Pakistan and India in two-Test series before the Ashes begin at the Gabba in November and the series is followed by the World Cup. "It doesn't get any bigger than that and everything I do between now and April will be geared at getting the most out of myself and, most importantly, the group," he said. "If I'm able to do that I think there are some pretty special things on the horizon for this team."

While the Ashes series is likely to determine what Ponting does next, he said he was not weighed down by the significance of the contest. "I haven't thought about any added pressure on me," he said. "I'm just thinking about being the best player I can be and having a significant impact on the Ashes series as a batsman and as a leader. That's all I can control. I know what it takes to be a good player in a big series and I know what it will take for the rest of the guys."

England have beaten Australia in their most important encounters over the past year. The run began with their Ashes victory at The Oval and continued with a win in the World Twenty20 final and the current one-day series success.

Ponting said England deserved the latest triumph but does not think they have earned bragging rights in all forms of the game. "We're still ranked the best side in one-day cricket and No. 2 in Test cricket," Ponting said. "Until England get their heads above us in all of the tables then superiority will be with us."

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  • mukesh on July 6, 2010, 16:04 GMT

    Since its a discussion of world number one batsmen and genuine allrounder Kallis figures with similar number of Sachin and Lara he definitely deserves a mention here. He has been the best allrounder ever as an allrounder his efforts can never be matched may be someone playing 200 TESTS can break all sachin and LARA records and someone playing 50 tests break bradmans records but something which is unbreakable is Allround efforts of Kallis and no one can even dream of going near that elite club of 10K runs in tests and ODIS and 250 + wickets in TESTS and ODIS. regarding greatest Batsmen cannot compare Bradman with any of this generation players so he will be old number one(beating his generation batsmen by avg 30+) in current generation there is no clear winner LARA = SACHIN!!!!!

  • mukesh on July 6, 2010, 15:56 GMT

    Sachin can only be compared with likes of his generation with players who had more then 100+ tests out of them we can clearly say that SRT,LARA,kallis,Ponting are above all both in terms of avg,centuries,TOP SCORES. here Ponting is one notch below rest just cos of his last 1 year. LARA SRT played almost same bowlers in similar conditions . What did sachin achieve more then LARA nothing just number of centuries. By comparing number of tests and innings when lara retired. Sachin took more innings and tests and avged less with Lara bagging highest test scores twice which sachin cannot even dream of to all SRT fans this is a fact and Sachin just had more number of centuries both in ODIs and Tests thats his saving grace . After scoring 200 in ODI now i can rate Lara and Sachin as peers. No wonder none of SRT fans agree but matter of fact sachin was never greater then lara. They were equal there is no clear winner in this discussion . to be continued

  • mukesh on July 6, 2010, 15:50 GMT

    To godFather and all GOD supporters. I am an Indian and i definitely like sachin but that doesn't mean rest of players and there performance is underrated. According to me Sachin can never be compared to Bradman. He is from different generation and was far better then any of batsmen of his generation atleast by 30 avg points Sachin is better then his generation players just by avg of 1 or 2 runs or sometimes he avgs less. Question of domination of sachin is being called greatest is out. Only thing that sachin carries is number of Centuries from when did number of centuries became a bigger parameter then Average or highest scores. All sachin fans want is that entire world look up at number of centuries or total number of runs. Thats illogical. If sachin was God he would have atleast had 20 more average then any of his ERA greats which he didnot . i can even say that Rahul dravid and jack kallis maintained better avg then sachin for most of there prime. to be continued

  • Dummy4 on July 5, 2010, 7:23 GMT

    punter is a good batsman and a captain that no one should refuse but he lacks consistency and good set of players.he shouldn't end his career.

  • Billy on July 5, 2010, 0:43 GMT

    Finally I do believe (as Godfather007 has rightly pointed out) that it is unfair to compare players of different eras. This is not to say that you can't build a case for calling someone the best batsman of all time. The person easiest to build this case for is Bradman because of the statistical superiority. It is also difficult to build a case against Bradman as we can see. The case for Tendulkar is compelling also, but it is easier to build a case against him. He is still very much a great player and the pressure factor and longevity puts him in good stead in these debates. Since this forum is about Ponting, I would like to say that he also is a great batsman and deserves to be up with the greats of the modern generation.

  • Billy on July 5, 2010, 0:27 GMT

    Godather007, you also need to clearly research other aspects of the game and its context to appreciate the full history. I see you conveniently left out anything about World War 2 or the Great Depression. This is a different pressure, but it is pressure. And you have gotten a lot of facts wrong which discredit your argument. I didn't know that every match that Bradman played that he came in at 1/200. If that was the case, then I would agree that you have a strong argument against Bradman. But sadly, if this was the case, the openers for Australia would also be averaging 100 each by logic. And your comments about Bodyline are just wrong. Firstly he averaged 56 which is higher than Tendulkar's average. So even when all your conditions of pressure and batting difficulty are met, he still performed well. And secondly, do you know how difficult it is to bat without a helmet and bowlers are bowling at your chest, ribs, and head? Technology in cricket always works both ways.

  • Billy on July 5, 2010, 0:09 GMT

    Sorry Godfather007, all your points just prove that you don't like to compare generations, not that Sachin was better than Bradman. The fact is, you have absolutely no idea whether Bradman was fit, how Bradman coped under pressure, and how Bradman would cope with the technology of today's game. You also offend all the bowlers of those generations by saying they were no good when you have absolutely no idea whether they were or not. And Hadlee never said Tendulkar was the greatest, just that he could arguably be the greatest player of all time. I can come up with counter arguments for everything you've said which can build a case for why Bradman is arguably the greatest batsman of all time. I could also come up with arguments for why Tendulkar could be considered the greatest batsman of all time. But the case for him is not as strong. Have a read of a previous forum where a forum member Xoxile came up with some strong arguments against Bradman.

  • vishal on July 4, 2010, 17:20 GMT

    @ everybody the problem is if aus wins it is because of the rest of 10 players if ind wins its bcos of sachin, don't know on wht basis warne is a better captain just bcos he won ipl 1 a 20 over 3rd cls tournament. there is nothing in the world to measure captaincy only u can look at the record and ponting as the best record in test,odi,won both the wc undefeated he never sits on a situation always proactive recently had an undefeated summer with an inexperienced team which msd cant dream of even with the likes of sewag, gam, dravid laxman, yuvraj, himself, zaheer, harbhajan. he is easily the best captain. lots of indians r emotional they hate ponting because of sydney fiasco, in which ponting was not to be blamed umpires were and that was not the first time umpire got it wrong, sometimes it favours india sometimes other, infact indian reacted stupidly n r now feeling ashamed

  • vishal on July 4, 2010, 8:28 GMT

    @ natmastak sachin avg 36 in 4th innings. punter avg 48 against india,60 against sl,80 against pak teams with great spinners. sachin plays ipl but rests for asia cup(even after a 1 month rest) and now he is still resting..... still resting.........................still resting does nt have any responsibilty does not captain the side, is not the main stay in batting, poor fielder virtually always out of field in this fashion he can continue for another 10 yrs now ponting captain of youn side with most members have played less than 50 odi, best fielder never misses a series never seen him out of field

  • Upender on July 4, 2010, 7:55 GMT

    In the year 1998 he was judged second none to other than Sir Don Bradman by every Australian after those 2 back to back hundreds at Sharjah. In next few years almost every Cricket expert believed that Sachin is next to Sir Don, but in last 1 and half year, former cricketers started saying that he has passed Sir Don and he is above Sir Don. Sir Richard Hadlee rated Tendulkar even higher than Don Bradman, considering Indian batsman's staggering success in both the long and short formats of the game. And when Sachin became the 1st man on earth to score double hundred against South Africa early this year, the same captain who asked his bowler to bowl negative line to frustrate Sachin Tendulkar, rated Sachin above Bradman.....Finally, its unfair to compare the two batsmen of different era but then it would also be unfair to call Sir Don as the greatest batsmen of "all times". I hope all fans would agree with me.

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